List of political parties in Catalonia

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This article lists political parties in Catalonia represented in Parliament.

Current parties and coalitions[edit]

Logo Name Abbr. Ideology Leader
Ciudadanos Isotype 2017.png Citizens Cs Liberalism


Spanish unionism

Inés Arrimadas
Junts per Catalunya.svg Junts per Catalunya JuntsxCat Catalan nationalism


Carles Puigdemont
ERC - CatSÍ.svg Republican Left of Catalonia–Catalonia Yes ERC–CatSí Catalan independence


Democratic socialism

Social democracy

Left-wing nationalism

Marta Rovira
Logotip del PSC.svg Socialists' Party of Catalonia PSC–PSOE Social democracy


Spanish unionism

Miquel Iceta
Catalunya en Comú–Podem CatComú–Podem Left-wing populism

Democratic socialism

Catalan right of self-determination

Xavier Domènech
CUP Crida Constituent.png Popular Unity Candidacy–Constituent Call CUP–CC Anti-capitalism


Catalan independence

Left-wing nationalism


Carles Riera
People's Party (Spain) Logo.svg People's Party of Catalonia PPC Conservatism

Christian democracy

Spanish unionism

Xavier García Albiol
Logo units per avançar.png United to Advance Units Christian democracy

Humanism Pro-Europeanism Catalan nationalism

Ramon Espadaler