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William Laidlay

William James Laidlay was a Scottish first-class cricketer and artist. The son of John Watson Laidlay, he was born in August 1846 at Calcutta in British India, he was educated in Scotland at the Loretto School, before going up to Peterhouse, from where he graduated in 1872. A student of the Middle Temple, he was called to the bar in April 1875. In the same year that he was called to the bar, Laidlay made a single appearance in first-class cricket for the North in the North v South fixture at Chelsea. Batting twice in the match, he was dismissed for 11 runs by James Lillywhite in the North's first-innings, while in their second-innings he was dismissed for 3 runs by W. G. Grace, he took three wickets across the match, dismissing Grace and Charles Buller in the South's first-innings, while in their second-innings he dismissed George Wyatt. He was a member of the Faculty of Advocates in 1874 and served on the Scottish courts circuit until 1878, after which he studied art in Paris from 1879–85. Laidlay was a founding member of the New English Art Club in 1885.

He exhibited his works at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Paris Salon, the New Gallery. Laidlay died in October 1912 at Glenbrook House in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, his brother was Johnny Laidlay. William Laidlay at ESPNcricinfo

Daniel Martins (footballer, born 1972)

Daniel Sabino Martins known as Daniel, is a retired professional footballer who played as a right back. Born in Brazil, he spent his entire club career there, featuring in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A for AA Ponte Preta and Palmeiras. One year after becoming a free agent from the latter, he accepted to be a member, as a naturalized citizen, of the Equatorial Guinea national team, playing for them in early 2006, it was his last football experience in active. Martins was born in the capital of the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. In 2000, he signed with Corinthians. Martins participated in the pilot edition of the FIFA Club World Championship, being champion with his club, he played for several years in the Palmeiras, winning the 2003 Série B title with the squad. Martins played for Equatorial Guinea in 2006 and was champion of the CEMAC Cup. Palmeiras: 5 January to 31 December 2004

Rodrigo Lamardo

Rodrigo Lamardo is an Argentine footballer who plays as a midfielder for Sarmiento Tapalque. Born in Tapalqué, he played for Vélez Sársfield and Argentinos Juniors at youth level before moving to Spain in 2007 to join Burgos. A year Lamardo signed for Portuguese club Olhanense, making one appearance in the Primeira Liga during the 2009–10 season, he spent time on loan with Fátima and Louletano before being transferred to Sporting Pombal in the summer of 2010. Rodrigo Lamardo at ForaDeJogo Rodrigo Lamardo at Soccerway


A heterokaryon is a multinucleate cell that contains genetically different nuclei. Heterokaryotic and heterokaryosis are derived terms; this is a special type of syncytium. This can occur such as in the mycelium of fungi during sexual reproduction, or artificially as formed by the experimental fusion of two genetically different cells, as e.g. in hybridoma technology. A medical example is a heterokaryon composed of nuclei from Hunter syndrome. Both of these diseases result in problems in mucopolysaccharide metabolism. However, a heterokaryon of nuclei from both of these diseases exhibits normal mucopolysaccharide metabolism, proving that the two syndromes affect different proteins and so can correct each other in the heterokaryon. Heterokaryons are found in the life cycle of yeasts, for example Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a genetic model organism; the heterokaryon stage is produced from the fusion of two haploid cells. This transient heterokaryon can produce further haploid buds, or cell nuclei can fuse and produce a diploid cell, which can undergo mitosis.

The term heterokaryon was coined in 1965, independently by B. Ephrussi and M. Weiss, by H. Harris and J. F. Watkins, by Y. Okada and F. Murayama; the term was first used for ciliate protozoans such as Tetrahymena. This has two types of a large, somatic macronucleus and a small, germline micronucleus. Both exist in a single cell at the same time and carry out different functions with distinct cytological and biochemical properties. Many fungi exhibit heterokaryosis; the haploid nuclei within a mycelium may differ from one another not by accumulating mutations, but by the non-sexual fusion of genetically distinct fungal hyphae, although a self/non self recognition system exists in Fungi and prevents fusions with non-self. Heterokaryosis is common upon mating, as, in Dikarya mating requires the encounter of haploid nuclei of opposite mating types; the nuclei do not fuse, remain haploid in a n+n state until the onset of meiosis: this phenomenon is called delayed karyogamy. Heterokaryosis can lead to individuals that have different nuclei in different parts of their mycelium, although in ascomycetes in "Neurospora", nuclei have been shown to flow and mix throughout the mycelium.

In heterokaryons, the notion of individual itself becomes vague since the rule of one genome = one individual does not apply any more. Genetic heterogeneity within an individual is indeed considered to be detrimental, as selfish variants may be selected for and disrupt the integrity of the individual level. Heterokaryosis is most common in fungi, but occurs in slime molds; this happens because the nuclei in the'plasmodium' form are the products of many pairwise fusions between amoeboid haploid individuals. When genetically divergent nuclei come together in the plasmodium form, cheaters have been shown to emerge. However, genetic homogeneity among fusing amoeboid serves to maintain the multicellular plasmodium. Dikaryon Heterokairy


WTIG is an AM radio station in Massillon, Ohio operating on 990 kHz and featuring sports talk programming from ESPN Radio. The station is an affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, the Columbus Blue Jackets radio networks. WTIG was granted its license from the FCC in 1957; the original studios were located on the second floor of a building just a half block south of the town square, which suffered a fire. The studios were moved to the Massillon Motel, located on Lincoln Way East in downtown Massillon.. Due to space limitations the studios were moved to occupy a portion of the 2nd floor of the Massillon Building on the square in downtown Massillon. In the mid-1990s the station ownership moved the studios to the station's transmitter facilities on Karen Avenue NW as a cost-saving measure. In its heyday, WTIG was a Top 40 station as "Tiger Radio," and was still playing blocks of music well into the 1990s; because of its FCC Class D status and lower power and directional pattern south WTIG does not cover areas north but concentrates on the Canton-Massillon area and surrounding townships.

The programming for the past 20 years has been Sports, affiliation with ESPN using the promotional name "ESPN 990." In addition to local sports, they carry Cincinnati Reds baseball. WTIG website Query the FCC's AM station database for WTIG Radio-Locator Information on WTIG Query Nielsen Audio's AM station database for WTIG