List of freshman class members of the 110th United States Congress

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The 110th United States Congress began on January 4, 2007. There were 10 new senators (eight Democrats, one Independent, one Republican) and 54 new representatives (41 Democrats, 13 Republicans) at the start of its first session.

The representatives comprise a diverse group reflecting the multiculturalism of the U.S. One representative graduated with a high school class of 25; another is said to have a net worth of $50 million. Backgrounds include teachers, musicians, authors, engineers, a vice admiral, and a professional football player. Religions include Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam (none claims to be atheist or agnostic). When taking office, ages ranged from 33 to 66, placing the class mostly in the baby boomer and generation X categories. Of this group 12 are female.

New members at the beginning of the 110th Congress[edit]

These senators and representatives served at the beginning of the Congress on January 4, 2007.


State Image Senator Party Seat Changed Party? Prior background Religion Birth year
Maryland Ben Cardin portrait.jpg Ben Cardin Democratic No
Open Seat; Replaced Paul Sarbanes
U.S. House of Representatives Jewish 1943
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar.jpg Amy Klobuchar Democratic No
Open Seat; Replaced Mark Dayton
Hennepin County Attorney Congregationalist 1960
Missouri Claire McCaskill 2007.jpg Claire McCaskill Democratic Yes
Defeated Jim Talent
State Auditor Roman Catholic 1953
Montana Jon Tester, official 110th Congress photo.jpg Jon Tester Democratic Yes
Defeated Conrad Burns
State Senate President Church of God 1956
Ohio Sherrod Brown, official Senate photo portrait, 2007.jpg Sherrod Brown Democratic Yes
Defeated Mike DeWine
U.S. House of Representatives Lutheran 1952
Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey official photo 2007.jpg Bob Casey, Jr. Democratic Yes
Defeated Rick Santorum
State Treasurer Roman Catholic 1960
Rhode Island Senwhitehouse.jpg Sheldon Whitehouse Democratic Yes
Defeated Lincoln Chafee
State Attorney General Episcopalian 1955
Tennessee Bobcorker.jpg Bob Corker Republican No
Open Seat; Replaced Bill Frist
Mayor of Chattanooga Presbyterian 1952
Vermont Bernie Sanders.jpg Bernie Sanders Independent No
Open Seat; Replaced Jim Jeffords
U.S. House of Representatives Jewish 1941
Virginia Jim Webb official 110th Congress photo.jpg Jim Webb Democratic Yes
Defeated George Allen
Secretary of the Navy Protestant 1946

House of Representatives[edit]

District Representative Party Seat Changed Party? Prior background Religion Birth year
Arizona 5 Harry Mitchell Democratic Yes Mayor of Tempe Roman Catholic 1940
Arizona 8 Gabrielle Giffords Democratic Yes State Senator Jewish 1970
California 11 Jerry McNerney Democratic Yes Engineer Roman Catholic 1951
California 22 Kevin McCarthy Republican No State Assemblyman Baptist 1965
Colorado 5 Doug Lamborn Republican No State Senator Protestant 1954
Colorado 7 Ed Perlmutter Democratic Yes State Senator Evangelical Christian 1953
Connecticut 2 Joe Courtney Democratic Yes State Representative Roman Catholic 1953
Connecticut 5 Chris Murphy Democratic Yes State Senator Protestant 1973
Florida 9 Gus Bilirakis Republican No State Representative Greek Orthodox 1963
Florida 11 Kathy Castor Democratic No Hillsborough County Commissioner Presbyterian 1966
Florida 13 Vern Buchanan Republican No Business owner Baptist 1951
Florida 16 Tim Mahoney Democratic Yes COO of vFinance Methodist 1956
Florida 22 Ron Klein Democratic Yes State Senator Jewish 1957
Georgia 4 Hank Johnson Democratic No County Commissioner Soka Gakkai Buddhist 1954
Hawaii 2 Mazie Hirono Democratic No Lieutenant Governor Buddhist 1947
Idaho 1 Bill Sali Republican No State Representative Evangelical Christian 1954
Illinois 6 Peter Roskam Republican No State Senator Anglican 1961
Illinois 17 Phil Hare Democratic No Union President Roman Catholic 1949
Indiana 2 Joe Donnelly Democratic Yes Lawyer Roman Catholic 1955
Indiana 8 Brad Ellsworth Democratic Yes Vanderburgh County Sheriff Roman Catholic 1958
Indiana 9 Baron Hill Democratic Yes former U.S. Representative Church of Christ 1953
Iowa 1 Bruce Braley Democratic Yes Lawyer Presbyterian 1957
Iowa 2 David Loebsack Democratic Yes Political Science Professor Methodist 1952
Kansas 2 Nancy Boyda Democratic Yes Chemist Methodist 1955
Kentucky 3 John Yarmuth Democratic Yes Publisher Jewish 1947
Maryland 3 John Sarbanes Democratic No Lawyer Greek Orthodox 1962
Michigan 7 Tim Walberg Republican No State Representative Protestant 1951
Minnesota 1 Tim Walz Democratic Yes Teacher Lutheran (raised Catholic) 1964
Minnesota 5 Keith Ellison Democratic No State Representative Sunni Muslim 1963
Minnesota 6 Michele Bachmann Republican No State Senator Evangelical Lutheran 1956
Nebraska 3 Adrian Smith Republican No State Legislator Evangelical Christian 1970
Nevada 2 Dean Heller Republican No Secretary of State Mormon 1960
New Hampshire 1 Carol Shea-Porter Democratic Yes Social Worker Roman Catholic 1954
New Hampshire 2 Paul Hodes Democratic Yes Assistant State Attorney General Jewish 1951
New York 11 Yvette D. Clarke Democratic No New York City Council member African Methodist Episcopal 1964
New York 19 John Hall Democratic Yes Musician Roman Catholic 1948
New York 20 Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Yes Lawyer Roman Catholic 1966
New York 24 Michael Arcuri Democratic Yes Oneida County District Attorney Roman Catholic 1959
North Carolina 11 Heath Shuler Democratic Yes Real estate professional
and former NFL player
Baptist 1971
Ohio 4 Jim Jordan Republican No State Senator Evangelical Christian 1964
Ohio 6 Charlie Wilson Democratic No State Senator Roman Catholic 1943
Ohio 13 Betty Sutton Democratic No State Representative United Methodist 1963
Ohio 18 Zack Space Democratic Yes City Law Director Greek Orthodox 1961
Oklahoma 5 Mary Fallin Republican No Lieutenant Governor Protestant 1954
Pennsylvania 4 Jason Altmire Democratic Yes Legislative assistant Roman Catholic 1968
Pennsylvania 7 Joe Sestak Democratic Yes Navy vice admiral Roman Catholic 1951
Pennsylvania 8 Patrick Murphy Democratic Yes Professor Roman Catholic 1973
Pennsylvania 10 Chris Carney Democratic Yes Associate Professor Roman Catholic 1959
Tennessee 1 David Davis Republican No State Representative Baptist 1959
Tennessee 9 Steve Cohen Democratic No State Senator Jewish 1949
Texas 22 Nick Lampson Democratic Yes former U.S. Representative Roman Catholic 1945
Texas 23 Ciro Rodriguez Democratic Yes former U.S. Representative Roman Catholic 1946
Vermont At-Large Peter Welch Democratic No[1] State Senator Roman Catholic 1947
Wisconsin 8 Steve Kagen Democratic Yes Medical Doctor Jewish 1949

New members who joined during the 110th Congress[edit]

These members joined after the Congress had started due to the death or resignation of their predecessor.


State Image Senator Prior background Religion Birth Year Assumed office Notes
Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso Official Portrait 7.17.07.jpg John Barrasso Physician Presbyterian 1952 June 25, 2007 Replaced Craig Thomas, who died June 4, 2007
Mississippi Roger Wicker, official Congressional photo portrait.jpg Roger Wicker U.S. Representative Southern Baptist 1951 December 31, 2007 Replaced Trent Lott, who resigned December 18, 2007

House of Representatives[edit]

District Representative Prior background Religion Birth year Assumed office Notes
Georgia 10 Paul Broun (R) Physician Baptist 1946 July 25, 2007 Replaced Charlie Norwood (R), who died February 13, 2007.
California 37 Laura Richardson (D) State Assemblywoman Methodist 1962 September 4, 2007 Replaced Juanita Millender-McDonald (D), who died April 22, 2007.
Massachusetts 5 Niki Tsongas (D) Lawyer: Dean of External Affairs at Middlesex Community College Greek Orthodox 1946 October 18, 2007 Replaced Marty Meehan (D), who resigned July 1, 2007.
Ohio 5 Bob Latta (R) Lawyer Roman Catholic 1956 December 13, 2007 Replaced Paul Gillmor (R), who died September 5, 2007.
Virginia 1 Rob Wittman (R) State Delegate Episcopalian 1959 December 13, 2007 Replaced Jo Ann Davis (R), who died October 6, 2007.
Illinois 14 Bill Foster (D) Businessman, Physicist 1955 March 11, 2008 Replaced Dennis Hastert (R), who resigned November 26, 2007.
Indiana 7 André Carson (D) Indianapolis City-County Council member Muslim 1974 March 13, 2008 Replaced Julia Carson (D), who died December 15, 2007.
California 12 Jackie Speier (D) State Senator Roman Catholic 1950 April 10, 2008 Replaced Tom Lantos (D), who died February 11, 2008.
Louisiana 6 Don Cazayoux (D) State Representative Roman Catholic 1964 May 6, 2008 Replaced Richard Baker (R), who resigned February 2, 2008.
Louisiana 1 Steve Scalise (R) State Senator Roman Catholic 1965 May 7, 2008 Replaced Bobby Jindal (R), who resigned January 14, 2008.
Mississippi 1 Travis Childers (D) Prentiss County Chancery Court Clerk Baptist 1958 May 20, 2008 Replaced Roger Wicker (R), who resigned December 31, 2007.
Maryland 4 Donna Edwards (D) Community Activist Baptist 1958 June 19, 2008 Replaced Albert Wynn (D), who resigned May 31, 2008.
Ohio 11 Marcia Fudge (D) Mayor of Warrensville Heights Baptist 1958 November 19, 2008 Replaced Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D), who died August 20, 2008.


  1. ^ Independent who caucused with the Democrats and was replaced by a Democrat, so not party shift.
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