List of places in Newport

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Map of places in Newport compiled from this list
See the list of places in Wales for places in other principal areas.

This is a categorised list of places in the City of Newport, South Wales.

Electoral Wards[edit]

See Category:Wards of Newport, Wales

This is a list of electoral wards:

Notable places[edit]

Archaeological sites[edit]

Conservation areas[edit]

Historical buildings[edit]

Municipal parks[edit]

Shopping centres[edit]

Cultural venues[edit]


Performing arts[edit]

Performing arts venues with seating capacity:

Typically standing venues:


Rivers and waterways[edit]

Streets and squares[edit]

Education places[edit]


Bus and railway stations[edit]

Major roads[edit]

Railway lines[edit]



Bridges and crossings[edit]

River Usk, north to south: