List of oldest buildings and structures in Montreal

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This list of the oldest buildings and structures lists the oldest buildings still standing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada along with their year of completion.

Building Year completed Builder Location Image
LeBer-LeMoyne House 1671[1] Jacques Le Ber and Charles Le Moyne Lachine
45°25′48″N 73°39′59″W / 45.43000°N 73.66639°W / 45.43000; -73.66639 (LeBer-LeMoyne House)
Maison LeBer-LeMoyne 01.jpg
Saint-Sulpice Seminary 1687[2] François Dollier de Casson Old Montreal
45°30′14″N 73°33′25″W / 45.50389°N 73.55694°W / 45.50389; -73.55694 (Saint-Sulpice Seminary)
View of the Saint-Sulpice Seminary main entrance
Sulpician Towers / Fort de la Montagne 1694[3] François Vachon de Belmont Golden Square Mile
45°29′37.68″N 73°35′4.56″W / 45.4938000°N 73.5846000°W / 45.4938000; -73.5846000 (Sulpician Towers / Fort de la Montagne)
Exterior view of one of the Sulpician Towers
Saint-Gabriel House 1698[4] Victor Depocas Pointe-Saint-Charles
45°28′33.37″N 73°33′21.58″W / 45.4759361°N 73.5559944°W / 45.4759361; -73.5559944 (Maison Saint-Gabriel)
View of Maison Saint-Gabriel
Château Ramezay 1705[5] Claude de Ramezay rue Notre-Dame Est
45°30′31″N 73°33′12″W / 45.50861°N 73.55333°W / 45.50861; -73.55333

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