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The list of newspapers in Argentina records printed and online newspapers from Argentina.

The circulation of newspapers in Argentina peaked in 1983, with a sale of 1,420,417 copies overall. Two decades later it declined to 1,109,441 copies, and to 1,038,955 copies in 2012. Clarín remains the largest newspaper in Argentina, despite the fall in both total circulation and market share, which peaked at almost 500,000 copies and 35% of the Argentine newspaper market in 1983, respectively.[1]


  Partially or wholly published in a foreign language
Newspaper Headquarters Founded Language Category
Ámbito Financiero Buenos Aires 1976 Spanish Printed
Argentinisches Tageblatt Buenos Aires 1878 German Printed
Buenos Aires Herald Buenos Aires 1876-2017 (last edition July 28) English Printed
Clarín Buenos Aires 1945 Spanish Printed
Crónica Buenos Aires 1963 Spanish Printed
Diario Democracia Junín 1931 Spanish Printed
Diario Norte Resistencia 1968 Spanish Printed
Diario Popular Sarandí 1974 Spanish Printed
El Ancasti San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca 1988 Spanish Printed
El Cronista Buenos Aires 1908 Spanish Printed
El Día La Plata 1884 Spanish Printed
El Economista Buenos Aires 1951 Spanish Printed/Online
El Litoral Santa Fe 1918 Spanish Printed
El Siglo San Miguel de Tucumán 1990 Spanish Printed
El Tribuno Salta 1949 Spanish Printed
La Capital Rosario 1867 Spanish Printed
La Gaceta San Miguel de Tucumán 1912 Spanish Printed
La Nación Buenos Aires 1870 Spanish Printed
La Nueva Provincia Bahía Blanca 1898 Spanish Printed
La Prensa Buenos Aires 1869 Spanish Printed
La Razón Buenos Aires 1905 Spanish Printed
La Vanguardia Buenos Aires 1894 Spanish Printed
La Voz del Interior Córdoba 1904 Spanish Printed
L'Italiano Buenos Aires 2010 Italian Printed
Los Andes Mendoza 1883 Spanish Printed
MDZ Online Guaymallén 2007 Spanish Online
Misiones Online Posadas 2000 Spanish Printed
Olé Buenos Aires 1996 Spanish Printed
Página/12 Buenos Aires 1987 Spanish Printed
Prensa Obrera Buenos Aires 1982 Spanish Printed
Río Negro General Roca 1912 Spanish Printed
The Argentina Independent Buenos Aires 2006 English Online
The Southern Cross Buenos Aires 1875 Irish, Spanish Printed

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