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List of highest-grossing media franchises

This is a list of the highest-grossing media franchises. This includes media franchises that started as a book, video game, comic book, animated film or television series and have expanded to other forms of media. For each franchise listed below the revenue total includes revenue from movie tickets, home entertainment, video games and any other franchise-related products when such information is available; the list includes the revenue breakdown. Estimates are based on combined revenue from different media and merchandise, based on publicly available data. List of best-selling comic series List of best-selling manga List of highest-grossing video game franchises List of best-selling video game franchises List of highest-grossing mobile games List of multimedia franchises Lists of highest-grossing films List of best-selling films in the United States List of films by box office admissions List of highest-grossing films Highest grossing film franchises and film series List of highest-grossing animated films List of highest-grossing anime films List of highest-grossing non-English films Media mix

Nick Pitarra

Nick Pitarra is an American comic book artist known for his numerous collaborations with writer Jonathan Hickman, which include mini-series The Red Wing and ongoing The Manhattan Projects, both released through Image Comics. Pitarra is a member of Ten Ton Studios. Interior comic work includes: Astonishing Tales vol. 2 #1-6: "Bobby and Sam in Mojoworld" Ten Ton Studios' Jam Comic #2: "page twenty-two" S. H. I. E. L. D.: Infinity: "Chapter One: Colossus" The Red Wing #1-4 The Manhattan Projects #1-9, 11-14, 16-18, 20, 22-25 The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars #1-4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #6: "Squik" Where We Live: "How I Live Now" Leviathan #1-3 The series was postponed indefinitely after issue 3. Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #4 Harper, David. "Artist August: Nick Pitarra". Multiversity Comics. Smithee, Alan. "Interview with Nick Pitarra". Wednesday's Heroes. Tabrys, Jason. "Nick Pitarra Talks Conspiring with Hickman On "Manhattan Projects"". Comic Book Resources. Hudson, Jeremy.

"Comic Interview: THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS' Nick Pitarra". Screen Invasion. Magnett, Chase. "Interview: Nick Pitarra: the Project of'Manhattan Projects'". Comics Bulletin. Nick Pitarra at the Grand Comics Database Nick Pitarra at the Comic Book DB

Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra

The Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra Chinese: is based in Xiamen, Fujian Province, the People's Republic of China. It is one of the top orchestras in China, the only non-state-owned and self-financing orchestra in the country. Founded in 1998, XPO plays the majority of its concerts at Xiamen. XPO's founder is Zheng Xiaoying, the current artistic director is Fu Renchang. Under the dynamic directorship of Zheng, the orchestra's reputation has increased rapidly. Zheng attempts to make "symphonic music more accessible to those not accustomed to it." The orchestra gives more than 80 concerts annually, including education programs and regular weekend concerts in Xiamen. XPO has performed with over 350 guest musicians; the XPO "stands shoulder to shoulder with the finest State symphony orchestras of China."XPO was founded by Zheng in 1998. The orchestra started out with 30 members and had 80 by 2002; the XPO was created by an invitation to Zheng from the local Xiamen government. XPO has made short tours to 41 cities across China.

In 2002, the Orchestra performed in three cities in Japan and received high praise from world-class juries in the Fourth International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians held in Xiamen. In 2003, XPO participated in the Shanghai International Art Festival. In October 2006, it took part in the International Chorus Competition in Xiamen, in the same Autumn, they performed in Taiwan. In April 2007, XPO made a European tour, holding successful concerts dedicated to Chinese symphonic compositions in France, Germany and Italy; the orchestra has performed together with world famous musicians including Edward Auer and Midori Gotō. Coming from all across China, the 80 orchestra members are devoting their efforts to the objective of developing Xiamen into the "Music Island of the Orient" and ensuring that it can live up to this name. Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra Official Website

Marion Maddox

Marion Maddox is an Australian author and political commentator. She is a Professor in the department of Modern History and International Relations at Macquarie University. Maddox is a regular commentator on issues of religion and politics in the Australian media and is a member of the Uniting Church, she authored the book God Under Howard: The rise of the religious right in Australian politics which compared the Howard Government with the religious right in the United States and criticised the decline of mainstream Christianity in Australia. Maddox achieved doctorates in theology and political philosophy from Flinders University and the University of New South Wales respectively, she is the recipient of an Australian Parliamentary Fellowship. Maddox has worked at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, the Universities of Adelaide and South Australia. In November 2017 she was elected fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. God Under Howard: The rise of the religious right in Australian politics, ISBN 1-74114-568-6 Taking God to School: The end of Australia's egalitarian education?, ISBN 978-1-74331-571-2Australian Parliamentary LibraryFor God and Country: Religious Dynamics in Australian Federal Politics, Monograph 07, 2001-02 Indigenous Religion in Secular Australia, Research Paper 11, 1999-2000 Does a Preamble Need a God?, Research Paper 8, 1999-2000 Dr Marion Maddox, Religious Studies programme, Victoria University of Wellington Book review: God under Howard, The Age, 26 February 2005 Fading religion fanning fundamentalism, author finds report in the Sydney Morning Herald

Merima Mohammed

Merima Mohammed Hasen is an Ethiopian long-distance runner who competes in road running events, including the marathon. Her personal best of 2:23:06 hours for the distance makes her the second fastest teenager over the 42.195 km distance. She has won marathons in Düsseldorf and Ottawa, she represented Ethiopia at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in 2011. Her talent for running was identified at an early age and, having gained representation with Elite Sports Management International, she began to compete on the European road race circuit at the age of sixteen, she was runner-up over 1500 metres at the 2009 Ethiopian Middle Distance Championships in January. She was selected to represent her country over that distance at the 2009 World Youth Championships in Athletics in July, but a trip in the final lap saw her go from the front of the pack to a twelfth-place finish, she took on longer distances soon after, winning a French 10K race and coming fifth in the Lille Half Marathon in September.

She made her debut over the marathon distance in November that year and won on her first attempt, being the first runner home at the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes in a time of 2:33:56 hours. Merima was chosen for the junior race at the 2010 IAAF World Cross Country Championships and came twelfth, one place behind fellow Ethiopian teenager Genzebe Dibaba, she ran at the Ethiopian Championships in May and set a personal best of 34:10.19 minutes for the 10,000 metres, coming in sixth place. Her second marathon win came soon after, she spent four months preparing for another outing in Canada. At the Toronto Waterfront Marathon she finished in third place in a time of 2:23:06 hours – this was faster than the previous Canadian all-comers mark and made her the second fastest teenager over the distance, behind China's Zhang Yingying. Representing the Federal Prisons team, she participated in the Ethiopian 30K Championships in November and outran Mamitu Daska to claim the national title. At the Delhi Half Marathon that month she led throughout to the race, but was beaten at the line by Aselefech Mergia in a tactical sprint finish.

She left the competition with a significant personal best of 1:08:36 hours for the distance. The 2011 Mumbai Marathon turned into a late race duel between Merima and her national rival Koren Jelila Yal; the winning time was the fastest in India, but it was Yal who won the race while Merima finished a single second behind with a final time of 2:26:57 hours. She decided to compete in the senior section of the Ethiopian cross country championships and her sixth-place finish gained her a place on the team for the 2011 IAAF World Cross Country Championships, where she came fifteenth, she was invited to run at the 2011 Boston Marathon but travel problems prevented her appearance. Still 18 years old, she took her third victory and her fourth marathon under the two-and-a-half-hour mark at the Düsseldorf Marathon in May, she built up a lead that she did not relinquish, although hot temperatures slowed her in the latter half of the race: "I am used to cooler conditions because I train at an altitude of around 2000 metres".

She was back in action a month at the World 10K Bangalore, but she was pushed into the runner-up spot in the final metres by an Ethiopian rival yet again in India, this time by Dire Tune. At the 2011 Frankfurt Marathon she began the race with quick pace, but despite holding the lead for much of the early stages she slowed down and finished in fourth place overall. In her first race of 2012, she was third at the Xiamen Marathon, she was among the favourites for the Rotterdam Marathon that April, but finished in third place seven minutes behind the winner, Tiki Gelana. She ran at the 2012 Chicago Marathon but despite being among the leading pack at the halfway mark, she dropped out in the latter stages. At the 2012 African Championships in Athletics she ran a 10,000 metres best of 33:09.25 minutes for fourth, took the same placing at the Shanghai Marathon. She had the second-fastest outing of her career at the 2013 Houston Marathon, taking the women's title in a time of 2:23:37 hours, she was faster still at the Paris Marathon.

Merima Mohammed at World Athletics


Pelkha is a village that lies 10 km north-west of Shamli in the district of Shamli in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated in the ancient land of Kuru, now western Uttar Pradesh, one of the most fertile and agriculturally advanced regions of India along with the Punjab and Haryana. Geographically, it is situated in the upper Doab, the area between the 2 great rivers- Ganges and Jamuna; the village is inhabited by Hindus as well as Muslims. The main language spoken is Khadi boli, a local dialect, similar to Haryanvi. Land is distributed between Brahmins as well as dalits; the village has one of the highest land holdings per capita in the region and is quite prosperous. The village has total land holdings of 5,500-acre for a population of around 1500; the village is home to the family of Chaudhary Nathu Singh and his sons Kallu Singh and Bhullan Singh of the Dahiya Gotra, one of the Jat Zamindar families of western UP not much bigger like many other Jat aristocracies. The family had land holdings in 5 villages including Pelkha, Dhaulra and Badena Kalan.

This family trace their ancestors to the borders of Haryana and Punjab in the 17th century. Chaudhary Kallu Singh, the last landlord in the family before the Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1963 came into force, was a prominent figure in the region and was succeeded by 4 sons; the family has a old nineteenth century mughal styled 36 room Haveli in the village, architectural delight, was once known all over the region for its sets of engraved stones, brought for its construction from Rajasthan. The village is the home to Udayveer Singh Pelkha, a local politician who unsuccessfully fought the Lok Sabha elections twice on a BJP ticket, it has two primary schools. The Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act,1963,under THE CONSTITUTION ACT, 1964