List of lord mayors of Copenhagen

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This is a list of lord mayors of Copenhagen, Denmark (Overborgmester i København) since the first lord mayor was appointed in 1938. All lord mayors of Copenhagen have belonged to the Social Democratic Party.

# Name Took office Left office Political Party
1 Viggo Christensen 1938 1946 Social Democrats
2 Hans Peter Sørensen 1946 1956 Social Democrats
3 Sigvard Munk 1956 1962 Social Democrats
4 Urban Hansen 1962 1976 Social Democrats
5 Egon Weidekamp 1976 1989 Social Democrats
6 Jens Kramer Mikkelsen 1989 2004 Social Democrats
7 Lars Engberg 2004 2005 Social Democrats
8 Ritt Bjerregaard 2006 2009 Social Democrats
9 Frank Jensen 2010 Incumbent Social Democrats

Current mayors[edit]

As of the municipal elections of November 19, 2013, Copenhagen has the following mayors:

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  • List of mayors from the website of the Copenhagen Municipal Libraries. (in Danish)