List of dialling codes in Germany

Country Code: +49International Call Prefix: 00Trunk Prefix: 0 Area codes in Germany have two to five digits, not counting the leading trunk access code 0. The leading 0 must be dialed when calling from within Germany and must be omitted when calling from abroad; when calling via fixed networks within the same area, the area code is not required. In general, shorter area codes are assigned to larger cities, longer area codes to smaller towns. Private telephone numbers are inversely long: those in larger cities have seven or eight digits, while those in smaller towns may have as few as three or four digits; the first digit is determined by region: area codes beginning 2 are found in the west, those with 3 in the east, those with 4 in the north, those with 5 in the north central part, those with 6 in the south central part, those with 7 in the southwest, those with 8 in the south and the 9s are found in the southeast. 1 are special numbers such as mobile phones, shared cost service, televoting numbers and 010 for dial-around services.

The former codes 0130 for free phone numbers and 0190 for premium-rate numbers are now moved to 0800 and 0900 to meet international standards. 0700 is used for personal national phone numbers. Prefix 01 is used for special numbers, is not tied to a geographic area. 010 call-by-call 011 value-added services 012 innovative services 012-12, between €0.13 and €1.86 per minute 012-230 tesion, Stuttgart 012-3000 3U Telecom, Marburg 012-3131 BBA Netkom, Hamburg 012-3333 BBA Netkom, Hamburg 012-3456 CommAssist, Lübeck 013 voting and lottery numbers 0130 toll-free numbers, now unassigned 0137 Massenverkehr zu bestimmten Zielen 01371 €0.14 per call 01372 €0.14 per minute 01373 €0.14 per minute 01374 €0.14 per minute 01375 €0.14 per call 01376 €0.25 per call 01377 €1.00 per call 01378 €0.50 per call 01379 €0.50 per call 0138 T-VoteCall €0.14 per minute 014 unassigned 015 mobile phones 0150 reserved for Group 3G/Quam 0151 T-Mobile 0152 reserved for Vodafone 01520 Vodafone 01521 Lycamobile 01522 Vodafone 01523 Vodafone 0155 reserved for E-Plus 0156 reserved for Mobilcom 0157 reserved for E-Plus 01570 vistream 01577 E-Plus 0159 reserved for O2 Germany 016 mobile phones, Trunked radio system, Pager 0160 T-Mobile 0161 analog C-Netz 0162 Vodafone 0163 E-Plus 0164 Cityruf 0165 Quix 0166 Telmi 0167 Trunked radio systems 01672 Dolphin Telecom 0168 Scall 0169 Cityruf, Skyper 017 mobile phones 0170 T-Mobile 0171 T-Mobile 0172 Vodafone 0173 Vodafone 0174 Vodafone 0175 T-Mobile 0176 O2 Germany 0177 E-Plus 0178 E-Plus 0179 O2 Germany 018 international virtual private networks and shared-cost services 0180 shared-cost services 01801 €0.039 per minute 01802 €0.06 per connection 01803 €0.09 per minute 01804 €0.20 per connection 01805 €0.14 per minute 0181 international virtual private networks 0182 closed user groups 0183 closed user groups 0184 closed user groups 0185 closed user groups 0186 closed user groups 0187 closed user groups 0188 closed user groups 01888 IVBB 0189 closed user groups 0190 premium-rate services, now unassigned 0191 online services 0192 online services 0193 online services 0194 online services 01987 Routing numbers for 116xxx 01988 target network service identification for routing international toll-free value-added services 01989 routing numbers for outgoing services 0199 network-internal traffic control 0201 Essen 0202 Wuppertal 0203 Duisburg 0204 02041 Bottrop 02043 Gladbeck 02045 Bottrop-Kirchhellen 0205 02051 Velbert 02052 Velbert-Langenberg 02053 Velbert-Neviges 02054 Essen-Kettwig, Mülheim an der Ruhr-Mintard 02056 Heiligenhaus 02058 Wülfrath 0206 02064 Dinslaken 02065 Duisburg-Rheinhausen 02066 Duisburg-Homberg 0208 Mülheim an der Ruhr/Oberhausen 0209 Gelsenkirchen 0210 02101 Neuss and Kaarst 02102 Ratingen 02104 Mettmann 0211 Düsseldorf 0212 Solingen 02129 Haan 0213 02131 Neuss, Kaarst 02132 Meerbusch-Büderich 02133 Dormagen 02137 Neuss-Norf 0214 Leverkusen 0215 02150 Meerbusch-Lank-Latum 02151 Krefeld 02152 Kempen 02153 Nettetal-Lobberich 02154 Willich 02156 Willich-Anrath 02157 Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen/Brüggen 02158 Grefrath/Nettetal 02159 Meerbusch-Osterath 0216 02161 Mönchengladbach 02162 Viersen 02163 Schwalmtal 02164 Jüchen-Otzenrath 02165 Jüchen 02166 Rheydt 0217 02171 Leverkusen-Opladen 02173 Langenfeld, Leverkusen-Hitdorf 02174 Burscheid, Leichlingen-Witzhelden 02175 Leichlingen 0218 02181 Grevenbroich 02182 Grevenbroich-Kapellen 02183 Rommerskirchen 0219 02191 Remscheid 02192 Hückeswagen 02193 Wermelskirchen-Dabringhausen 02195 Radevormwald 02196 Wermelskirchen 0220 02202 Bergisch Gladbach 02203 Köln-Porz 02204 Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg, OT Untereschbach von Overath 02205 Rösrath 02206 Overath.

Offinso College of Education

Offinso College of Education is a teacher education college in Offinso. The college is located in Ashanti / Brong Ahafo zone, it is one of the about 40 public colleges of education in Ghana. The college participated in the DFID-funded T-TEL programme, it was established in 1955 by the Gold Coast District of the Methodist Church as a teacher training college for women. It attained tertiary level status in September 2007 and is affiliated to the University of Cape Coast. In pursuance of its educational practices in the 1950s, the Gold Coast District of the Methodist Church established the Offinso College of Education – a two-year Teacher Training College for women; the College was established on the 3rd February, 1955 with Miss M. Turnbull, serving as the first Principal; the college started with 30 female students for the two year Teachers’ Certificate “B” and had as tutors, the Principal, Miss Dorothy M. Turnbull, Miss Rose Asiedu Awuah and Miss Victoria Homiah. Mr. S. K. Arku was Clerk/Bursar.

A two-storey building was provided by Opanin Kwadwo Krah. This building, for eleven year, provided the college with dormitories, staff accommodation, dining hall and offices. From the 1962/63 academic year, the two-year Certificate ‘B’ course was upgraded to four-year Certificate ‘A’ course; the college, in January 1966, moved to its permanent site. By 1971, student enrolment had increased from 60 to 300. In September 1971, the college was turned into a mixed institution with the enrolment of 70 first year male students. Seventy three male students from Aduman Training College were transferred to the college. In October 1972, Mr. Amofa Kwasi became the first male principal of the college. In 1974, the Post Secondary two-year Certificate ‘A’ course was introduced in the college; this course was replaced with the three-year Post Secondary course. It started a three-year Diploma in Basic Education programme in 2004; the college has been upgraded to the tertiary level of education since September 2007.

The National Accreditation Board has presented a certificate to that effect. Although a Methodist affiliated institution, the Chaplaincy has given places of worship to students of all other denominations to promote religious freedom among staff and students. Offinso Training College has chalked great success in female education in particular, teacher education in general. Mission: The Mission of the College is to provide quality teacher with excellent profession and relevant teacher training, that would produce competent, God fearing and committed teachers who will perform creditably by international standards. Vision: The vision of the College is that it shall create excellent teaching and learning environment and opportunities for training quality basic teachers with emphasis on knowledge and values for quality education, recognizing that education is the key to human resource development of Ghana. Offinso College of Education after being given accreditation by the National Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education, it runs the following programmes: 3-year diploma in Basic Education for regular students.

4-year Diploma in Basic Education 4-year Certificate A

Ernest Nungaray

Ernest Nungaray Arce is an American footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Ayacucho FC. Born in Anaheim, California to Mexican parents, Nungaray began playing football with an amateur side in Tijuana which his father coached. In 2007, he joined the youth system of Monarcas Morelia, he made 13 appearances for Morelia's Ascenso MX affiliate Toros Neza before joining the parent club in Liga MX during 2013. After failing to feature for Morelia in Liga MX, Nungaray signed with Correcaminos UAT, where he would make a single substitute's appearance in the Ascenso MX, he would join Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, but never played for the club in Liga MX before he moved to Liga Premier de Ascenso side Reynosa in 2015. In 2016, Nungaray was playing for Monarcas Morelia Premier in the third level of Mexican football. Nungaray has dual-citizenship with Mexico and the United States, has played for the United States men's national under-20 soccer team. Nungaray is related to Mexican professional footballer Fernando Arce.

Ernest Nungaray at Soccerway