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Bit.Trip Complete

Bit. Trip Complete is a compilation of six games in the Bit. Trip series, including Bit. Trip Beat, Bit. Trip Core, Bit. Trip Void, Bit. Trip Runner, Bit. Trip Fate, Bit. Trip Flux, it was developed by Gaijin Games for the Wii and published by Aksys in North America and Rising Star Games in Europe and Australia. Included with the game is a music CD, titled Bit. Trip Soundtrack Sampler that contains pieces from all six games; the game includes 20 extra "challenge levels" for each game, as well as bonus content related to the production of the games. These levels are new but are shorter than the included levels; the game received "favorable" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Bit. Trip Complete at MobyGames

Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

Laurel Elizabeth Keyes was an American author and counselor. She is best known for her early works on sound weight management. Keyes was a writer from an early age. Over the years, she wrote stories and poetry for magazines and newspapers, she received her education in the transpersonal field from a variety of Eastern and Western sources, having started her studies in Comparative Religions and philosophy when she was 19. She lectured and conducted retreats for churches of all the major religions, for more than 16 years lectured for adult education in the public school system, her writings reflect a practical blending of popular in-depth methods of modern psychology and the ancient traditional teachings of metaphysics and philosophy. In 1952 Mrs. Keyes founded Overweight Overcomers International, one of the first self-help groups dedicated to problems of obesity, wrote the book How to Win the Losing Fight, a weight-control guide that helped thousands to better health. In 1963 she founded the Order of Fransisters and Brothers, a lay order following the outline of the well-known prayer beginning "Lord, make me an instrument."

It is a non-profit, inter-religious movement, sponsoring silent retreats and research. Keyes' most popular book is her 1973 work Toning: The Creative Power of the Voice, cited by sound therapists, her legacy includes the Restorium, a chapel and retreat house in the mountains near Denver. Keyes resided in Denver, Colorado until her death in 1983; the sound and toning healing work of Keyes is again being carried on throughout the world in the integration of cymatics and light therapies. In the form of "giving voice" to bodily ailments, it has been integrated by Manhattan oncologist Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor. Keyes' work has inspired VibrationsHeal, an ongoing support and toning study group based in Burlington, Vermont. VibrationsHeal teaches bi-weekly outreach meetings and seminar programs on the use of toning to maintain optimum health and restore health from many types of ailments and situations. Toning: The Creative Power of the Voice Seeing Through Your Illusions How to Win the Losing Fight What's Eating You?

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Avant Airlines

AVANT Airlines was a Chilean airline, belonging to Turbus. It started flying in 1997 and closed down in 2001. AVANT Airlines made its first flights to La Serena in 1997. In the following months AVANT was flying to different cities of Chile. In 1998 it acquired National Airlines, for 24 million US Dollars. In 1999 AVANT went into bankruptcy despite having 30% of the Chilean air market; the Chilean airline was owned by the Diez family, which owned bus company TurBus. Its last flight was in 2001, a flight from Santiago to Calama, bringing the airline's existence to an end. Boeing 727-2M7 Boeing 727-287 Boeing 737-204 Boeing 737-222 Boeing 737-229 Boeing 737-248

Western Approaches

The Western Approaches is an rectangular area of the Atlantic ocean lying to the west of Ireland and parts of Great Britain. The north and south boundaries are defined by the corresponding extremities of Britain; the coast of the mainland forms the eastern side and the western boundary is the 30 degree meridian, which passes through Iceland. The area is important to the United Kingdom, because many of its larger shipping ports lie within it; the term is most used when discussing naval warfare, notably during the First World War and Battle of the Atlantic during the Second World War in which Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine attempted to blockade the United Kingdom using submarines operating in this area. Since all shipping to and from the United Kingdom passed through this area, it was an excellent hunting ground and had to be defended. GIUK gap Long Forties Broad Fourteens Western Approaches Command Denys Rayner

Department of Ayacucho

Ayacucho is a department of Peru, located in the south-central Andes of the country. Its capital is the city of Ayacucho; the region was one of the hardest hit by terrorism in the 1980s during the guerrilla war waged by Shining Path known as the internal conflict in Peru. A referendum was held on 30 October 2005, in order to decide whether the department would merge with the departments of Ica and Huancavelica to form the new Ica-Ayacucho-Huancavelica Region, as part of the decentralization process in Peru; the bill failed and Ayacucho remained an independent department. The department is divided into 11 provinces; the provinces, with their capitals in parenthesis, are: Cangallo Huamanga Huanca Sancos Huanta La Mar Lucanas Parinacochas Paucar del Sara Sara Sucre Víctor Fajardo Vilcas Huamán According to the 2007 Peru Census, the language learnt first by most of the residents was Quechua followed by Spanish. The Quechua variety spoken in Ayacucho is Chanka Quechua; the following table shows the results concerning the language learnt first in the department by province: Ayacucho Regional Government official website