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This is a list of bridges and other crossings of the Rio Grande (Río Bravo del Norte), from the Gulf of Mexico, upstream to its source.

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Border crossings between the United States and Mexico[edit]


Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates
Veteran's International Bridge U.S. 77 (terminus) U.S. 83 (terminus) Brownsville, TexasMatamoros, Tamaulipas 1999 25°53′1″N 97°28′35″W / 25.88361°N 97.47639°W / 25.88361; -97.47639 (Veteran's International Bridge)
Gateway International Bridge 25°53′54.83″N 97°29′51.26″W / 25.8985639°N 97.4975722°W / 25.8985639; -97.4975722
Brownsville & Matamoros International Bridge (road and railroad) 25°53′31.25″N 97°30′17.22″W / 25.8920139°N 97.5047833°W / 25.8920139; -97.5047833
Free Trade International Bridge Los Indios, TexasMatamoros, Tamaulipas 26°1′44.90″N 97°44′19.84″W / 26.0291389°N 97.7388444°W / 26.0291389; -97.7388444
Progreso – Nuevo Progreso International Bridge Progreso, TexasNuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas 26°3′43.76″N 97°57′0.00″W / 26.0621556°N 97.9500000°W / 26.0621556; -97.9500000
Donna – Río Bravo International Bridge Donna, TexasRío Bravo, Tamaulipas 2010 26°3′56.36″N 98°4′33.11″W / 26.0656556°N 98.0758639°W / 26.0656556; -98.0758639
Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge Pharr, Texas - Reynosa, Tamaulipas 26°4′0.84″N 98°12′18.72″W / 26.0669000°N 98.2052000°W / 26.0669000; -98.2052000
McAllen–Hidalgo–Reynosa International Bridge McAllen and Hidalgo, Texas - Reynosa, Tamaulipas 26°5′42.49″N 98°16′17.37″W / 26.0951361°N 98.2714917°W / 26.0951361; -98.2714917
Anzalduas International Bridge Mission, Texas - Reynosa, Tamaulipas 26°6′59.55″N 98°19′5.51″W / 26.1165417°N 98.3181972°W / 26.1165417; -98.3181972
Los Ebanos Ferry Los Ebanos, TexasGustavo Díaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas 26°14′22.10″N 98°33′54.30″W / 26.2394722°N 98.5650833°W / 26.2394722; -98.5650833
Rio Grande City – Camargo International Bridge Rio Grande City, TexasCiudad Camargo, Tamaulipas 26°21′56.84″N 98°48′8.96″W / 26.3657889°N 98.8024889°W / 26.3657889; -98.8024889
Roma – Ciudad Miguel Alemán International Bridge Roma, TexasCiudad Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas 26°24′13.86″N 99°1′8.96″W / 26.4038500°N 99.0191556°W / 26.4038500; -99.0191556
Lake Falcon Dam International Crossing Falcon Heights, TexasNueva Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas 26°33′34.08″N 99°10′1.45″W / 26.5594667°N 99.1670694°W / 26.5594667; -99.1670694
Juárez–Lincoln International Bridge I-35 (terminus) Laredo, TexasNuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas 27°30′0.92″N 99°30′9.71″W / 27.5002556°N 99.5026972°W / 27.5002556; -99.5026972
Gateway to the Americas International Bridge BI-35 (terminus) 27°29′57.97″N 99°30′26.91″W / 27.4994361°N 99.5074750°W / 27.4994361; -99.5074750
Texas Mexican Railway International Bridge 27°29′54.22″N 99°30′58.66″W / 27.4983944°N 99.5162944°W / 27.4983944; -99.5162944
World Trade International Bridge I-69W (terminus) U.S. 59 (terminus) Loop 20 (terminus) 27°35′50.04″N 99°32′13.04″W / 27.5972333°N 99.5369556°W / 27.5972333; -99.5369556

Texas-Nuevo León[edit]

Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates
Colombia–Solidarity International Bridge State Highway 255 (terminus) Laredo, TexasColombia, Nuevo León 27°41′59.25″N 99°44′44.05″W / 27.6997917°N 99.7455694°W / 27.6997917; -99.7455694


Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates
Eagle Pass Union Pacific International Railroad Bridge Eagle Pass, TexasPiedras Negras, Coahuila
Camino Real International Bridge
Eagle Pass – Piedras Negras International Bridge
Del Río – Ciudad Acuña International Bridge Del Rio, TexasCiudad Acuña, Coahuila
Lake Amistad Dam International Crossing
La Linda International Bridge (closed in 1997) Heath Canyon Ranch, Big Bend, Texas – La Linda, Acuna, Coahuila


Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates
Presidio–Ojinaga International Rail Bridge (Currently closed due to fire) Presidio, TexasOjinaga, Chihuahua
Presidio–Ojinaga International Bridge
Fort Hancock – El Porvenir International Bridge Fort Hancock, Texas – El Porvenir, Chihuahua, Chihuahua
Fabens–Caseta International Bridge Tornillo, TexasGuadalupe, Chihuahua
Ysleta–Zaragoza International Bridge El Paso, TexasCiudad Juárez, Chihuahua
Bridge of the Americas I-110 (terminus)
Good Neighbor International Bridge
Former Mexico North Western Railway bridge at Mesa Street and Calle General Rivas Guillén
Former Mexican Central Railway bridge at El Paso Street
Union Pacific Railroad Bridge
Paso del Norte International Bridge
Black Bridge (railroad)

U.S. domestic crossings[edit]

North El Paso area[edit]

Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates
American Eagle Bridge Ewald Kipp Way El Paso, Texas
McNutt Road Bridge El Paso, Texas and Sunland Park, New Mexico
Racetrack Drive Bridge Sunland Park, New Mexico
Country Club Road Bridge El Paso, Texas and Sunland Park, New Mexico
Highway 178 Bridge State Highway 178 El Paso, Texas
La Union Street Bridge La Union Street Canutillo, Texas
Vinton Road Bridge Vinton Road Vinton, Texas
S.H. 225 Bridge NM 225 Near Anthony, New Mexico

New Mexico[edit]

Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates
S.H. 186 Bridge NM 186 near Anthony, New Mexico
S.H. 226 Bridge NM 226 near Berino, New Mexico
Six Mile Road Bridge Six Mile Road near Vado, New Mexico
S.H. 227 Bridge NM 227 Vado, New Mexico to La Mesa, New Mexico
S.H. 192 Bridge NM 192 Mesquite, New Mexico
S.H. 28 Bridge NM 28 South of Las Cruces, New Mexico
Calle Del Norte Bridge Old Mesilla, New Mexico
I-10 Bridge I-10 Las Cruces, New Mexico
Picacho Avenue Bridge Picacho Avenue Las Cruces, New Mexico
Shalem Colony Trail Bridge Shalem Colony Trail Doña Ana, New Mexico
S.H. 185 Bridge NM 185 Radium Springs, New Mexico
S.H. 140 Bridge NM 140 Rincon, New Mexico
Railroad Road Bridge Hatch, New Mexico
Franklin Street Bridge Franklin Street
S.H. 187 Bridge NM 187
S.H. 391 Bridge NM 391 Near Salem, New Mexico
S.H. 187 Bridge NM 187 Between Derry, New Mexico and Arrey, New Mexico
I-25 Bridge I-25 South of Caballo Lake Dam
Caballo Lake Dam Sierra County Road B040
3rd Avenue / S.H. 51 Bridge 3rd Avenue / NM 51 Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Elephant Butte Lake Dam NM 195
U.S. 380 Bridge U.S. 380 San Antonio, New Mexico
Pueblito Bridge Escondida, New Mexico
US 60 Bridge US 60 Near Bernardo, New Mexico
S.H. 346 Bridge NM 346 Near Bosque, New Mexico
River Road Bridge River Road Belen, New Mexico
Main Street Bridge NM 6 Los Lunas, New Mexico 1974[1] 34°48′17″N 106°43′06″W / 34.80472°N 106.71833°W / 34.80472; -106.71833 (Main Street Bridge)
S.H. 147 Bridge NM 147 Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico
Railroad Bridge south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rail crossing only.
I-25 Bridge I-25 south of Albuquerque, New Mexico
Rio Bravo Bridge NM 500 Albuquerque, New Mexico 35°01′38″N 106°40′22″W / 35.02722°N 106.67278°W / 35.02722; -106.67278 (Rio Bravo Bridge)
Barelas Bridge Bridge Blvd. 35°04′11″N 106°39′36″W / 35.06972°N 106.66000°W / 35.06972; -106.66000 (Barelas Bridge)
Old Town Bridge Central Ave. 35°05′21″N 106°40′51″W / 35.08917°N 106.68083°W / 35.08917; -106.68083 (Old Town Bridge)
I-40 Bridge I-40 1995[2] 35°06′23″N 106°41′35″W / 35.10639°N 106.69306°W / 35.10639; -106.69306 (I-40 Bridge)
Gail Ryba Memorial Bridge Bicycle/pedestrian crossing 2010[3] 35°06′24″N 106°41′32″W / 35.10667°N 106.69222°W / 35.10667; -106.69222 (Gail Ryba Memorial Bridge)
Montaño Bridge Montaño Road 1997[4] 35°08′43″N 106°40′39″W / 35.14528°N 106.67750°W / 35.14528; -106.67750 (Montaño Bridge)
Paseo del Norte Bridge NM 423 1987[4] 35°10′56″N 106°39′06″W / 35.18222°N 106.65167°W / 35.18222; -106.65167 (Paseo del Norte Bridge)
Alameda Bridge NM 528 1993 35°11′49″N 106°38′33″W / 35.19694°N 106.64250°W / 35.19694; -106.64250 (Alameda Bridge)
Old Alameda Bridge Bicycle/pedestrian/equestrian crossing 1955 35°11′51″N 106°38′33″W / 35.19750°N 106.64250°W / 35.19750; -106.64250 (Old Alameda Bridge)
U.S. 550 Bridge U.S. 550 Bernalillo, New Mexico
BIA-85 Bridge San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico
BIA-88 Bridge Near Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico
S.H. 22 Bridge NM 22 Near Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico
Cochiti Dam Dam Crest Road Near Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico
Otowi Suspension Bridge NM 502 Between Pojoaque, New Mexico and Los Alamos, New Mexico
S.H. 502 Bridge NM 502 Between Pojoaque, New Mexico and Los Alamos, New Mexico
Santa Cruz Bridge Española, New Mexico
Paseo De Oñate Bridge Española, New Mexico
Fairview Lane Bridge Fairview Lane Española, New Mexico
Old S.H. 74 Bridge Old NM 74 Near Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo
New S.H. 74 Bridge New NM 74
S.H. 291 / S.H. 582 Bridge NM 291 / NM 582 Lyden, New Mexico
S.H. 59 Bridge NM 522 Upstream of Velarde, New Mexico
County Rd. 1101 Bridge Embudo, New Mexico
Camino De Las Vacas Bridge Near Pilar, New Mexico
Taos Junction Bridge New Mexico State Road 570 Orilla Verde Recreation Area, New Mexico
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge West of Taos, New Mexico
Arroyo Hondo Crossing (John Dunn Bridge) West of Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico


Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates
County Road G Crossing Conejos County / Costilla County, Colorado
S.H. 142 Bridge CO 142 Between Manassa, Colorado and San Luis, Colorado
County Road Z Crossing Conejos County / Costilla County, Colorado
County Road 13.7 Crossing Southern Alamosa County, Colorado
U.S. 160 Bridge U.S. 160 Alamosa, Colorado
River Road Bridge River Road
County Road 6E Bridge Near Homelake, Colorado
County Road 3E Bridge Near Monte Vista, Colorado
Gunbarrel Road Bridge U.S. 285 North of Monte Vista, Colorado
Stoeber Lane Bridge Stoeber Lane Near Monte Vista, Colorado
County Road 5N Bridge Sevenmile Plaza, Colorado
Oak Street Bridge Oak Street Del Norte, Colorado
County Road 17 Crossing Rio Grande County, Colorado
County Road 18 Crossing Rio Grande County, Colorado
Alder Creek Road Bridge Alder Creek Road South Fork, Colorado
S.H. 149 Bridge CO 149 South Fork, Colorado
Raspberry Road Crossing Raspberry Road South Fork, Colorado
County Road 430 Crossing Mineral County, Colorado
Stagecoach Road Bridge Stagecoach Road Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado
Shaw Road Crossing Shaw Road Near Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado
S.H. 149 Bridge CO 149 West of Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado
S.H. 149 Bridge CO 149 Southeast of Creede, Colorado
Airport Road Crossing Airport Road (County Rd 806) Near Mineral County Memorial Airport
S.H. 149 Bridge CO 149 Southwest of Creede, Colorado
S.H. 149 Bridge CO 149 Farther southwest of Creede, Colorado
County Road 772 Crossing Mineral County, Colorado
County Road 522 Crossing
County Road 38 Crossing Hinsdale County, Colorado
County Road 41 Crossing
County Road 18C Crossing


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