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List of counties in Montana

This is a list of the counties in the U. S. state of Montana. Montana has two consolidated city-counties—Anaconda with Deer Lodge County and Butte with Silver Bow County; the portion of Yellowstone National Park that lies within Montana was not part of any county until 1978, when part of it was nominally added to Gallatin County, the rest of it to Park County. Montana's postal abbreviation is MT and its FIPS state code is 30; the Federal Information Processing Standard code, used by the United States government to uniquely identify counties, is provided for each county. The FIPS code for each county links to census data for that county. Yellowstone National Park

Nate Fisher

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. is a fictional character on the HBO television series Six Feet Under, played by Peter Krause. Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. is the oldest of the three Fisher siblings, arguably the main character of the series. The series begins when he returns to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve only to learn that his father has died. Nate was born on January 1965 to Nathaniel and Ruth Fisher in Los Angeles; when the series begins on Christmas Eve 2000, Nate is returning home from Seattle to celebrate Christmas with his family. Nate had abandoned the family business years earlier. After graduating from Bonaventure High School and attending U. C. Santa Cruz, Nate travelled through Europe and settled in Washington State, where he was assistant produce manager of the largest organic food co-op in Seattle. However, after his father dies, Nate delays returning to Seattle for a few days, he and David each inherit half of their father's business, Fisher & Sons, Nate ends up sticking around to help run the business after he comes to realize that he has a natural gift for comforting grieving people.

He and David clash because David is angry at him for leaving home and points out the undertaking-related mistakes Nate is making, but they mend fences and work well together. He develops a relationship with Brenda Chenowith that began as a random sexual encounter in an airport and becomes something more. In July 2001, Nate learns that he has arteriovenous malformation, a fatal brain condition which could cause him to have a seizure or stroke at any time, but thanks in large part to the doctor who has diagnosed him Nate decides to not have a risky surgical procedure, not least because the doctor says it doesn't have successful results. Nate has a pronounced fear of death, causing him to hide the information from everyone around him in order to avoid admitting his real chance of dying young. Early in the season, he visits Seattle and seeks comfort from Lisa Kimmel, his lover during much of his time there, he ends up cheating on Brenda with her, to whom he was engaged, only adding to the subconscious pressure on him.

Additionally, several months after leaving Seattle, Lisa moves to Los Angeles and Nate learns that she is pregnant. Through the course of the season, Nate becomes able to face his fear, is able to tell his family about the condition and seek a high-risk surgical procedure as treatment for it; the season ends on a cliffhanger, with Nate undergoing the high-risk surgical procedure required to save his life. The opening scene of the third season is Nate going into temporary cardiac arrest, causing the season to begin on a surreal note, exploring various possible outcomes of Nate's surgery and his life. However, the series skips ahead in time to late 2002, where it is revealed that Nate was revived by doctors and the procedure was successful, Nate and Lisa have married, their relationship, however, is tumultuous because Lisa doesn't trust Nate and he resents her controlling and joyless attitude, just when things are beginning to look up for the couple, Lisa is reported missing and a month her drowned corpse is found.

Nate is forced to deal with both Lisa's death and being a single parent. He rekindles his relationship with Brenda and the two become engaged for a second time, marrying six months in October 2004, their wedding day, however, is darkened by Brenda's miscarriage the previous day. Brenda becomes pregnant again, but she and Nate disagree on whether or not she should have amniocentesis to determine if the baby has Down syndrome or spina bifida after blood tests show the baby may have special needs; this causes a rift in their relationship. Nate seeks solace in his stepsister Maggie, a Quaker. Nate begins to attend Quaker Meetings and after Maggie requests that Nate give her a ride one evening, Nate ends up having sex with Maggie. Afterwards, Nate suffers a brain hemorrhage from a second AVM that had developed since his mid-2002 surgery and slips into a brief coma, he wakes up in the hospital the next day and the doctors believe he will have a healthy recovery over the next few weeks. Brenda tells him that she forgives him for his adultery, but he responds by saying that he wants a divorce.

Brenda leaves. Nate is visited by David, Maya, Keith, Durrell and Maggie, but Ruth can't be reached due to being away on a camping trip. At the end of the day, Nate unexpectedly dies in his hospital bed while David is sleeping at his side. Although he had arranged earlier in the series to have a female Rabbi conduct his funeral service, he ends up having a secular service at the funeral home and a "green funeral" where his untreated body is wrapped in a shroud and buried at a local park. Following his death, the series spends the remaining few episodes on the other characters' lives as they attempt to cope with his absence. Nate appears several times to them as a representation of their own thoughts in a device, used for many dead characters throughout the series to illustrate characters' internal monologues; when Ruth dies 20 years the last thing she sees is Nathaniel Sr. and Nate in her room helping her ease peacefully into death

Pimlico State High School

Pimlico State High School is an independent public high school in Townsville, Australia. Established in 1959, Pimlico State High School is now one of the largest public high schools in North Queensland. Following the transition of Year 7 from primary schools to high schools across Queensland in 2015, the total enrolments of Pimlico have grown to 1700. While operated as part of the Queensland Department of Education, Pimlico was awarded Independent Public School status in 2013. Under the IPS program, Pimlico operates semi-autonomously with oversight provided by a School Council; the school draws half of its enrolments from outside its designated catchment area. Because of the strong demand for places at the school, Pimlico is designated as an'enrolment managed' school and has an Enrolment Management Plan that sets the parameters for prioritising and accepting enrolments from outside of the school's catchment. Students can apply for enrolment as part of the school's Excellence Programs in Music, Performing Arts and Academics.

The school is accredited with the Council of International Schools. Pimlico offers a broad curriculum. While the school's reputation within the community is built on the school's strong academic focus and its extensive music programs and related curricular offerings, the school provides a wide range of pathways and opportunities that cater to a diverse range of students; this includes a range of vocational certificates and courses as well as a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities. More the school has developed programs with a focus on global citizenship and leadership; the current head of school is Joel Buchholz. The Executive Principal is supported by a Principal and four Deputy Principals and each of these senior leaders oversee a specific portfolio area within the school. A team of fifteen Heads of Department lead different faculties or significant programs areas within the school; the majority of these Heads of Department lead curriculum-based faculty areas, such as Mathematics or The Arts, while a small number have responsibility for school-wide programs or initiatives such as Teaching and Learning or Student Development.

There are 120 teaching staff and 60 non-teaching staff at Pimlico. While the School Council provides broad strategic oversight, a Parents and Citizens Association provides further opportunities for parental input and involvement. Jarrod Bannister - Australian representative to 2012 Olympics in Javelin Mitchell Johnson - Australian Test/One Day & 20/20 Cricketer Luke Kennedy - Runner-up The Voice Australia Season 2 Aaron Payne - North Queensland Cowboys Rugby League John Buttigieg - North Queensland Cowboys / Queensland State of Origin Rugby League Milton Thaiday - NSW Waratahs Rugby Union & Newcastle Knights Rugby League Gorden Tallis - Former Captain of Brisbane Broncos / Queensland State of Origin / Australian National Rugby League Team Mitch Norton - basketball player Anna Reynolds - Lord Mayor of Hobart Harry Froling - basketball player/2019 NBL Rookie of the Year Official website Pimlico's YAA team website 2007

He Xiehou

He Xiehou was a Chinese educator and former President of Peking University. He's another name was He Yushi, courtesy name was Zixing, was born in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province in 1873; when he was 19 years old, he went in 1897 studied at Qiushi Academy. In 1898, He went as one of China's first students to Japan. In 1902, He graduated from Tokyo First Advanced School. In 1907, He graduated from the Department of Metallurgy of Tokyo Imperial University, he is the first Chinese student. In spring 1908, He went back to Zhejiang and served as a technician in the Bureau of Mining of Zhejiang Provincial Government. In 1909, he went to Japan again, he was the supervisor of the engineering faculty of the Imperial Capital University in Beijing. In 1911/1912, the Qing Dynasty ended, the Imperial Capital University was renamed as Peking University, he was the first President of Peking University from on. In 1914, he visited South Asia. In 1954, he was elected the head of the Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang Zhejiang Branch.

In 1961, he died in Hangzhou. His tomb is in his hometown. Many people still visit there today. Presidents of Peking University Biography of He Xiehou He Xiehou's biography Education: He Xiehou - a former Peking University President forgotten by history Education: Former residence and tomb of He Xiehou in Zhuji Shaoxing Government: He Xiehou's biography


Bobirwa Subdistrict is a jurisdiction in Botswana. It is populated by the Babirwa people. Sebirwa, the language spoken by the Babirwa people, is a dialect of Northern Sotho, along with Bididi, Kgaga, Pedi, Pulana, Kutswe, Pai, Kubu, etc. Northern Sotho is one of three Sesotho subgroups of Basotho; the two others are Western Sotho, North West Province, a small number of people in Matebeland Province of Zimbabwe and Southern Sotho. The Basotho came from Ntswanatsatsi. Masilo is the founding father of Basotho. After moving away from the rest of the Basotho in Ntswanatsatsi, like other Basotho who were part of Northern Basotho subgroup the likes of Bapedi, etc. the Babirwa settled in Nareng in Letswalo area near Tzaneen. From there they settled in Blauwberg in present-day Limpopo Province. Others remained in Blauwberg. Others who left ended up in the southern part of present-day Zimbabwe Gwanda district in Matebeleland South. Gwanda was a place for Jahunda speaking people; some Zimbabweans consider all Basotho of Zimbabwe to be Babirwa.

They are two types of Basotho in Zimbabwe, the Babirwa and the other Basothos who left Transvaal around the 1890s and early 1900 because they were displaced by the Boers and most of those Basothos came from Polokwane area, places like Moletse, Potgieterrus. Other Zimbabwean Sothos got Venda and Tsonga roots from Northern Transvaal present-day Limpopo Province; the Sotho of Zimbabwe, similar to the Sesotho, spoken in Messina and surrounding area is a corrupted Kubu and it is similar to Selobedu. From the above, it is clear that the Babirwa people lived along the confluence of the Limpopo River and the Shashi River, the area that today includes the Mapungubjwe Ruins; the Babirwa in South Africa reside in areas north of the Bochum area, north of Polokwane. There are more than 40 Babirwa surnames in South Africa which include Sebone, Makhura, Makhurane, Nare, Tlou-Serope, Mmamadi, Mangale, Molefe, Jibula, Lehomo, Raseokgo, Ramalepe, Selema, Morerwa Makgatho, Monekwe, Madema Morebeng and many more.

The word Bobirwa, means the land of Ba-Birwa people. Template:Infobox settlement' A large number of Babirwa left the northern South African shore and ended up living in what is today called The Bobirwa Sub District, an administrative region in eastern Botswana, part of the Central District. Bobonong is the headquarters of the sub-district; the sub-district is bounded by Zimbabwe to South Africa to the southeast. The Limpopo River forms the boundary with South Africa; the Bobirwa Sub-district has an average annual rainfall of 300 to 400 millimetres. Soils are loams to sandy clay loams. Bobirwa is the lowest part of varying from 590 to 886 metres above sea level, it is intersected by a network of channels. Villages include Mathathane, Tsetsebjwe, Bobonong, Tobane, Semolale, Zanzibar, Moletemane and Lentswelemoriti; the sub-district has been degraded by agricultural activities and is susceptible to drought. Large areas in and around the villages are bare earth caused by clearing grasses to keep snakes and insects away.

Overgrazing by sheep, goats and cattle is another cause. A study showed a substantial reduction in natural land cover between 1970 and 2010, combined with a significant increase in population. In addition to livestock, the sub-district is home to abundant wildlife. In 2000, there was a herd of around 200 elephants. In 2011, it was reported that the government had approved the establishment of service centers in Tsetsebjwe and Gobojango as well as other large infrastructure development projects such as road improvements and electrification; this followed rapid economic growth in the previous three years. The local people could now bank in Bobonong, rather than having to travel to Selebi-Phikwe; the new centers were expected to further improve access to services. In 2012, there was a sharp increase in stock theft; this may have been caused by drought, forcing livestock to travel long distances to find grazing and water making them vulnerable to rustlers. Citations Sources

Michael Schmidt (poet)

Michael Schmidt OBE FRSL is a Mexican-British poet, author and publisher. Born in Mexico City, Mexico. Schmidt was educated at The Hill School from 1959-1965 and earned an English Speaking Union Scholarship to attend Christ's Hospital School from 1965-6. Schmidt studied at Wadham College, Oxford University. Schmidt was Professor of Poetry at Glasgow University until 2014, the Writer in Residence at St. John's College, Cambridge from 2012 to 2015 and a visiting fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge from 2017-2018, he is founder and editorial and managing director of Carcanet Press and a founder and general editor of PN Review. A fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he received an OBE in 2006 for services to poetry, his literary career has been described as having "a strong sense of internationalism and cultural ‘connectedness’". Schmidt refers to himself in his book Lives of the Poets as "an Anglophone Mexican publisher". Schmidt's 2014 book The Novel: A Biography is a loosely chronological history of the development of the novel.

The book aims to explore the relationships between great novelists, including views by other novelists while avoiding literary critics who were not writers. In August 2015, Schmidt was one of 20 authors of Poets for Corbyn, an anthology of poems endorsing Jeremy Corbyn's campaign in the Labour Party leadership election, it Was My Tree Bedlam and the Oak Wood Desert of the Lions My Brother Gloucester A Change of Affairs The Love of Strangers - Poetry Book Society Special Commendation Selected Poems, 1972-1997 - Poetry Book Society Special Commendation The Resurrection of the Body Collected Poems The Stories of My Life The Colonist - Los Angeles Times book award The Dresden Gate Reading Modern Poetry ISBN 0-415-01568-5 Lives of the Poets ISBN 978-0-7538-0745-3 The Story of Poetry: From Cædmon to Caxton.