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A map of Panama.
Panama City, Panama's capital city.
Colón City, capital of the Colón province.
David, capital of the Chiriquí province.
La Chorrera, capital of the Panamá Oeste province.
Santiago, capital of the Veraguas province.

This is a list of cities in Panama.

Largest cities[edit]

Changuinola, the largest town in the Bocas del Toro province.

These are the largest 20 Panamanian cities and towns, listed in descending order. All figures are estimates for the year 2016,[1] the last census took place in 2010. Provincial capitals are shown in bold.

City Population Province
1 Panamá 1,756,781 Panamá
2 Colón 241,817 Colón
3 David 193,350 Chiriquí
4 La Chorrera 190,093 Panamá Oeste
5 Santiago 98,431 Veraguas
6 Changuinola 98,334 Bocas del Toro
7 Penonomé 92,766 Coclé
8 Bugaba 82,930 Chiriquí
9 Puerto Armuelles 58,093 Chiriquí
10 Antón 56,485 Coclé
11 Chepo 56,396 Panamá
12 Chitré 55,988 Herrera
13 Aguadulce 50,478 Coclé
14 Capira 45,255 Panamá Oeste
15 Chame 29,746 Panamá Oeste
16 Soná 29,586 Veraguas
17 Almirante 29,539 Bocas del Toro
18 La Pintada 29,535 Coclé
19 Las Tablas 29,297 Los Santos
20 La Villa de Los Santos 27,300 Los Santos

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