List of political parties in Catalonia

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This article lists political parties in Catalonia represented in Parliament.

Current parties and coalitions[edit]

Logo Name Abbr. Ideology Leader
Ciudadanos Isotype 2017.png Citizens Cs Liberalism


Spanish unionism

Inés Arrimadas
Junts per Catalunya.svg Junts per Catalunya JuntsxCat Catalan nationalism


Carles Puigdemont
ERC - CatSÍ.svg Republican Left of Catalonia–Catalonia Yes ERC–CatSí Catalan independence


Democratic socialism

Social democracy

Left-wing nationalism

Marta Rovira
Logotip del PSC.svg Socialists' Party of Catalonia PSC–PSOE Social democracy


Spanish unionism

Miquel Iceta
Catalunya en Comú Podem.svg Catalunya en Comú–Podem CatComú–Podem Left-wing populism

Democratic socialism

Catalan right of self-determination

Xavier Domènech
CUP Crida Constituent.png Popular Unity Candidacy–Constituent Call CUP–CC Anti-capitalism


Catalan independence

Left-wing nationalism


Carles Riera
People's Party (Spain) Logo.svg People's Party of Catalonia PPC Conservatism

Christian democracy

Spanish unionism

Xavier García Albiol