List of buildings in and around Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is the location of many notable buildings, representing a variety of eras as well as functions.

Castles and palaces[edit]

Castle/palace Location Year Style
Amalienborg Frederiksstaden 1750-60 Rococo
Rosenborg Castle Indre By 1606-24 Renaissance
Christiansborg Palace Indre By 1828/1928 Neo-baroque
Frederiksborg Palace Hillerød 1560/1602-20 Renaissance
Fredensborg Palace Fredensborg 1702-26 Baroque
Kronborg Castle Helsingør 1585 * Renaissance
Frederiksberg Palace Frederiksberg 1703 Italian Baroque
The Erimitage Palace Dyrehaven 1734 Baroque
Dragsholm Castle 1215 ?

* Around 1420 a fortress was built where Kronborg is located today.[1]


Church Location Year Style
Church of Holmen Slotsholmen 1560/1602-20 Renaissance
Church of Our Saviour Christianshavn 1695 Dutch baroque
Christian's Church Christianshavn 1758 Baroque
Marble Church Frederiksstaden 1770/1894 Historicism
Church of Our Lady Indre By 1829 Neoclassicism
Jesus Church Valby 1891 Historicism
Grundtvig's Church Bispebjerg 1926 Expressionism, Neo-Gothic
Trinitatis Church Indre By 1635 / 1731 Baroque

Profane buildings[edit]

Building Location Year Style
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Indre By 1882 Renaissance inspired
Børsen, (until 1996 the stock market building) Slotsholmen 1640 Dutch baroque
Tivoli Gardens Indre By 1843 amusement park
Dyrehavsbakken Klampenborg, at the City's northern border 1583 the oldest amusement park in the world
Royal Danish Theatre Indre By 1748 Old scene, 1874 New scene Neoclassicism (?)
Assistens Cemetery Nørrebro 1760, (1706 as temporary plague cemetery) cemetery where many famous Danes rest*
Rundetårn Indre By 1642 fortress tower, the highest building in the world without stairs
City Hall Indre By 1905 National Romantic style
Old City Hall Indre By 1815 ?
Copenhagen Central Station Indre By/Vesterbro 1911 ?
Østerport Station Østerbro 1897 interesting interior

* F.i. Fairy tales author H.C. Andersen and scientists Niels Bohr and H.C. Ørsted

Fountains and monuments[edit]

Fountain/monument Location Year Artist
Caritas Well Indre By 1608
Gefion Fountain Indre By
Stork Fountain Indre By 1894
The Little Mermaid Indre By 1913
Troll that smells Christian blood Indre By 1896

Contemporary architecture[edit]

Building Location Year Architect
The Black Diamond Indre By 1999 Schmidt hammer lassen
Danish Jewish Museum Indre By 2004 Daniel Libeskind
VM Houses Ørestad 2005 Bjarke Ingels/Julien de Smedt
Gemini Residence Islands Brygge 2005 MVRDV
Copenhagen Opera House Holmen 2005 Henning Larsen
Tietgenkollegiet Ørestad 2006 Lundgaard & Tranberg
Royal Playhouse Frederiksstaden 2008 Lundgaard & Tranberg
Mountain Dwellings Ørestad 2008 Bjarke Ingels
Metropolis Kongens Enghave 2008 Future Systems
The Elephant House Frederiksberg 2008 Foster + Partners
Copenhagen Concert Hall Ørestad 2009 Jean Nouvel
National Aquarium Denmark Kastrup 2014 building similar to Guggenheim in Bilbao
Parken Footballstadium Østerbro 1992 (originally opened in 1911) will be used for four matches in Euro 2020
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Indre By/Vesterbro 1960 by Arne Jacobsen