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States hosting diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan

Although Azerbaijan initiated diplomatic relations with Western and other countries since the Safavids dynasty in XVI century, the first diplomatic body - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established in 1918 when Azerbaijan was formed as a republic for the first time and Mehmet Hasan Hacınkski became the first minister. The parliament sent the diplomatic delegation to the Ottoman State after signing the first international document - the Pact of Peace and Friendship - with this state and on this agreement, the Ottoman State became the first country recognizing independence of the ADR, the next step, the "Friendship and Peace" treaty with Iran was signed on 20 March 1919. And the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan had started to work as a consulate in Tehran and other cities. However, this successful revival continued until the Russian army entered Baku on April 28, 1920, the diplomatic delegation of the Republic attended the Paris Peace Conference, 1919. As a result of the national democratic movement that started in Azerbaijan in 1988-1990, the country restored its independence on 5 February, 1991. Afterwards, Azerbaijan started to create bilateral relations with other countries; in this regard, the diplomatic missions have been established in foreign countries. Today Azerbaijan has embassies and consulates in more than 70 countries. Recent diplomatic missions started to operate in Brazil, Australia and Vietnam.

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan.


Embassy of Azerbaijan in Berlin
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Bern
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Budapest
Embassy of Azerbaijan in The Hague
Embassy of Azerbaijan in London
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Prague
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Riga
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Stockholm
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Vienna
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Warsaw





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