List of longest caves in the United States

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Mammoth Cave, the longest known cave system in the United States and the world

The following is a list of the longest caves in the United States per length of documented passageways. Many passageways are still being discovered; this list is based on the latest verifiable data.[1]

System Length Location Associated parks,
protected areas
Mammoth Cave 651.8 km (405.0 mi)[1] near Brownsville, Kentucky Mammoth Cave National Park, also a World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve. Longest cave in the world.[2]
Jewel Cave 310.7 km (193.1 mi)[1] near Custer, South Dakota Jewel Cave National Monument
Wind Cave 236.7 km (147.1 mi)[1] near Hot Springs, South Dakota Wind Cave National Park
Lechuguilla Cave 222.6 km (138.3 mi)[1] near Carlsbad, New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Fisher Ridge Cave System 201.6 km (125.3 mi)[1] near Brownsville, Kentucky none
Friars Hole Cave System 75.5 km (46.91 mi)[1] near Renicks Valley, West Virginia none
Binkley's Cave System 71.1 km (44.18 mi)[1] near Corydon, Indiana none
Hellhole 67.9 km (42.19 mi)[1] Germany Valley, West Virginia none
Kazumura Cave 65.5 km (40.70 mi)[1] Pahoa, Hawaii none
Blue Spring Cave 64.4 km (40.02 mi)[1] near Sparta, Tennessee none

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