List of premiers of Prince Edward Island

The Premier of Prince Edward Island is the first minister for the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. They are the province's head of de facto chief executive. Prince Edward Island was a British crown colony before it joined Canadian Confederation in 1873, it has had a system of responsible government since 1851, the province kept its own legislature to deal with provincial matters after joining Confederation. Prince Edward Island has a unicameral Westminster-style parliamentary government, in which the Premier is the leader of the party that controls the most seats in the Legislative Assembly; the Premier is Prince Edward Island's head of government, the Queen of Canada is its head of state and is represented by the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island. The Premier picks a cabinet from the elected members to form the Executive Council of Prince Edward Island, presides over that body. Members are first elected to the legislature during general elections. General elections must be conducted every five years from the date of the last election, but the Premier may ask for early dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.

An election may take place if the governing party loses the confidence of the legislature by the defeat of a supply bill or tabling of a confidence motion. Prince Edward Island has had 45 government leaders since it became a colony in 1851; the province had 7 Premiers while a colony and 33 Premiers after joining Confederation, of which 16 were from the Prince Edward Island Progressive Conservative Party and 23 were from the Prince Edward Island Liberal Party. The current Premier is Dennis King, since May 9, 2019. King is the first Premier of a minority government in PEI since 1890. Prince Edward Island Conservative/Progressive Conservative Party Prince Edward Island Liberal Party As of May 2019, seven former premiers are alive, the oldest being Alex Campbell; the most recent former premier to die was Bennett Campbell, on September 11, 2008. The most serving premier to die was Joe Ghiz, on November 9, 1996. Leader of the Opposition General Specific Prince Edward Island: Premier's Office

Zig Zaj

Zig Zaj is the third solo studio album by Boom Bip. It was released through Lex Records on September 26, 2011, it features guest appearances from Alex Kapranos, Money Mark, Luke Steele, Josh Klinghoffer. At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 66% based on 10 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". John Bush of AllMusic gave the album 3.5 stars out of 5, saying, "compared to Seed to Sun or Blue Eyed in the Red Room, whose fascination with sound was positively contagious, Zig Zaj sounds like an overly safe record, the type that most producers would avoid if they wanted to keep innovating."In 2011, The Guardian included it on the "Top 10 Autumn Albums" list, while Mike Diver of BBC included it on the "Best Albums of September 2011" list. Zig Zaj at Discogs

Wang Xufeng

Wang Xufeng is an influential Chinese writer and tea expert. She is a recipient of one of the most prestigious literary prizes in China, the Mao Dun Literature Prize. Wang's ancestral hometown was in Jiangsu Province. Wang was born in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province in February 1955, she studied at the Department of History, Hangzhou University between 1978 and 1982. After graduation, Wang taught at Hangzhou 14th Middle School, she worked in a Hangzhou local factory manufacturing radio technology. Wang is a researcher at China Tea Museum, a professor at Zhejiang Forestry University, vice president of the Zhejiang Writers Association. Wang's most famous work is Three Trilogies of Teamen, for which she won the 5th Mao Dun Literature Prize. 《茶人三部曲》 《南方有嘉木》 《不夜之候》 《筑草为城》Wang has done many studies on tea and tea culture, such as: 《茶文化通论》 Wang Xufeng's biography and works Wang Xufeng's blog Wang Xufeng's blog at Zhejiang BlogNet