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Donald MacCormick

Donald MacCormick was a Scottish broadcast journalist. MacCormick's father was a Glasgow teacher; as a result he became close to the family of his uncle John MacCormick, a lawyer and advocate for Scottish devolution. He studied English at the University of Glasgow, where he was chairman of the Labour Club with Donald Dewar and John Smith. Following his graduation, he trained to become a teacher at Jordanhill College of Education and taught at the High School of Glasgow from 1962 to 1967, he began his media career in Scotland in 1967, working at Grampian Television as a news reporter and later, on political programmes both for ITV and BBC. He presented the ground-breaking political programme Public Account for BBC Scotland with James Cox and Andrew Neil. In 1975, he moved to London and became a presenter on BBC1's new Tonight programme and a series of national roles followed. Most along with John Tusa and Peter Snow, he made up the triumvirate that anchored Newsnight in its early years. MacCormick chaired BBC1's Question Time, presented the Money Programme and for several years was a commentator on the BBC's live coverage of the party political conferences.

Moving to London Weekend Television in the early 1990s, MacCormick hosted a lunchtime news analysis programme and conducted a major discussion series during the First Gulf War. On the night of the 1992 general election he was one of the presenters of Sky News's election night coverage, alongside Sir David Frost, he returned to Scotland to present three seasons of political programmes for Scottish Television in Glasgow. On radio, he hosted his own Sunday morning topical magazine programme on London News Direct. MacCormick had moved into the corporate sector, interviewing executives for company videos, chairing conferences and working in media training. On 28 March 2009 MacCormick returned to the BBC to present an evening on BBC Parliament; the Night The Government Fell marked the 30th anniversary of the vote of no confidence in the Labour government headed by James Callaghan. 30 years MacCormick had presented a live programme in Westminster covering these same events. MacCormick died of a heart attack on 12 July 2009.

He was divorced from Lis MacKinlay. He was married to Liz Elton from 1978 until his death. All five children survive MacCormick. Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell, who first met MacCormick at Glasgow University in 1959, paid tribute to the broadcaster saying: "Donald MacCormick was a prince among broadcasters, his style was always insistent. He was always prepared and his kind of journalism characterised all, best in the BBC." Profile, Glasgow Herald, 6 October 1984 Obituary, Daily Telegraph, 23 July 2009 Donald MacCormick on IMDb


Arcigay is Italy's first and largest national gay organisation. The association was first founded as a local association in Palermo in 1980 nationally established in Bologna in 1985; the organisation became known throughout Italy for its campaign for civil unions. The President of Arcigay is Flavio Romani. Arcigay has protested against the Vatican's opposition to homosexuality and LGBT rights. Subsidiaries include Arcigay Valle d'Aosta, Arcigay Arezzo "Chimera Arcobaleno", Asti Love is Love, Arcigay Bari "L'arcobaleno del Levante", Arcigay Bat "Le Mine Vaganti", Arcigay Bergamo "Cives", Cassero LGBT Center, Arcigay Bolzano "Centaurus", Arcigay Brescia "Orlando", Arcigay Campania, Rain Arcigay Caserta, Arcigay Catania "Pegaso LGBT", Arcigay Fenice Catanzaro, arcigay Chieti - Sylvia Rivera, Eos Arcigay Cosenza, Arcigay Cremona "La Rocca", Arcigay "Granda Queer" Cuneo, Arcigay Ferrara, Arcigay Foggia "Le Bigotte", Approdo - Ostilia Mulas" Arcigay Genova, Arcigay Grosseto "Leonardo Da Vinci", M.

I. A. Arcigay Imperia, Arcigay "Massimo Consoli" L'Aquila, Arcigay Ligea Lamezia Terme, SEIcomeSEI, Arcigay Salento "La Terra di Oz", Arcigay Livorno - L. E. D. Libertà e Diritti, Arcigay "La Salamandra" Mantova, Arcigay "Makwan" Messina, Centro d’Iniziativa Gay, Arcigay Modena "Matthew Shepard", Arcigay Molise "Lambda Identità Libere", Arcigay "Antinoo" Napoli, Arcigay "Tralaltro" Padova, Arcigay Palermo, Arcigay Pavia "Coming-Aut", Omphalos LGBTI, Arcigay Agorà, Orlando e Bruno, Arcigay Piacenza "L.'A. T. OMO.", Pinkriot Arcigay Pisa, Arcigay Pistoia "La Fenice", Arcigay Basilicata "Marco Bisceglia", Arcigay Ragusa "Arcobaleno degli Iblei", Arcigay Ravenna "Dan Arevalos", Arcigay Reggio Calabria "I due mari", Arcigay Reggio Emilia "Gioconda", Arcigay Rimini "Alan Turing", Arcigay Roma Gruppo Ora, Divine Ostia, Arcigay Rovigo "Politropia", Arcigay "Marcella di Folco" Salerno, Arcigay Savona "APERTAMENTE", Movimento Pansessuale Arcigay Siena, Arcigay Siracusa, Strambopoli Arcigay Taranto, Taras Arcobaleno, Arcigay Teramo, Arcigay Torino "Ottavio Mai", Arcigay Vesuvio Rainbow, Arcigay Trento, Arcigay Arcobaleno Trieste Gorizia, Arcigay Friuli "Nuovi Passi", Arcigay Varese, Arcigay Nuovi Colori ONLUS, Arcigay Vercelli Rainbow Valsesia, Pianeta Milk - Verona Lgbt* Center, Arcigay Vicenza "15 Giugno".

The organisation is present over most of the country, with 52 local committees in: Aosta Agrigento Arezzo Bari Barletta-Andria-Trani Bergamo Bologna Bolzano-Bozen Brescia Brindisi Carbonia-Iglesias Catania Chieti Cosenza Cremona Cuneo Ferrara Florence Foggia Genova Grosseto Imperia Isernia L'Aquila Livorno Mantova Messina Milan Modena Napoli Padova Palermo Pavia Perugia Pesaro and Urbino Pescara Piacenza Pisa Pistoia Ravenna Reggio Calabria Reggio Emilia Rimini Rome Rovigo Salerno Savona Siena Syracuse Teramo Torino Trent Trieste Udine Varese Verbania Vercelli Verona LGBT rights in Italy List of LGBT rights organisations Official website

West 5th Street (Hamilton, Ontario)

West 5th Street is an Upper City arterial road in Hamilton, Canada. It starts off in the north at James Mountain Road, a mountain-access road, extends southward past Rymal Road where it ends just south of Christopher Drive, it is a two-way street throughout. Note: Listing of Landmarks from North to South. Bruce Trail Niagara Escarpment Margaret and Charles Juravinski Centre Auchmar, one time home of Isaac Buchanan, business leader, political figure of Upper Canada Mohawk College Buchanan Park, Captain Cornelius Park, Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway, "The LINC" Kernigan Park William Connell Park South Hamilton Square Terryberry Library, branch of the Hamilton Public Library Note: Listing of neighbourhoods from North to South. Mohawk/ Southam, West 5th cuts through these two neighbourhoods Buchanan/ Bonnington, West 5th cuts through these two neighbourhoods Rolston/ Yeoville, West 5th cuts through these two neighbourhoods Gourley/ Kernighan, West 5th cuts through these two neighbourhoods Kennedy Note: Listing of Roads from West to East.

Wilson Street Highway 403 Upper Paradise Road Garth Street West 5th Street Upper James Street Upper Wellington Street Upper Wentworth Street Upper Sherman Avenue Upper Gage Avenue Upper Ottawa Street Nebo Road Upper Kenilworth Avenue Mountain Brow Boulevard Upper Centennial Parkway Note: Listing of streets from North to South. Fennell Avenue, West Mohawk Road, West Limeridge Road West Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway Stone Church Road, West.

Éric Hélary

Éric Hélary is a professional racing driver from Paris. His career has encompassed single seater formulae, endurance sports car racing, touring cars, he won the French Formula Three Championship in 1990 and is best known for his win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1993. He was champion 2011 of Euro Racecar. Hélary's racing career began in a conventional way, with a period of karting between 1981 and 1984, he progressed to French Formula Ford in 1987 and won the title in the following year progressed to French Formula Three in 1989 and won that title in his second year. His single seater career ended in International Formula 3000. Hélary first participated in sports car racing in the Peugeot Spyder Cup one-make championship in 1992 and secured the drivers' title in 1993. In the same year, he made his 24 Hours of Le Mans début in the factory Peugeot 905 alongside Christophe Bouchut and Geoff Brabham, he had driven this car with Bouchut in 1992. After a period in touring cars, Hélary returned to endurance racing in the FIA GT Championship in 1996, driving a Chrysler Viper.

He did not compete again in sports cars until a one-off return to FIA GTs in 2001. His next participation in endurance racing was another single race, this time in the FIA Sportscar Championship in 2003, driving a Pescarolo Courage-Peugeot alongside Nicolas Minassian, he made another one-off appearance with Pescarolo in the 2004 Le Mans Endurance Series and returned to the series for a full season in 2006. He is employed by Peugeot as its official test driver for the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP. Hélary made his touring car début in the French Supertourisme championship in 1994, driving for Opel, he was classified fifth in the standings and improved to the championship runner-up position in 1995. He made a departure into ice racing during the winter of 1996 by entering the Trophée Andros with Opel, he adapted well and finished in fourth position over all finished second over all in the 1997 season. Hélary spent the remainder of 1997 working as a test driver for BMW's Super Tourenwagen Cup team in Germany and returned to Opel for two years of racing in the series in 1998 and 1999.

When the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters was relaunched in 2000, Hélary and Opel remained together. He made one more appearance in the DTM in 2002 before returning to French Supertourisme for a third season, in which he finished fourth in the standings. A full season of sports car racing intervened before Hélary's next, so far last, touring car programme. 2005 brought a fourth season in French Supertourisme as well as competing in one round of the World Touring Car Championship in a Peugeot 407 for Peugeot Sport Denmark. † — Retired, but was classified as he completed 90% of the winner's race distance. Driver profile Retrieved on September 11, 2007. Http://

2018 WPA World Nine-ball Championship

The 2018 WPA 9-Ball-World Championship was a 9-Ball pool world Championships. The event took place between December 10 to 20, 2018 in the al-Attiya Sports Arena of the Al-Arabi Sports Club in Doha, Qatar; the Qatari capital held the for the eighth time in a row. The reigning champion was Filipino Carlo Biado, who defeated his compatriot Roland Garcia 13–5 in the 2017 final. Biado would reach the final of the event. Germany's Joshua Filler won the event, defeating Biado in the final 13–10; the event was entered by 128 participants who were divided into 16 groups of 8 players, in which they competed against each other from December 14 to 16 in a double elimination tournament. Four players in each group qualified for the final round, which will be played from December 17 to 20; the event was played under "alternating break" format. In the initial double-elimination round, 2003 and 2013 champion Thorsten Hohmann was eliminated, having first lost 6–9 to Jason Theron, to 2005 champion Wu Jiaqing 6–9, despite being ahead 6–2.

In the event, 9-ball world number one Klenti Kaci was defeated in the round of 32 – 10–11 to 17 year old Robbie Capito. Capito was at one stage 7–1, 10–8 down in the match, but won the final three racks to win the match; the semi-finals and final were played on the December 20, 2018. The reigning champion Carlo Biado defeated Shane Van Boening in the first semi-final, whilst Joshua Filler defeated Alexander Kazakis in a final rack decider. Filler would win the event; the event saw a total prize pool of $200,000. WPA World 9-ball championship 2018 at