List of governors of Balkh

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This is a list of the governors of the province of Balkh, Afghanistan.

Governors of Balkh Province[edit]

Governor Period Notes
Abdul Wahab Malikyar 1975
ISN 00006 Norullah Nori.jpg Norullah Noori -
  • Last Governor during the Taliban period.[1]
  • Held in the Guantanamo for over ten years.[2]
Mohammad Ishaq Rahguzar 2001
He was a governor of Balkh in late 2001, 2002.
Habibullah Habib -
He was an acting governor of Balkh in December 2003.[3]
Atta Muhammad Nur of Afghanistan in August 2010-cropped.jpg Atta Muhammad Nur 2004
Member or affiliate of the Jamiat-e Islami party, who served as a mujahideen fighter during the Soviet war in Afghanistan and became a commander during the early 1990s when the country was in civil war. After the Taliban took power in late 1996, he served as one of the Northern Alliance commanders under Ahmad Shah Massoud He was ousted by president Ashraf Ghani in early 2018.

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