List of currently active United States military watercraft

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The United States has available many types of military watercraft, operated by the Navy including the Military Sealift Command; the Naval Special Warfare Command; the Coast Guard; and the Army.

Commissioned ships (USN)[edit]

Aircraft Carriers[edit]

USS Nimitz, the lead ship of her class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, known as 'supercarriers'.

Amphibious Assault Ships[edit]

Wasp class amphibious assault ship takes aboard a Landing Craft Utility

Amphibious Command Ships[edit]

Amphibious Transport Docks[edit]

Attack Submarines[edit]

Seawolf-class submarine

Ballistic Missile Submarines[edit]

Classic Frigate[edit]


USS Leyte Gulf (Ticonderoga class)


Dock Landing Ships[edit]

Expeditionary Mobile Base[edit]

Guided Missile Submarines[edit]

Littoral Combat Ships[edit]

Mine Countermeasures Ships[edit]

Patrol Boats[edit]

Submarine Tenders[edit]

Technical Research Ship[edit]

  • USS Pueblo (AGER-2) - currently held 'captive' by North Korea. Still in commission, but non-deployed.

Non-Commissioned ships (MSC)[edit]

See List of Military Sealift Command ships and Maritime Prepositioning ship
USNS Bridge (Supply class)

Cable Repair Ships[edit]

Cargo & Replenishment Ships[edit]

USNS Big Horn (Henry J. Kaiser-class oiler)

Crane Ships[edit]

Expeditionary Transfer Dock[edit]

High Speed Vessels[edit]

Hospital Ships[edit]

Landing Craft[edit]


Salvage Ships[edit]

Surveillance, Intelligence & Survey Vessels[edit]

Tug Boats[edit]

Special Warfare/Coastal Riverine Force (USNSW)[edit]

Surface Craft[edit]

Small Unit Riverine Craft

Swimmer Delivery Vehicles[edit]

Cutters (USCG)[edit]

Patrol Ships[edit]

Patrol Boats[edit]



Support craft (US Army)[edit]


Logistics Support Vessel[edit]

Landing craft[edit]

Tug boats[edit]

  • Large Tug 800 - 6
  • 100-Foot Large Tug (LT) Flight III - 2
  • Small Tug 900 - 16

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