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This article lists political parties in Gibraltar.

Current parties[edit]

Active Gibraltarian parties[edit]

Name Abbreviated Political Ideology Political Position UK affiliation Year Founded MPs
Gibraltar Social Democrats GSD Conservatism Centre-right Conservative and Unionist Party 1989 5
Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party GSLP Social Democracy Centre-left Labour Party 1978 7
Liberal Party of Gibraltar Libs (or LPG) Liberalism / Social Liberalism Centre Liberal Democrats 1991 3

Active British parties[edit]

Currently inactive parties[edit]

Name Abbreviated Political Ideology Political Position Year Founded Election(s) Contested MPs
New Gibraltar Democracy NGD Conservatism / Christian Democracy Centre-right 2005 2007 0

Political Movements[edit]

| Together Gibraltar

Defunct parties[edit]

Name Abbreviated Political Ideology Political Position Year Founded Year Dissolved Seats won (if applicable)
Progressive Democratic Party PDP Liberal Conservatism / Economic Liberalism Centre-right 2006 2013 -
Gibraltar Labour Party GLP Socialism / Social Democracy Left-wing 2003 2005 -
Gibraltar Reform Party GRP Green Politics / Green Socialism Left-wing 2000 2005 -
Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights AACR Liberalism / Civic Nationalism / Populism Centre-right 1942 1992 7/15 (1969 and 1988); 8/15 (1972, 1976, 1980, 1984)
Democratic Party of British Gibraltar DPBG Conservatism / Integrationism (Britain) Right-wing 1976 1984 4/15 (1976; as the 'GDM'); 6/15 (1980)
Integration with Britain Party IWBP Integrationism (Britain) Right-wing 1967 1976 5/15 (1969); 7/15 (1972)
Commonwealth Party CWP N/A N/A 1956 1957 N/A
Party for the Autonomy of Gibraltar PAG Integrationism (Spain) Right-wing 1977 1980s -

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