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Vietnamese diplomatic missions

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Vietnam, excluding honorary consulates. The first overseas presence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (the antecedent to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) was a representative office in Paris, approximately during the period of the Fontainebleau Conference in 1946–1947. There was later a representative office operating in Bangkok from 1948, although it was closed in 1951 when the Thai government recognised the Republic of Vietnam; the Democratic Republic of Vietnam's first embassy was opened in Beijing in 1950, followed by Moscow in 1952, and consulates in Nanning, Kunming and Guangzhou opening shortly afterwards. In 1964 the DRV had opened 19 diplomatic missions abroad; six years later this number increased to 30.[1]

The Republic of Vietnam also had its own separate diplomatic network until the fall of Saigon in 1975.


Embassy of Vietnam in Beijing
Embassy of Vietnam in Berlin
Consulate-General of Vietnam in Frankfurt
Embassy of Vietnam in Bern
Embassy of Vietnam in Budapest
Embassy of Vietnam in Canberra
Embassy of Vietnam in Kiev
Embassy of Vietnam in Manila





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