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Map of the United States with Pennsylvania highlighted

This is a list of cities in Pennsylvania, of which there are 57[1]. Cities may theoretically be first-class, second-class, second-class A, or third-class (of which there are 54), according to population and adoption of certain ordinances. However, all first-class (of which there is 1), second-class (of which there is 1), and second-class A (of which there is 1) cities, as well as 24 third-class cities, have adopted Home Rule Charters, which change a city's relationship with the state so much that they are generally no longer considered to be a city under state law. However, they are still towns and boroughs and townships, this list does include cities with Home Rule Charters, as, unlike in the previous cases, excluding them would severely limit the comprehensibility of this list; as in those previous cases, however, it should be strongly emphasized that these are not really cities under state law, and they are therefore also listed in "List of Pennsylvania Municipalities and Counties with Home Rule Charters, Optional Charters, or Optional Plans," and are indicated below.

In addition to Home Rule Charters, third-class cities were able to adopt Optional Charters from 1957 to 1972, and all cities (since 1972) have been able to adopt Optional Plans. Optional Charters and Plans function approximately the same way, the major difference being that new applications for the former are no longer accepted and that the latter has been generalized to apply to any municipality in the state; the third-class cities which adopted Optional Charters before 1972 and have not since adopted Home Rule Charters, of which there are 11, still retain them. In addition, 3 third-class cities have Optional Plans. Optional Charters and Plans function mostly to allow the city (or any other municipality, in the case of Optional Plans) to design its own form of local government, but do not significantly change the relationship between the city (or other municipality) and the state, and therefore these cities are still considered cities under state law. Finally, the City of Parker employs a unique (for Pennsylvania cities) form of local government, that of the weak mayor council form, which is established under a special law uniquely for that city; it is still considered a city under state law; because of Home Rule Charters, Optional Charters, Optional Plans, and Parker's unique situation, only 14 of Pennsylvania's cities still use one of the two standard forms of Pennsylvania city government, the council-manager or mayor-council forms.

List of Cities and Towns in Pennsylvania[edit]

† County Seat


Name Type County[2] Class[1] Population (2017 Census)[1][2][3] Incorporation
date (as city)
Sq Miles[4] Home Rule
Aliquippa City Beaver Third 9,244 1987 4.19 No
Allentown† City Lehigh Third 121,283 1867 17.55 Home Rule
Altoona City Blair Third 44,098 1868 9.91 Home Rule
Arnold City Westmoreland Third 4,981 1939 0.73 No
Beaver Falls City Beaver Third 8,641 1928 2.13 No
Bethlehem City Lehigh
Third 76,239 1917 19.10 Charter
Bloomsburg† Town Columbia Third 14,536 1929 4.35 No
Bradford City McKean Third 8,305 1879 3.35 No
Butler† City Butler Third 13,107 1918 2.72 No
Carbondale City Lackawanna Third 8,447 1851 3.24 Home Rule
Chester City Delaware Third 34,077 1866 4.84 Home Rule
Clairton City Allegheny Third 6,611 1922 2.79 Home Rule
Coatesville City Chester Third 13,123 1915 1.81 Home Rule
Connellsville City Fayette Third 7,368 1911 2.18 No
Corry City Erie Third 6,347 1866 5.99 No
Du Bois City Clearfield Third 8,767 1914 3.18 Plan
Duquesne City Allegheny Third 5,547 1918 1.82 No
Easton† City Northampton Third 27,109 1887 4.07 Home Rule
Erie† City Erie Third 97,369 1851 19.08 Charter
Farrell City Mercer Third 4,687 1932 1.27 Home Rule
Franklin† City Venango Third 6,137 1868 4.68 Home Rule
Greensburg† City Westmoreland Third 14,299 1928 4.06 Home Rule
Harrisburg† City Dauphin Third 49,192 1860 8.13 Charter
Hazleton City Luzerne Third 24,723 1891 6.01 Plan
Hermitage City Mercer Third 15,635 1976 29.23 Home Rule
Jeannette City Westmoreland Third 9,190 1938 2.39 No
Johnstown City Cambria Third 19,643 1889 5.89 Home Rule
Lancaster† City Lancaster Third 59,708 1818 7.23 Charter
Latrobe City Westmoreland Third 8,436 1999 2.32 Home Rule
Lebanon† City Lebanon Third 25,770 1885 4.17 Home Rule
Lock Haven† City Clinton Third 9,284 1870 2.50 Charter
Lower Burrell City Westmoreland Third 11,228 1959 11.26 No
McKeesport City Allegheny Third 19,245 1891 5.5 Home Rule
Meadville† City Crawford Third 12,973 1866 4.38 Charter
Monessen City Westmoreland Third 7,339 1921 2.89 No
Monongahela City Washington Third 4,146 1873 1.98 No
Nanticoke City Luzerne Third 10,279 1926 3.49 Home Rule
New Castle† City Lawrence Third 22,069 1869 8.31 Charter
New Kensington City Westmoreland Third 12,466 1934 3.95 No
Oil City City Venango Third 9,863 1871 4.49 Charter
Parker City Armstrong Third 810 1873 0.87 No
Philadelphia† City Philadelphia First 1,581,726 1701 134.1 Home Rule
Pittsburgh† City Allegheny Second 302,407 1816 55.37 Home Rule
Pittston City Luzerne Third 7,694 1894 1.55 Home Rule
Pottsville† City Schuylkill Third 13,625 1911 4.89 No
Reading† City Berks Third 89,872 1847 9.88 Home Rule
St. Marys City Elk Third 12,370 1992 99.32 Home Rule
Scranton† City Lackawanna Second A 79,281 1866 25.31 Home Rule
Shamokin City Northumberland Third 7,234 1949 0.83 No
Sharon City Mercer Third 13,259 1917 3.77 Home Rule
Sunbury† City Northumberland Third 9,519 1920 2.06 No
Titusville City Crawford Third 5,630 1866 2.90 Charter
Uniontown† City Fayette Third 9,824 1864 2.04 No
Warren† City Warren Third 9,162 1832 2.91 Home Rule
Washington† City Washington Third 13,566 1924 2.95 No
Wilkes-Barre† City Luzerne Third 40,806 1871 6.98 Home Rule
Williamsport† City Lycoming Third 30,178 1866 8.73 Charter
York† City York Third 46,277 1887 5.29 Charter
  1. As noted above, these designations do not have any legal meaning for those cities with Home Rule Charters, but they are useful for categorization purposes.

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