List of local governments in the United Kingdom

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This is a list of articles relating to local government in the United Kingdom and does not include specific entities or authorities:

By country[edit]

England Local government History Subdivisions
Scotland Local government History Subdivisions
Wales Local government History
Northern Ireland Local government

Current sub-divisions[edit]

Country Lieutenancy Regional Upper tier Lower tier Parish
United Kingdom Lieutenancy areas Counties
England Ceremonial counties Regions Counties:
Metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties
Shire county
Metropolitan county
Unitary authority
London borough
Metropolitan borough
Non-metropolitan district
Civil parish
Scotland Lieutenancy areas Council areas Community council
Wales Preserved counties Principal areas Community council
Northern Ireland Counties Districts


Type UK
c. counties
n-m counties
princ. areas
general list
by area list list list list list
by population list list list list list
by population density list list


Country 1890s–1970s 1970s–1990s
Upper tier Lower tier Upper tier Lower tier
England Administrative counties
and County boroughs
Metropolitan borough
Municipal borough
Urban district
Rural district
Counties Districts
Wales Administrative counties
and County boroughs
Counties Districts
Ireland / Northern Ireland Counties
and County boroughs
Scotland Counties
and Counties of cities
large burghs
and small burghs
Regions Districts

Legislation, reports and papers[edit]

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