List of earthquakes in Eritrea

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This is a list of earthquakes in Eritrea:

Date Region M MMI Deaths Injuries Comments
1773-11-29 Ethiopia–Eritrea Some NGDC
1875-11-02 Ethiopia–Eritrea Some Severe damage NGDC
1884-07-20 Massawa–Muncullo 6.2 Moderate damage / tsunami / many houses destroyed NGDC
1913-02-27 Asmara VI
1915-09-23 Asmara 5.8 Ms, 6.2 Mw VI [1]
Note: The inclusion criteria for adding events are based on WikiProject Earthquakes' notability guideline that was developed for stand alone articles. The principles described also apply to lists; in summary, only damaging, injurious, or deadly events should be recorded.


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