List of earthquakes in Eritrea

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This is a list of earthquakes in Eritrea:

Date Region M MMI Deaths Injuries Comments
1773-11-29 Ethiopia–Eritrea Some NGDC
1875-11-02 Ethiopia–Eritrea Some Severe damage NGDC
1884-07-20 Massawa–Muncullo 6.2 Moderate damage / tsunami / many houses destroyed NGDC
1913-02-27 Asmara VI
1915-09-23 Asmara 5.8 Ms, 6.2 Mw VI [1]
Note: The inclusion criteria for adding events are based on WikiProject Earthquakes' notability guideline that was developed for stand alone articles. The principles described also apply to lists. In summary, only damaging, injurious, or deadly events should be recorded.


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