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This is a list of radio stations in the United Kingdom.

National analogue and digital stations[edit]

This list does not include stations which broadcast on numerous local digital multiplexes or MW licences to achieve near-national coverage.

Name Format FM frequencies Other frequencies DAB Freeview Freest Sky Virgin
Absolute Radio Adult-oriented pop/rock Music 105.8 FM (London), 105.2 FM (West Midlands) 1197, 1215, 1233, 1242 and 1260 MW 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
727 724 0107 915
Absolute 80s Music from the 1980s 11A 726 0200 951
BBC Radio 1 Youth-oriented pop music and talk 97.7 - 99.8 FM 12B 700 700 0101 901
BBC Radio 1Xtra Urban music, hip hop, drum'n'bass 12B 701 701 0137 907
BBC Radio 2 Adult-oriented pop music (classics & current) and talk 88.1 - 90.2 FM 12B 702 702 0102 902
BBC Radio 3 classical and serious music, drama 90.2 - 92.4 FM 12B 703 703 0103 903
BBC Radio 4 FM News, documentary, drama, comedy 92.5 - 96.1 FM
103.5 - 104.9
12B 704 704 0104 904
BBC Radio 4 LW News, documentary, drama, comedy 198 LW
720 MW in London plus Plymouth 774, Hayle (Cornwall) 756, Newcastle 603, Carlisle 1485, Aberdeen 1449, Enniskillen 774, Lisburn 720, Derry 720 and Glasgow 720
12B 710 0143 911
BBC Radio 4 Extra Comedy, drama and discussion 12B 708 708 0131 910
BBC Radio 5 Live News and sport 909, 693, 990 MW 12B 705 705 0105 905
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra Extended coverage of sporting fixtures 12B 706 706 0144 908
BBC Radio 6 Music Young adult-oriented music 12B 707 707 0120 909
BBC Asian Network News, features and music for British Asians 837 MW (Leicestershire)
1449 (Peterborough)
1458 (Birmingham & West Midlands)
828 (Wolverhampton)
12B 709 709 0119 912
BBC World Service News and features 12B 710 711 0115 906
Capital Hit music 95.8 FM (London) 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
724 719 0109 958
Capital Xtra Hip hop and RnB 96.9 and 107.1 FM (London) 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
720 0144 959
Classic FM Classical music 99.9-101.9 FM 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
731 721 0106 922
Heat Radio Pop music, celebrity gossip and entertainment 102.7 FM (East Anglia) 11A 716
Heart 80s Music from the 1980s 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
0112 921
Heart Extra Adult contemporary music 60% of programming shared with Heart London on 106.2 FM 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
Kiss Dance and RnB 100.0 FM (London),
101.0 and 97.2 FM in (Severn Estuary/South Wales),
105.6, 106.1, 106.4, 107.7 (East Anglia)
11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
713 0178 963
Kisstory Old school dance tunes and anthems 11A 714
LBC News, talk and phone-ins 97.3 FM (London) 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
732 974 0124 919
Magic 105.4 FM Adult contemporary 105.4 FM (London) 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
715 0180 928
Planet Rock Classic rock 11A 730 0110 924
Premier Radio Christian radio station 1305, 1332 and 1413 MW (London)
1566 MW (Guildford)
11A 725 0123
Premier Praise Christian radio station 11A
Smooth Extra Adult contemporary music 60% of programming shared with Smooth Radio London on 102.2 FM 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
Sunrise Radio Asian music and speech 963/972 MW in London 11A
talkSPORT Sport and phone-ins 1053, 1089, 1071, 1107 MW 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)

Also available on local DAB in London and Scotland
723 731 0108 927
talkSPORT 2 Sports programming and commentaries 11A

Also available on local DAB in Aberdeen
talkRADIO Talk and phone-ins 11A

Also available on local DAB in Aberdeen
UCB 1 Christian radio station 11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)
UCB 2 Christian radio station 11A
Virgin Radio Adult-oriented pop/rock music 11A

Also available on local DAB in Aberdeen
Radio X Modern rock music 104.9 FM (London), 97.7 (Manchester)

11D (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
12A (Scotland)

723 0113 960

National DAB+ digital stations[edit]

List of stations on the Sound Digital multiplex broadcasting in the newer DAB+ Digital Radio standard

Name Format DAB+ channels Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin Notes
Fun Kids Children's radio station 11A Also on DAB in Hereford and Worcester and Suffolk
Jazz FM Jazz music 11A 729 Also on London DAB
Magic Chilled Soft adult contemporary 11A
Union Jack Music from British artists 11A

Semi-national analogue and digital stations[edit]

Stations which are available nationally on Freeview and/or satellite and/or broadcast on more than one local DAB multiplex:

Name Format Analogue availability DAB channels Freeview Freesat Sky Virgin
Absolute Classic Rock Classic rock Unavailable Birmingham (11C), Dundee (11B), Edinburgh (12D), Glasgow (11C), Humberside (10D), Inverness (11B), London (11B), Lancashire (12A), Leeds (12D), Liverpool (10C), Northern Ireland (12D), South Yorkshire (11C), Tyne and Wear (11C) and Teesside (11B) 725 0203 952
Absolute Radio 60s Music from the 1960s Unavailable Inverness (11B) and Tayside (11B)
Absolute Radio 90s Music from the 1990s Unavailable London (12C), Birmingham (11C), Dundee (11B), Edinburgh (12D), Glasgow (11C), Humberside (10D), Inverness (11B), Lancashire (12A), Leeds (12D), Manchester (12C), Northern Ireland (12D), Teesside (11B) and Tyne and Wear (11C) 0201
Absolute Radio 00s Music from the 2000s Unavailable Inverness (11B) and Tayside (11B)
Capital Hit music See England, Scotland and Wales lists for local FM / DAB network Digital feed of Capital London available in Reading and Basingstoke (12D), Cambridge (11C), Cornwall (11B), Southend and Chelmsford (12D), Exeter/Torquay (11C), North Devon (10C), Herts, Beds and Bucks (10D), Kent (11C), Northamptonshire (10C), Norwich (10B), Oxfordshire (10B), Peterborough (12D), Plymouth (12D), Somerset (10B), Sussex (10B), Swindon (11C) and Bath and West Wiltshire (10D)
Also available on Digital One multiplex
724 719 0109 958
Chill Chill-out music Unavailable London (11B), Nottingham (12C) and Leicester (11B)
Chris Country Country music Unavailable Suffolk (10C)
Also available on DAB+ in London (12C)
Encore Radio Songs from musical theatre Unavailable Herts, Beds and Bucks (10D), Kent (11C), Southend and Chelmsford (12D) and Surrey and North Sussex (10C)
Fun Kids Children's radio Unavailable Hereford and Worcester (12A) and Suffolk (10C)
Also available on DAB+ on the Sound Digital multiplex
Gold Classic Hits See England list for local AM / DAB network Digital feed of Gold London available in Birmingham (11C), Bournemouth (11B), Cambridge (11C), Cornwall (11B), Exeter/Torquay (11C), North Devon (10C), Humberside (10D), Kent (11C), Norwich (10B), Peterborough (12D), Plymouth (12D), Reading/Basingstoke (12D), Southend/Chelmsford (12D), Sussex (10B) and Swindon (11C) 722 0121 923
Heart 80s, 90s and Today See England, Scotland and Wales lists for local FM / DAB network Digital feed of Heart London on Derbyshire (10B), Leicester (11B) and Nottingham (12C) 728 0733 0111 918
The Hits Radio Hit music Unavailable Edinburgh (12D), Glasgow (11C), Humberside (10D), Inverness (11B), Lancashire (12A), Leeds (12D), Liverpool (10C), London (12C), Manchester (12C), South Yorkshire (11C), Tayside (11B), Teesside (11B) and Tyne and Wear (11C) 711
KissFresh New dance and RnB Unavailable Birmingham (11C), Edinburgh (12D), Glasgow (11C), Humberside (10D), Inverness (11B), Lancashire (12A), Leeds (12D), Liverpool (10C), London (12C), Manchester (12C), Northern Ireland (12D), South Yorkshire (11C), Tayside (11B), Teesside (11B) and Tyne and Wear (11C) 712
Premier Gospel Gospel music Unavailable London (11B) and Surrey (10C)
Total Access Hit music Unavailable Bradford and Huddersfield (11B), Stoke-on-Trent (12D) and Swansea (12A)
Upload Radio User generated programming Unavailable North Yorkshire (10C), North East Wales and West Cheshire (10D) and Surrey (10C)

Local and regional stations[edit]

Local radio stations from the BBC, in England:

BBC Local Radio[edit]

Name Licence area FM frequencies MW frequencies DAB channels Freeview (regional) Notes
BBC Radio Berkshire Berkshire, North Hampshire and South Oxfordshire 104.1 (West Berkshire and North Hampshire), 104.4 (Reading and Wokingham)
95.4 (East Berkshire), 94.6 (Henley-on-Thames and Maidenhead)
12D 719
BBC Radio Bristol Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset 94.9 (Bristol and South Gloucestershire), 104.6 (Bath)
103.6 (Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset)
11B 719
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire 95.7 (Peterborough and Huntingdonshire)
96.0 (Cambridge and Cambridgeshire)
1026 (Cambridgeshire) 11C (Cambridge)
12D (Peterborough)
BBC Radio Cornwall Cornwall and Scilly 95.2 (East Cornwall), 96.0 (Isles of Scilly), 103.9 (West Cornwall) 630 (West Cornwall), 657 (Cornwall) 11B 721
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Coventry and Warwickshire 94.8 (Coventry and North Warwickshire), 103.7 (South Warwickshire)
104.0 (Nuneaton)
12D 719
BBC Radio Cumbria Cumbria 95.6 (Cumbria), 96.1 (Morecambe Bay), 95.2 (South Lakes)
104.1 (West Cumbria), 104.2 (Windermere)
756 (North Cumbria), 837 (South Cumbria), 1458 (West Cumbria) 721
BBC Radio Derby Derbyshire and East Staffordshire 104.5 (Derby, South Derbyshire and East Staffordshire), 95.3 (North and Mid Derbyshire), 96.0 (Buxton) 1116 10B 735
BBC Radio Devon Devon 103.4 (Devon), 94.8 (North Devon), 95.7 (Plymouth), 95.8 (Exeter), 96.0 (Okehampton), 104.3 (South Devon) 801 (Barnstaple and North Devon), 990 (Exeter and East Devon) 11C (Exeter and Torbay)
10C (North Devon)
12D (Plymouth)
BBC Essex Essex 95.3 (South Essex), 103.5 (North and Mid Essex) 729 (North Essex), 765 (Mid Essex) 12D (Southend and Chelmsford) 734
BBC Radio Gloucestershire Gloucestershire 104.7 (Gloucestershire), 95.0 (Stroud), 95.8 (Cirencester) 1413 10C 735
BBC Radio Guernsey Guernsey 93.2 (Guernsey), 99.0 (Alderney) 1116 (Guernsey) 721
BBC Hereford and Worcester Herefordshire and Worcestershire 94.7 (Herefordshire), 104.0 (Worcestershire), 104.4 (Redditch), 104.6 (Wyre Forest) 738 (Worcestershire), 1584 (North Herefordshire) 12A 720
BBC Radio Humberside East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire 95.9 10D 721
BBC Radio Jersey Jersey 88.8 1026 719
BBC Radio Kent Kent 96.7 (West Kent), 97.6 (Folkestone), 104.2 (East Kent) 11C 719
BBC Radio Lancashire Lancashire 95.5 (East Lancashire), 103.9 (Central Lancashire), 104.5 (North Lancashire) 855 (South Lancashire) 12A 720
BBC Radio Leeds West Yorkshire 92.4, 95.3 (Halifax), 102.7 (Keighley), 103.9 (Leeds) 774 12D (Leeds)
11B (Bradford and Huddersfield)
BBC Radio Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland 104.9 11B 721
BBC Radio Lincolnshire Lincolnshire 94.9, 104.7 (Grantham) 12A 722
BBC Radio London Greater London 94.9 12A 721 Also on Sky 0152, Freesat 718 and Virgin Media 937
BBC Radio Manchester Greater Manchester and North Cheshire 95.1 (Manchester and North Cheshire), 104.6 (Saddleworth and Tameside) 12C 719
BBC Radio Merseyside Liverpool, the Wirral and West Cheshire 95.8 1485 10C 722
BBC Newcastle Tyneside, Wearside and Northumberland 95.4 (Tyneside, Wearside, County Durham and South Northumberland), 96.0 (North Northumberland)
103.7 (Tyne Valley), 104.4 (Gateshead and West Newcastle)
1458 11C 719
BBC Radio Norfolk Norfolk 95.1 (East Norfolk), 95.6 (North Norfolk), 104.4 (West Norfolk) 855 (East Norfolk), 873 (West Norfolk) 10B 719
BBC Radio Northampton Northamptonshire 104.2 (Northampton), 103.6 (Corby) 10C 734
BBC Radio Nottingham Nottinghamshire 103.8, 95.5 (Mansfield), 95.1 (Newark) 12C 720
BBC Radio Oxford Oxfordshire 95.2 10B 722
BBC Radio Sheffield South Yorkshire and North Midlands 104.1, 88.6 (Sheffield), 94.7 (Chesterfield) 1035 11C 734
BBC Radio Shropshire Shropshire 96.0 (Central and North Shropshire), 95.0 (Ludlow), 90.9 (Church Stretton), 104.1 (Clun) 11B 721
BBC Radio Solent Hampshire and Isle of Wight 96.1 (Hampshire, Isle of Wight and East Dorset) 999 (Hampshire, Isle of Wight and East Dorset) 11C (South Hampshire) 722
BBC Radio Solent for Dorset Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Dorset 103.8 (West Dorset) 1359 (West Dorset) 11B (Bournemouth) 734 Opt-out programming from BBC Solent from 0630 to 0900 weekdays and 0800 to 1100 Saturdays
BBC Somerset Somerset 95.5 1566 10B 722
BBC Radio Stoke North Staffordshire and South Cheshire 94.6 (North Staffordshire and South Cheshire), 104.1 (Stafford) 1503 12D 734
BBC Radio Suffolk Suffolk 95.9, 103.9 (South East), 104.6 (North West), 95.5 (Lowestoft) 10C 720
BBC Surrey Surrey, North East Hampshire and North Sussex 104.0 (East Surrey and North Sussex), 104.6 (West Surrey and North East Hampshire) 10C 722
BBC Sussex East Sussex and West Sussex 95.0 (Newhaven), 95.1 (Horsham), 95.3 (Brighton), 104.5 (East Sussex), 104.8 (West Sussex) 10B 720
BBC Tees Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire 95.0 (Teesside), 95.8 (Whitby) 11B 722
BBC Three Counties Radio Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire 90.4 (East Hertfordshire), 92.1 (South Hertfordshire), 94.7 (Aylesbury), 95.5 (North Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire), 98.0 (High Wycombe), 103.8 (South Bedfordshire, West Hertfordshire and Mid Buckinghamshire), 104.5 (North Buckinghamshire) 630 (Luton), 1161 (Bedfordshire) 10D (Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire) 720
BBC WM Birmingham, West Midlands and South Staffordshire 95.6 11B (Black County and Shropshire)
11C (Birmingham)
BBC Wiltshire Wiltshire 103.6 (Swindon), 103.5 (South Wilts), 104.3 (West Wilts), 104.9 (Marlborough) 10D (Bath and West Wiltshire)
11C (Swindon)
BBC Radio York North Yorkshire 95.5 (Scarborough), 103.7 (North Yorkshire) and 104.3 (Northallerton) 666 (York), 1260 (Scarborough) 10C 720

BBC Nations Radio[edit]

BBC radio stations serving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:

Name Language Area FM frequencies AM frequencies DAB channels Freesat Sky Digital Virgin Freeview (regional) Notes
BBC Radio Foyle English Derry 93.1 792 12D 717 0152 933 720 Opt-out service from BBC Radio Ulster with over 30 hours per week of local programming including on weekdays from 0700-0900 and from 1300-1700
BBC Radio Ulster English Northern Ireland 92.4 - 94.6 1341 12D 716 0118 932 719
BBC Radio Scotland English Scotland 92.4 - 94.6 810, 585 (Dumfries) 11C (Glasgow)
12D (Edinburgh)
11B (Inverness)
11C (Aberdeen)
11B (Ayr)
11B (Perth and Dundee)
712 0116 930 719 Regional news bulletins broadcast on weekdays at 0630, 0730, 0830, 1230, 1630 and 1730 in the following areas:
  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • Highlands and Islands
  • North East Scotland
  • Scottish Borders
BBC Radio Orkney English Orkney Islands 93.7 Local programming includes Around Orkney weekdays from 0730-0800 and lunchtime news bulletin on weekdays at 1230
BBC Radio Shetland English Shetland Isles 92.7 Local programming includes lunchtime news bulletin on weekdays at 1230 and Good Evening Shetland on weekdays from 1730-1800
BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Scottish Gaelic Scotland 103.5 - 104.9 990 11D (Central)
11B (Inverness)
11C (Aberdeen)
11B (Ayr)
11B (Perth and Dundee)
713 0139 934 720 Over 90 hours a week of programming in Scots Gaelic with programming from BBC Radio Scotland relayed at other times
BBC Radio Cymru Welsh Wales 92.4 - 94.6, 96.8, 103.5 - 104.9 11C (Cardiff & Newport)
12A (Swansea)
10D (NE Wales and W Cheshire)
10D/12D (North West Wales)
715 0154 936 720
BBC Radio Wales English Wales 93.9 - 95.9, 103.7, 103.9 657, 882 (main), 1125 11C (Cardiff & Newport)
12A (Swansea)
10D (NE Wales and W Cheshire)
10D/12D (North West Wales)
714 0117 937 719

Local commercial radio[edit]


Name Licence area Analogue frequencies &/or digital availability DAB channels
100% Dragon Hits Somerset DAB only 10B
100% Whatever Somerset DAB only 10B
ABN Radio London DAB only 11B
Absolute Radio London London 105.8 FM 12C
Absolute Radio West Midlands West Midlands 105.2 FM Available on Digital One DAB
Absolute Radio 70s London DAB only 12A
Also on Sky 0188
Adventist World Radio London DAB only 12A
Radio Aire Leeds and West Yorkshire 96.3 FM 12D
Radio Aire 2 828 AM 12D
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
The Arrow - Rock London DAB only 11B
Ashbourne Radio Ashbourne, Wirksworth and Uttoxeter 96.7 FM, 101.8 (Wirksworth), 101.8 (Uttoxeter)
Asian Sound East Lancashire and Greater Manchester 963 AM (East Lancashire), 1377 (Manchester) 12C (Manchester), 11B (Bradford and Huddersfield)
Athavan Radio London DAB only 11B
Banbury Sound Banbury and Brackley 107.6 FM
The Bay Lancaster, Morecambe Bay 96.9 FM, 102.3 (Windermere), 103.2 (Kendal)
The Beach North Suffolk and East Norfolk 103.4 FM (Lowestoft), 97.4 (Great Yarmouth)
The Beat DAB only 10D (Herts, Beds and Bucks)
Bloomberg Radio London DAB only 11B
BFBS Brize Norton Oxfordshire DAB only 11B
BOB fm Hertfordshire 106.9 FM (Hertford, Hitchin and Letchworth)
106.7 (Stevenage)
10D (Herts, Beds and Bucks)
The Breeze South Hampshire 107.8 FM (Southampton), 107.4 (Portsmouth), 107.2 (Winchester)
Basingstoke 107.6 FM (Basingstoke), 97.1 (Haslemere), 101.6 (Four Marks & Hindhead), 101.8 (Petersfield), 102.0 (Alton)
Bristol 107.2 FM
Bath 107.9 FM
Cheltenham 107.5 FM
Somerset 102.4 FM (West Somerset), 100.8 (Porlock), 107.4 (Bridgwater)
Warminster 107.5 FM
Andover 106.4 FM
Newbury 105.6 FM (Newbury), 107.4 (Hungerford)
North Dorset 96.6 (Blandford Forum), 97.4 (Yeovil)
North Somerset 107.7 FM (Weston-super-Mare)
South Somerset and West Dorset 105.6 FM, 106.6 (Chard and Ilminster)
Torbay 105.5 FM
Reading 107.0 FM
Capital Birmingham 102.2 FM 11C (Birmingham), 11B (Wolverhampton), 12D (Coventry)
London 95.8 FM 12C
Also Freeview 724, Sky Digital 0109, Freesat 719, Virgin Media 958 and Digital One DAB
Manchester 102.0 FM Manchester (12C) and Central Lancashire (12A)
North East England 105.3 FM, 106.4, 105.6 (Newcastle), 105.8 (Hexham) 11B (Teesside)
11C (Tyne and Wear)
East Midlands 96.2 FM (Nottingham), 96.5 (Mansfield)
102.8 (Derby), 105.4 (Leicestershire)
10B (Derbyshire)
11B (Leicester)
12C (Nottingham)
South Coast 103.2 FM (Southampton) 11C (South Hampshire)
11B (Bournemouth)
Yorkshire 105.1 FM, 105.6 (Bradford),
105.6 (Sheffield), 105.8 (Humberside)
Bradford and Huddersfield (11B)
Humberside (10D)
Leeds (12D)
North Yorkshire (10C)
South Yorkshire (11C)
Liverpool 107.6 FM 10C
Capital Xtra London 96.9 FM (South London), 107.1 (North London) Digital One DAB, Sky Digital 0144, Freesat 720 and Virgin Media 959
CFM Cumbria and South West Scotland 96.4 FM (Carlisle), 102.5 (Penrith), 102.2 (Workington), 103.4 (Whitehaven)
Radio City Talk Merseyside 1548 AM 11B
Radio City 96.7 FM 10C
Radio City 2 105.9 FM 10C
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
Coast and County Radio North Yorkshire DAB only 10C
Compass FM Grimsby 96.4 FM 12A
Connect FM Kettering, Wellingborough and Peterborough 107.4 FM (Kettering), 97.2 (Wellingborough), 106.8 (Peterborough) 10D (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire)
Dearne FM Barnsley 102.0 FM, 97.1 (Penistone)
Dee 106.3 Chester 106.3 FM 10D (NE Wales and W Cheshire)
Dream 100 FM Tendring 100.2 FM
Eagle Radio Guildford 96.4 FM 10C
Eagle 70s Surrey DAB only 10C
Radio Essex Essex 105.1 FM (Southend), 107.7 (Chelmsford) 12D
Radio Exe Exeter 107.3 FM
Fire Radio Bournemouth 107.6 FM 11B
Fix Radio London DAB only 12A
Fosse 107 NW and SW Leicestershire 107.9 FM (Hinckley/Nuneaton), 107.0 Loughborough
Free Radio Birmingham 96.4 FM 11C
Coventry and Warwickshire 97.0 FM, 102.9 (Leamington) 12D
Shropshire and Black Country 103.1 FM (Shropshire), 97.2 (Black Country) 11B
Herefordshire and Worcestershire 96.7 FM (Kidderminster), 97.6 (Hereford), 102.8 (Worcester) 12A
Free Radio 80s West Midlands 1152 AM (Birmingham)
990 AM (Black Country), 1017 (Shropshire)
1359 AM (Coventry)
11C (Birmingham)
11B (Wolverhampton)
12D (Coventry)
12A (Herefordshire and Worcestershire)
Gem 106 East Midlands 106.0 FM 11B (Leicester)
12C (Nottingham)
10B (Derby)
Gold UK 1548 AM (London)
945 AM (Derby)
999 AM (Nottingham)
1458 AM (Manchester)
Also Sky 0121, Freesat 722, Virgin Media 923

Gold is a national network with local travel reports and local advertising

12C (London)
10B (Derby), 12C (Nottingham), 11B (Leicester)
11C (Manchester)
Hallam FM South Yorkshire 97.4 FM (Sheffield), 102.9 (Barnsley), 103.4 (Doncaster) 11C
Hallam 2 990 AM (Doncaster), 1305 (Barnsley), 1548 (Sheffield and Rotherham) 11C
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
Heart Cambridgeshire 97.4 FM (Newmarket & Haverhill), 102.7 (Peterborough), 103.0 (Cambridge) 11C (Cambridge)
12D (Peterborough)
Cornwall 105.1 FM (East), 107.0 (West) 11B
Devon 96.2 FM (Barnstaple), 96.4 (Torbay), 96.6 (Tavistock), 97.0 (Plymouth), 97.3 (Ilfracombe), 100.5 (Totnes), 100.8 (Dartmouth), 101.2 (Kingsbridge), 101.9 (Ivybridge) 12D (Plymouth), 11C (Exeter/Torquay), 10C (North Devon)
East Anglia 96.4 FM (Bury St Edmunds), 97.1 (Ipswich), 102.4 (Norwich) 10B (Norwich), 10C (Suffolk)
Essex 96.1 FM (Colchester), 96.3 (Southend-on-Sea), 97.5 (Southend Town), 101.7 (Harlow, East Hertfordshire and West Essex), 102.6 (Chelmsford) 12D
Gloucestershire 102.4 FM, 103.0 (Stroud) 10C
Hertfordshire 96.6 FM (Watford)
Home Counties 96.6 FM (Northampton), 96.9 (Bedford), 97.6 (Herts, Beds and Bucks), 103.3 (Milton Keynes) 10D (Herts, Beds and Bucks) 10C (Northamptonshire)
Kent 95.9 FM (Thanet), 96.1 (Ashford), 97.0 (Dover),
102.8 (East), 103.1 (Medway)
North East England 100.7 FM (Teesside), 101.8 (Newcastle), 101.2 (Sunderland)
96.4 (Hexham), 96.2 (Fenham)
11B (Teesside), 11C (Tyne and Wear)
North West England 105.4 FM Manchester (12C), Liverpool (10C) and Central Lancashire (12A)
London 106.2 FM 12C
Also Sky 0111, Freesat 733, Freeview 728, Virgin Media 918
West Country 96.3 FM (Bristol), 96.5 (Taunton), 97.1 (Yeovil), 102.6 (Yeovil and Taunton), 103.0 (Bath), 103.0 (Weston-Super-Mare) 11B (Bristol and Bath)
10D (Bath and West Wiltshire)
10B (Somerset)
South Coast 96.7 FM (Winchester), 97.5 (Portsmouth), 102.3 (Bournemouth) 11C (South Hampshire)
11B (Dorset)
Sussex and Surrey 96.9 (Newhaven), 97.5 (Horsham), 102.0 (Hastings), 102.4 (Eastbourne), 102.7 (Reigate and Crawley), 103.5 (Brighton) 10B (Sussex Coast)
10C (Surrey)
Thames Valley 97.0 FM (Reading), 97.4 (Banbury), 102.6 (Oxford), 102.9, 103.4 (Henley On Thames), 12D (Berkshire)
10B (Oxfordshire)
West Midlands 100.7 FM 11C (Birmingham), 11B (Wolverhampton), 12D (Coventry)
Wiltshire 96.5 FM, 97.2, 102.2 11C (Swindon)
12D (West Wilts)
Yorkshire 106.2 FM (South West Yorkshire),
107.6 (Bradford), 107.7 (Sheffield)
11B (Bradford and Huddersfield)
12D (Leeds)
11C (South Yorkshire)
High Peak Radio Peak District 103.3 FM (Whaley Bridge), 103.3 (Hope Valley), 106.4 (Buxton),
106.4 (Glossop), 106.6 (Chapel-en-le-Frith)
Imagine FM South Manchester and Cheshire 104.9 FM
Isle of Wight Radio Isle of Wight 107.0 FM, 102.0 (Ryde), 102.0 (Ventnor), 102.0 (Cowes)
Jack FM Oxfordshire 106.8 FM, 106.4 (Bicester) 10B (Oxfordshire)
Jack FM 2 Oxford 107.9 FM 10B (Oxfordshire)
Jack FM 3 Oxfordshire DAB only 10B (Oxfordshire)
Radio Jackie South-West London and North Surrey 107.8 FM
Jazz FM London DAB only 12A
Also Sound Digital DAB+, Sky 0202, Freesat 729
Juice 107.2 Brighton 107.2 FM 10B
KCFM Hull 99.8 FM 12A (Lincolnshire)
Kerrang! Radio DAB only London 12A
Also Freeview 722
Key 103 Greater Manchester 103.0 FM 12C
Key 2 1152 AM 12C
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
Kiss London
East Anglia
Severn Estuary
100.0 (London)
106.1 (Norwich), 106.4 (Suffolk & Colchester),
105.6 (Cambridge), 107.7 (Peterborough)
101.0 (Severn Estuary), 97.2 (Bristol)
National station with local advertising
12C (London)

Also on Digital One DAB, Freeview 713, Sky 0178, Virgin Media 963

KLFM Kings Lynn 96.7 FM
KMFM Kent 107.6 FM (Ashford), 106.0 (Canterbury), 105.6 (Maidstone), 100.4, 107.9 (Medway), 96.4 (Shepway), 106.8 (Dover), 107.2 (Thanet), 96.2 (Tonbridge), 101.6 (Sevenoaks) 11C
Lakeland Radio South Lakes 100.1 FM (Kendal), 100.8 (Windermere), 101.4 (Keswick)
LBC London 97.3 FM Also on Digital One DAB, Freeview 732, Sky 0112, Freesat 734, Virgin 919
LBC London News London 1152 AM 12C
Like Radio Herefordshire and Worcestershire DAB only 12A
Lincs FM Lincolnshire 102.2 FM, 96.7 (Grantham), 97.6 (Scunthorpe) 12A
London Greek Radio North London 103.3 FM
Love 80s North West Wales and West Cheshire DAB only 10D
Lyca Radio 1458 London 1458 AM 11B
Lyca Dil Se 1035 London 1035 AM 11B
Magic 105.4 FM London 105.4 FM 12C
Also on Digital One DAB, Freeview 715, Sky 0180, Virgin Media 928
Mansfield 103.2 FM Mansfield 103.2 FM
Matryoshka Radio London DAB only 11B
Metro Radio County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear 97.1 FM (Newcastle), 102.6 (Alnwick)
103.0 (Fenham), 103.2 (Hexham)
Programmes shared 24/7 with TFM
Metro 2 Radio 1152 AM 11C
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
Minster FM York 104.7 FM (York), 102.3 (Thirsk), 103.5 (Northallerton) 10C
Mix 96 Aylesbury 96.2 FM
More Radio Sussex 107.8 FM (Hastings), 106.4 (Haywards Heath), 106.8 (Lewes), 107.5 (Eastbourne), 107.7 (Worthing)
My Music Radio North Yorkshire DAB only 10C
North Norfolk Radio North Norfolk 96.2 FM, 103.2 (Cromer), 103.2 (Wells next-the-Sea)
99.9 Radio Norwich Norwich 99.9 FM
Panjab Radio North London 1584 AM Also on Sound Digital DAB and Sky 0130
Peak FM North Derbyshire 107.4 FM (Chesterfield), 102.0 (Matlock)
Pirate FM Cornwall 102.2 FM (East), 102.8 (West) 11B
Selected programmes broadcast on DAB only as Pirate 2
Pirate 70s Cornwall and Plymouth DAB only Cornwall (11B), Plymouth (12D)
Radio Plymouth Plymouth, South East Cornwall and West Devon 106.7 FM
Polish Radio London London DAB only 11B
Premier Radio London 1332 AM (Central London), 1305 (North and South London),
1413 (East and West London), 1566 (West Surrey and North East Hampshire)
Also on Digital One DAB and Freeview 725
Pulse 1 Bradford, Halifax, and Huddersfield 97.5 FM (Bradford) 102.5 (Halifax and Huddersfield) 11B
Pulse 2 Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield 1278 AM (Bradford), 1530 (Halifax and Huddersfield) 11B
Pulse 80s Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield DAB only 11B
Rathergood Radio Durham and North Yorkshire 103.2 FM (Darlington), 102.8 (Durham), 106.8 (Brusselton), 102.6 (Richmond) 10C
The Revolution Oldham 96.2 FM
Ridings FM Wakefield 106.8 FM
Rock FM Central Lancashire 97.4 FM 12A
Rock FM 2 999 AM 12A
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
Rother FM Rotherham 96.1 FM
107.1 Rugby FM Rugby 107.1 FM
Rutland Radio Rutland 107.2 FM, 97.4 (Stamford)
Sabras Sound Leicester 1260 AM 11B
SAM FM South Coast 106.0 FM (Solent), 106.6 (Winchester), 106.6 (Poole)
Bristol 106.5 FM (Bristol), 107.7 (Swindon)
Berkshire DAB only 12D
Sanskar Radio Leicestershire DAB only 11B
Signal 1 North Staffordshire and Cheshire 102.6 FM, 96.9 (Stafford), 96.4 (Cheshire) 12D
Signal 2 1170 AM 12D
Signal 80s DAB only 12D
Signal 107 Wolverhampton, Shropshire and North Worcestershire 107.7 FM (Wolverhampton), 106.5 (Shrewsbury), 107.1 (Oswestry), 107.4 (Telford), 107.2 (Kidderminster) Wolverhampton Wanderers commentary broadcast on 107.7 FM in Wolverhampton, 107.4 FM in Telford and 107.2 in Kidderminster only
Silk 106.9 Macclesfield 106.9 FM
Smooth Radio London 102.2 FM (London)
792 AM (Bedford), 828 (Luton)
828 AM (Bournemouth)
945 AM (Eastbourne), 1323 (Brighton)
1251 AM (Bury St Edmunds), 1170 (Ipswich)
774 AM (Gloucestershire)
1242 AM (Medway), 603 (East Kent)
1557 AM (Northamptonshire)
1152 AM (Norwich and Great Yarmouth)
1332 AM (Peterborough)
1152 AM (Plymouth)
1170 AM (Portsmouth), 1557 (Southampton)
1359 AM (Chelmsford), 1431 (Southend)
1161 AM (Swindon)
936 AM (West Wiltshire)

Smooth Radio's AM/DAB feed includes local travel reports and local advertising
12C (London)
11B (Bristol and Bath)
10D (Bath and West Wiltshire)
11B (Bradford and Huddersfield)
11B (Bournemouth)
11C (Cambridge)
10B (Derby)
11C (Exeter and Torbay)
10C (Gloucestershire)
10D (Herts, Beds and Bucks)
10D (Humberside)
11C (Kent)
12D (Leeds)
10C (Northamptonshire)
10C (North Yorkshire)
10B (Norwich)
10B (Oxfordshire)
12D (Peterborough)
12D (Plymouth)
12D (Reading and Basingstoke)
11C (South Hampshire)
12D (Southend & Chelmsford)
11C (South Yorkshire)
10C (Suffolk)
10B (Sussex Coast)
11C (Swindon)
10B (Somerset)

Also on Sky 0128, Freesat 732, Virgin Media 916, Freeview 718

West Midlands 105.7 FM (West Midlands) 11C (Birmingham), 11B (Wolverhampton), 12D (Coventry)
East Midlands 106.6 FM (East Midlands), 101.4 (Derby) 12C (Nottingham), 11B (Leicester), 10B (Derby)
North East England 97.5 FM (North East England), 101.2 (Hexham), 107.5 (Newcastle), 107.7 (Teesside) 11B (Teesside), 11C (Tyne and Wear)
North West England 100.4 FM (North West England) 12C (Manchester), 10C (Liverpool), 12A (Central Lancashire)
Soultrain Radio Bristol DAB only 11B
Spectrum Radio Spectrum Radio (AM) AM 558 (London)
Spectrum SINO DAB (London) 12A
Spectrum Radio (SKY) Sky Digital Sky 0185
Spire FM Salisbury 102.0 FM
Spirit FM West Sussex 96.6 FM (Chichester), 102.3 (Littlehampton), 106.6 (Midhurst),
Star Radio 107.9/1 Cambridge and Ely 107.9 FM (Cambridge), 107.1 (Ely)
97.2 Stray FM Harrogate and Southern Yorkshire Dales 97.2 (Harrogate), 107.1 (Ilkley)

107.1 (Pateley Bridge), 107.8 (Skipton)

Suffolk First Suffolk DAB only 10C
Sun FM Sunderland 103.4 FM
Sunrise Radio London 963 AM (London), 972 (West London)
Sunrise Radio Yorkshire Bradford 103.2 FM 11B
Sunshine Radio (AM) Ludlow 855 AM, 105.9 FM (Ludlow)
Sunshine Radio (FM) Herefordshire and Monmouthshire 106.2 FM (Hereford), 107.0 (Monmouth), 107.8 (Abergavenny) 10C (Gloucestershire), 12A (Hereford & Worcester)
talkSPORT London London DAB only 12A
Local opt-out of talkSPORT UK with local traffic reports and advertising
TFM Teesside 96.6 FM 11B
Programmes shared 24/7 with Metro Radio
TFM 2 1170 AM 11B
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
Thames Radio London DAB only 12A
Time 107.5 East London and West Essex 107.5 FM
Total Star Gloucestershire DAB only 10C
Touch FM Coventry 96.2 FM
South East Staffordshire 101.6 FM (Tamworth), 102.4 (Burton-upon-Trent)
Warwickshire 102.0 FM (Stratford-upon-Avon), 107.3 (Warwick)
Tower FM Bolton and Bury 107.4 FM
Town FM Ipswich 102.0 FM
Trax FM Doncaster and Bassetlaw 107.1 FM (Doncaster), 107.9 (Bassetlaw) 11C
2BR East and Central Lancashire 99.8 FM (Burnley), 107.0 (Blackburn), 106.5 (Preston), 96.3 (Chorley) 12A
Viking FM Humberside 96.9 FM 10D
Viking 2 1161 AM 10D
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (England)
Voice of Islam Radio London DAB only 11B
Radio Wave 96.5 Blackpool and the Fylde 96.5 FM
Wave 105 East Dorset, South Hampshire, Isle of Wight and parts of West Sussex and Wiltshire 105.2 FM (South Hampshire, Isle of Wight, West Sussex and Wiltshire), 105.8 FM (East Dorset) 11B (Bournemouth)
11C (South Hampshire)
Wessex FM Dorchester and Weymouth 96.0 FM (Bridport), 97.2
Wire FM Warrington 107.2 FM
The Wireless London DAB only 11B (London)
Wish FM Wigan and St Helens 102.4 FM
Radio X London
104.9 FM (London)
97.7 (Manchester)
National station with local advertising
Also on Digital One DAB, Sky 0113, Freesat 723, Virgin Media 960
Radio XL Birmingham 1296 AM 11B (Wolverhampton)
XS Manchester Greater Manchester 106.1 FM
Yorkshire Coast Radio Scarborough, Whitby and Bridlington 96.2 FM (Scarborough), 103.1 (Whitby), 102.4 (Bridlington) 10C (North Yorkshire)

Former English stations[edit]

This list details radio stations which have lost their licence to broadcast or have closed down due to financial reasons.

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies DAB channels Notes
Airport Information Radio Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport 1584 AM Both stations closed in June 1991 after just one year on air.
Abbey FM Barrow in Furness 107.3 FM Station put into administration on 30 January 2009
Buzz FM Birmingham 102.4 FM Lost licence and was replaced by Choice FM 102.2 on 1 January 1995
Centre Radio Leicestershire 97.1 FM and 1260 AM Ceased trading and closed on 6 October 1983
Channel Travel Radio Kent channel ports 107.6 FM Licence returned to the Radio Authority on 28 September 2000
Devonair Radio Exeter and Torquay 666/954 AM and 97.0/96.4 FM Lost licence and was replaced by Gemini Radio on 1 January 1995
Dune FM Southport 107.9 FM Station received winding-up order and transmitter was seized by OFCOM on 9 August 2012
Fen Radio 107.5 Wisbech 107.5 FM Licence returned to Ofcom on 31 July 2008
Liberty Radio London 963/972 AM Lost licence and was replaced by Club Asia on 3 July 2003
Mersey 106.7 Liverpool 106.7 FM Licence revoked by Ofcom on 1 April 2009
Mix 107 High Wycombe 107.4 FM, 107.7 Licence returned to Ofcom on 1 July 2009
Oak FM NW and SW Leicestershire 107.0 FM (Loughborough)
107.9 (Hinckley)
Closed down on 28 July 2016 due to station owner being put into administration
Pennine FM Huddersfield 107.9 FM Licence returned to Ofcom on 5 April 2010
Radio Victory Portsmouth 95.0 FM and 1170 AM Lost licence and was replaced by Ocean Sound on 28 June 1986
Star 107.9 Stroud 107.9 FM Licence returned to Ofcom on 29 September 2006
Sunset Radio Manchester 102.0 FM Station went into liquidation in October 1993
Sunrise Radio East Midlands Leicestershire 1260 AM Lost licence and was replaced by Sabras Radio on 7 September 1995
Sunshine 1530 Worcestershire 1530 AM Closed on 6 April 2010 following problem with transfer of broadcast licence
South 107.3 Lewisham 107.3 FM Closed down on 3 April 2009
Time 106.8 Thamesmead 106.8 FM Closed down on 3 April 2009
Time 106.6 East Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, North Surrey and West London 106.6 FM Closed down on 15 October 2015
Yorkshire Radio Yorkshire 12C Closed down 29 July 2013

Northern Ireland[edit]

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies DAB channels Freeview
Cool FM Belfast 97.4 FM 12D
Downtown Radio Northern Ireland 1026 AM (Belfast)
96.4 FM (Limavady), 96.6 (Omagh and Enniskillen), 97.1 (Larne),
102.3 (Ballymena), 102.4 (Derry), 103.1 (South Newry), 103.4 (Newcastle)
Downtown Country Northern Ireland DAB only 12D
Q97.2 North Coast Coleraine 97.2 FM, 97.6 (Ballycastle)
Q96.7/102.5 Belfast Belfast 96.7 FM (Greater Belfast) 102.5 (North Down and Ards) 12D
Q101.2 Tyrone and Fermanagh Omagh and Enniskillen 101.2 FM, 102.1 (Enniskillen)
Q102.9 North West Derry 102.9 FM
Q100.5 Newry and Mourne Newry and Mourne 100.5 FM, 101.1 (Kilkeel)
Q106 Mid Ulster Cookstown 106.0 FM, 107.2 (Dungannon), 106.3 (Maghera)
Q107 Mid Antrim Ballymena 107.0 FM, 107.6 (Larne)
U105 Belfast 105.8 FM 12D 726 (Northern Ireland)

Former Northern Irish stations[edit]

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies DAB channels Notes
Goldbeat 828 Cookstown 828 AM Ceased broadcasting on 22 May 1999 and Radio Authority revoked the licence
Heartbeat 1521 Craigavon 1521 AM Ceased broadcasting on 22 May 1999 and Radio Authority revoked the licence


Name Licence area Analogue frequencies DAB channels
Alive 107.3 Dumfries and Galloway 107.3 FM
Argyll FM Kintyre, Mid Argyll, Islay and Jura 106.5 FM (Campbeltown), 107.1 (Islay and Jura) and 107.7 (South Knapdale)
Radio Borders Borders 96.8 FM (Selkirk), 102.3 (Berwick-Upon-Tweed), 103.1 (Peebles) and 103.4 (Eyemouth)
Capital Scotland Central Scotland 105.7 FM (East), 106.1 (West) 11C (Glasgow), 12D (Edinburgh)
Central 103.1 FM Clackmannanshire, Falkirk, Stirling 103.1 FM 11D (Central Scotland)
Clyde 1 Glasgow and West Central Scotland 102.5 FM, 97.0 (Vale of Leven), 102.3 (Rothesay), 103.3 (Firth of Clyde) 11C
Clyde 2 1152 AM 11C
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (Scotland)
Cuillin FM Skye & Lochalsh 102.7 FM, 106.2 (Portree)
Forth 1 Edinburgh, The Lothians and Fife 97.3 FM, 97.6, 102.2 (Penicuik) 12D
Forth 2 1548 AM 12D
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (Scotland)
GO Radio Glasgow Central Scotland DAB only 11D
Heart Scotland Central Scotland 100.3 FM (Glasgow), 103.3 (Edinburgh), 101.1 (Rosneath) 11D
Heartland FM Perthshire 97.5 FM (Pitlochry)
Isles FM Isle of Lewis 103.0 FM
Kingdom FM Fife 105.4 FM (St Andrews), 106.3 (The East Neuk), 95.2 (West Fife), 96.1 (Central & East Fife), 96.6 (Kirkcaldy)

Mearns FM South Aberdeenshire 105.7 Stonehaven, 106.2 Inverbervie, 107.3 Laurencekirk

MFR Inverness and Northern Scotland 97.4 FM (Inverness)
96.6 FM (Speyside)
102.8 (Keith)
96.7 (Wick)
96.7 (Fraserburgh) - Broadcasts as Kinnaird Radio from 1900-0000
102.5 (Caithness) - Broadcasts as Caithness FM from 1900-0000
MFR 2 1107 AM 11B
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (Scotland)
NECR Aberdeenshire 102.1 FM (Inverurie), 103.2 (Colpy), 97.1 (Turriff)
102.6 (Kildrummy), 106.4 (Strathdon),
97.1 (Braemar), 101.9 (Ballater)
Northsound 1 Aberdeen and North East Scotland 96.9 FM, 97.6, 103.0 (Peterhead) 11C
Northsound 2 1035 AM 11C
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (Scotland)
Original 106 (Aberdeen) Aberdeen and North East Scotland 106.8 FM (North East Scotland), 106.3 (Aberdeen city - south), 106.3 (Peterhead)
RockSport Central Scotland DAB only 11D
Scottish Sun 80s Central Scotland DAB only 11D
Scottish Sun Greatest Hits Central Scotland DAB only 11D
Scottish Sun Hits Central Scotland DAB only 11D
SIBC Shetland 102.2 FM, 96.2 (Bressay)
Smooth Glasgow Central Scotland 105.2 FM 11C (Glasgow), 12D (Edinburgh)
Talksport Scotland London DAB only 11D (Central Scotland), 11C (Aberdeen), 11B (Ayr)
Local opt-out of Talksport UK with local traffic reports and advertising
Tay FM Tayside and north Fife 96.4 FM (Perth), 102.8 (Dundee) 11B
Tay 2 1584 AM (Perth), 1161 (Dundee) 11B
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (Scotland)
Two Lochs Radio Gairloch and Loch Ewe 106.0 FM (Gairloch), 106.6 (Loch Ewe), 102.2 (Ullapool), 96.8 (North West Scotland)
Relays Smooth Radio and Magic 105.4 FM as a sustaining service
Wave 102 FM Dundee 102.0 FM (Dundee), 106.6 (Perth)
Waves Radio Peterhead and Fraserburgh 101.2 FM 11C
West FM Ayrshire 96.7 FM, 97.5 (Girvan), 106.7 (Rothesay) 11B
West Sound AM 1035 AM 11B
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (Scotland)
West Sound FM Dumfries and Galloway 96.5 FM (Stranraer), 97.0 (Dumfries), 103.0 (Kirkcudbright)
Part of The Greatest Hits Network (Scotland)
YOUR Radio Dunbartonshire, Helensburgh, and Inverclyde 103.0 FM (Dumbarton), 106.9 (Helensburgh, Lomondside and Inverclyde) 10B (Glasgow)

Former Scottish stations[edit]

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies DAB channels Notes
River FM Livingston FM 103.4, 107.7 Station closed on 29 September 2006 and licence returned to Ofcom
talk 107 Edinburgh 107.0 FM 11D (Central Scotland) Station closed on 23 December 2008 and licence returned to Ofcom
L107 Lanarkshire 107.9 FM, 107.5 (Cumbernauld) Station closed on 11 November 2010 and licence returned to Ofcom
XFM Scotland Paisley 96.3 FM 11D (Central Scotland), 11B (Ayr) Station closed on 13 September 2015 and licence returned after OFCOM refused request by Global Radio to network 24/7 from London


Name Licence area Analogue frequencies DAB channels
Bridge FM Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan 106.3 FM 12C (Cardiff and Newport)
Capital Cymru Anglesey and Gwynedd 103.0 FM (Anglesey and Gwynedd) 10D/12D (North West Wales)
Capital North West and Wales North Wales Coast, Wrexham and Chester 96.3 FM (North Wales Coast), 97.1 (Wirral), 103.4 (Wrexham, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Cheshire West and Chester) 10D (NE Wales and W Cheshire)
Capital South Wales Cardiff and Newport 103.2 FM (Cardiff), 97.4 (Newport) 12C
Radio Carmarthenshire Carmarthenshire 97.1 FM (Carmarthenshire), 97.5 (Carmarthen), 97.5 (Llanelli) 10C
Radio Ceredigion Ceredigion 103.3 FM (Aberystwyth, North, Mid & West Ceredigion), 96.6 (South East Ceredigion), 97.4 (Cardigan Town)
Dragon Radio Wales DAB only 12C (Cardiff and Newport), 10C (Mid and West Wales), 10D (NE Wales and W Cheshire)
Heart North Wales North Wales 88.0 FM Wrexham, 106.9 The Vale of Clwyd, 107.3 Prestatyn, 105.7 North Wales Coast, 107.2 North West Wales/Gwynedd

102.8 Welshpool, 106.0 Newtown

Heart South Wales South and West Wales 106.0 Swansea, 102.3 Pontypridd, 105.9 Merthyr Tydfil, 107.3 Bargoed, 105.2 Abergavenny, 106.1 Ebbw Vale, 105.4 South and South East Wales, 105.9 Newport

107.7 Ceredigion, 105.7 Pembrokeshire, 105.2 Carmarthenshire, 106.0 Carmarthen, 106.2 Fishguard

12C (Cardiff and Newport), 12A (Swansea)
Nation Radio South Wales 106.8 FM (South East Wales), 107.3 (South West Wales), 102.9 (Carmarthenshire), 107.1 (Pembrokeshire) 12C (Cardiff and Newport), 10D (NE Wales and W Cheshire), 10D/12D (North West Wales)
Radio Pembrokeshire Pembrokeshire 102.5 FM, 107.5 (Fishguard and Tenby) 10C
Smooth Radio (Wales) Wales 1359 AM (Cardiff), 1305 (Newport), 1260 AM (Wrexham) 12C (Cardiff and Newport), 10D (NE Wales and W Cheshire), 10D/12D (North West Wales)
Sunshine Radio Monmouthshire See England listings for full details
Swansea Bay Radio Swansea 102.1 FM 10D/12D (North West Wales)
Swansea Sound Swansea 1170 AM 12A
The Wave Swansea 96.4 FM 12A
Wave 80s Swansea DAB only 12A

Former Welsh stations[edit]

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies Reason for closure
Mountain FM South Wales DAB only (0700-1900) Closed July 2013
Valleys Radio South Wales Valleys 1116 AM, 999 Station closed on 30 April 2009 and licence returned to OFCOM
Radio Hafren Mid Wales and The Borders 756 AM and 102.1FM Closed 10 February 2015

The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man[edit]

Although the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the UK they are served by the UK's national radio stations. Additionally services in the Channel Islands are licensed by the UK's regulator, Ofcom. Services in the Isle of Man are not licensed by a UK regulator but rather by the Broadcasting Act 1990 of Tynwald

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies
Channel 103 Jersey 103.7 FM
Energy FM Isle of Man 98.6 FM, 93.4 (North Isle of Man), 98.4 (Ramsey), 91.2 (Laxey), 102.4 (Peel), 105.2 (Maughold)
Island FM Alderney, Guernsey and Sark 104.7 FM (Guernsey), 93.7 (Alderney)
Manx Radio Isle of Man 97.2 FM (Carnane), 89.0 (Snafell), 103.7 (Jurby), 89.5 (Peel) and 1368 AM
3FM Isle of Man 104.2 (Ramsey), 104.2 (Port St. Mary), 105.0 (South and East Isle of Man), 105.6, 106.2 (Peel)

Local DAB+ digital stations[edit]

Name Licence Area DAB+ Channels Notes
Asian FX London 12A
Chris Country North West Wales and West Cheshire 10D
Cyber Hot Hits Surrey 10C
Eagle 3 Guildford 10C
Love 80s Liverpool North West Wales and West Cheshire 10D
Radio Newark Lincolnshire 12A
Thames Radio London 12A
Sandgrounder Radio NE Wales and W Cheshire 10D
Zest Liverpool North West Wales and West Cheshire 10D

Community radio stations[edit]

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies Notes
Abbey104 Sherborne 104.7 FM On Air: 16 February 2013
ABC-FM Portadown 100.2 FM On Air: June 2015
Academy FM (Folkestone) Folkestone 105.9 FM On Air: 31 March 2011
Academy FM (Thanet) Thanet 107.8 FM On Air: 5 April 2010
Access FM Bridgwater 104.2 FM On Air: 9 June 2013
AHBS Community Radio Ashford in Kent 107.1 FM On Air: 19 May 2011
AIR 107.2 Weymouth and Portland 107.2 FM On Air: 11 May 2013
Alive Radio Dumfries 107.3 FM On Air: 1 September 2009
Akash Radio Leeds 1323 AM On Air: August 2015
ALL FM South, Central and East Manchester 96.9 FM On Air: 22 May 2002
Amber Sound FM Amber Valley, Derbyshire 107.2 FM On Air: 17 September 2008
Ambur Radio Walsall 103.6 FM On Air: 1 August 2009
An Radio Uist 105.2 FM On Air: June 2015
Angel Radio (Portsmouth) Portsmouth 89.3 FM
Also on DAB in South Hampshire
On Air: February 2002 (formerly 101.1 FM in Havant)
Angel Radio (Isle of Wight) Newport, Isle of Wight 91.5 FM On Air: 24 March 2007
Apple FM Taunton, Somerset 97.3 FM On Air: 11 May 2013
Radio Asian Fever Leeds 107.3 FM On Air: 1 March 2007
Asian Star Slough 101.6 FM On Air: April 2007
Awaz FM Glasgow 107.2 FM On Air: 29 April 2002
Awaaz FM Southampton 99.8 FM On Air: August 2017
Awaaz Radio High Wycombe 107.4 FM On Air: 24 March 2011
Bangor Community Radio Bangor 107.9 FM On Air: July 2012
Bay FM Exmouth Exmouth 106.4 FM On Air: 5 March 2013
BCB 106.6fm Bradford 106.6 FM On Air: 1 March 2002
Bradford Asian Radio Bradford 1413 AM On Air: July 2016
Beyond Radio Lancaster 103.5 FM On Air: 30 July 2016
BCfm Bristol 93.2 FM On Air: 26 March 2007
BCR 103.1 FM Sheffield 103.1 FM On Air: 31 May 2008
The Beat London Harlesden, London 103.6 FM On Air: 16 April 2007 (formerly BANG Radio)
Belfast 89FM Belfast 89.3 FM On Air: 30 June 2015
Betar Bangla Hackney, London 1503 AM On Air: 26 December 2010
Beverley FM Beverley 107.8 FM On Air: 15 December 2014
BFBS Northern Ireland Lisburn 100.6 FM On Air: 8 May 2006
Aldergrove and Antrim 106.5 FM On Air: 5 March 2008
Holywood 101.0 FM On Air: 5 March 2008
BFBS UK Bases Aldershot 102.5 FM On Air: 11 December 2006
Blandford 89.3 FM, 1287 AM (Bovington) On Air: 23 August 2012
Catterick 106.9 FM, 87.7 (Leconfield), 1287 AM (Ripon), 1287 (Topcliffe), 1287 (Dishforth) On Air: 11 May 2006
Colchester 107.0 FM, 1287 AM (Bassingbourn), 1287 (Wattisham), 1287 (Woodbridge) On Air: 2 May 2006
Scotland 98.5 FM Edinbugh, 87.7 (Inverness), 87.7 (Fort George), 1287 AM (Glencourse) On Air: 14 August 2006
Salisbury Plain 106.8 FM On Air: 11 December 2006
Radio BGWS Farnborough 1179 AM (On Air: 1200-1800) On Air: 30 Sep 2011
Big City Radio Birmingham 89.1 FM On Air: 1 November 2005 (formerly Aston FM)
BigglesFM Biggleswade 104.8 FM On Air: 22 April 2011
Bishop FM Bishop Auckland 105.9 FM On Air: 31 October 2009
Black Country Radio Stourbridge 102.5 FM On Air: 1 January 2008 (formerly The Bridge)
Black Diamond FM East and Central Midlothian 107.8 FM On Air: 21 May 2007
Blast 106 Belfast 106.4 FM On Air: 8 July 2009
Blyth Valley Radio Southwold 105.0 FM On Air: 4 July 2009
Bolton FM Bolton 96.5 FM On Air: 20 June 2009
Branch FM Dewsbury 101.8 FM On Air: 9 December 2007
Bradley Stoke Radio Ltd Bradley Stoke, Bristol 103.4 FM On Air: 13 September 2013
BRFM 95.6 FM Isle of Sheppey 95.6 FM On Air: 30 October 2006
BRfm 97.3 Blaenau Gwent 97.3 FM On Air: 18 October 2007
Brick FM St Boswells 103.0 FM On Air: 4 February 2008
BRO Radio Vale of Glamorgan 98.1 FM On Air: 31 March 2009
Bute Island Radio Rothesay 96.5 FM (formerly Bute FM) On Air: 15 July 2009
Radio Cabin Herne Bay 94.6 FM On Air: 8 April 2017
Calon FM Wrexham 105.0 FM On Air: 1 March 2008
Cam FM Cambridge 97.2 FM On Air: 1 October 2010
Cambridge 105 Cambridge 105.0 FM On Air: 20 July 2010
CamGlen Radio Cambuslang and Rutherglen 107.9 FM On Air: 19 March 2015 (full-time)
Radio Cardiff Cardiff 98.7 FM On Air: 8 October 2007
Radio Caroline Suffolk and North Essex 648 AM On Air: 22 December 2017
Castledown Radio Tidworth 104.7 FM On Air: 4 November 2006
The Cat Crewe and Nantwich 107.9 FM On Air: 14 February 2015
Celtic Music Radio Glasgow 95.0 FM On Air: 16 January 2008
CHBN Radio Truro 100.8 FM On Air: August 2014
CCR 104.4 Chelmsford 104.4 FM On Air: 18 March 2017
Chorley FM Chorley 102.8 FM On Air: 24 November 2006
City Beat 103.2 Preston 103.2 FM (formerly Preston FM) On Air: 6 October 2008
Community Voice FM Middlesbrough 104.5 FM On Air: 10 August 2009
Corby Radio Corby 96.3 FM On Air: 5 December 2009
Crescent Radio Rochdale 97.0 FM On Air: 12 September 2006
Cross Rhythms Stoke-on-Trent 101.8 FM On Air: 28 February 2002
Plymouth 96.3 FM On Air: 29 March 2007
Stockton-on-Tees 107.1 FM On Air: 27 April 2008
Crystal FM Penicuik 107.4 FM On Air: 1 December 2013
CSR 97.4FM Canterbury 97.4 FM On Air: 4 January 2007
Dales Radio Yorkshire Dales 104.9, 103.0 FM, 936 AM On Air: 11 January 2016
Dawn FM Nottingham 107.6 FM On Air: 28 March 2006
Demon FM Leicester 107.5 FM On Air: 4 May 2009
Desi Radio Southall 1602 AM
Also Sky 0169
On Air: May 2002
First FM Oxford 105.1 FM On Air: February 2014 (formerly Destiny 105)
Deveron FM Banff 107.4 FM On Air: January 2015
Diverse FM Luton 102.8 FM On Air: April 2007
Down FM Downpatrick 105.0 FM On Air: 30 March 2006
Drive 105 Derry 105.3 FM On Air: 27 January 2009
Drystone Radio South Craven 103.5 FM On Air: 16 January 2009
Dunoon Community Radio Dunoon 97.4 FM On Air: 1 December 2009
East Coast FM East Lothian 107.6 FM On Air: 27 April 2013
EAVA FM Leicester 102.5 FM On Air: 5 December 2008
Eden FM Penrith 107.5 FM On Air: July 2014
Endeavour FM Boston 107.0 FM On Air: 22 August 2016
Erewash Sound Ilkeston 96.8 FM On Air: 6 March 2010
Express FM Portsmouth 93.7 FM On Air: 13 March 2006
103 The Eye Melton Mowbray 103.0 FM On Air: 1 November 2005
Raidió Fáilte Belfast 107.1 FM On Air: 15 September 2006
Fantasy Radio Devizes 97.0 FM On Air: 29 February 2012
Faza FM Nottingham 97.1 FM On Air: 25 March 2002
Felixstowe Radio Felixstowe 107.5 FM On Air: 5 September 2009
Flame CCR Wirral 1521 AM On Air: 19 December 2009
Forest FM Verwood 92.3 FM On Air: 4 July 2006
Frome FM Frome 96.6 FM On Air: 16 June 2012
Funky SX Southend 103.7 FM On Air: 1 April 2016
FUSe FM Ballymoney Ballymoney 107.5 FM On Air: 6 July 2015
Future Radio Norwich 107.8 FM (formerly 96.9 FM) On Air: 6 August 2007
Gateway 97.8 Basildon 97.8 FM On Air: 28 August 2010
Gaydio Manchester 88.4 FM
Also on DAB in London (11B)
On Air: 18 June 2010
Radio Glan Clwyd Bodelwyddan 1287 AM On Air: 23 April 2014
Glastonbury FM Glastonbury 107.1 FM On Air: 30 April 2009
GFM Gloucester 96.6 FM On Air: 21 July 2006
Gravity FM Grantham 97.2 FM On Air: 1 December 2008
GTFM Pontypridd 107.9 FM On Air: 24 May 2002
Gulshan Radio Wolverhampton 106.9 FM On Air: 11 February 2016
Halton Community Radio Runcorn 92.3 FM On Air: 8 August 2008
Harborough FM Market Harborough 102.3 FM On Air: 5 February 2007
Harbour Radio Great Yarmouth 107.4 FM On Air: 30 August 2017
Radio Hartlepool Hartlepool 102.4 FM On Air: 14 October 2008
Hayes FM Hayes, west London 91.8 FM On Air: 1 September 2007
Hermitage FM Coalville and Ashby-de-la-Zouch 99.2 FM On Air: 14 November 2009
Heritage Radio Manchester 1602 AM On Air: 5 June 2016
Hillz FM Coventry 98.6 FM On Air: 1 June 2009
HitMix Radio Newcastle-under-Lyme 107.5 FM On Air: 28 November 2015
90.1 Hope FM Bournemouth and Poole and Christchurch 90.1 FM On Air: 1 May 2007
Hot Radio Poole 102.8 FM On Air: 8 November 2008 (formerly The Bay)
Hull Kingston Radio East Hull 107.5 FM On Air: 6 February 2015
HCR FM Huntingdon 104.0 FM On Air: 23 April 2011
Kane FM Guildford 103.7 FM On Air: October 2011
Insanity Radio Egham 103.2 FM On Air: 8 March 2012
Inspiration FM Northampton 107.8 FM On Air: 24 July 2010
Inspire FM Luton 105.1 FM On Air: 10 August 2010
Intobeats Bedford 106.5 FM On Air: 23 April 2011
Radio Ikhlas Normanton, Derby 107.8 FM On Air: 8 September 2006
Ipswich Community Radio Ipswich 105.7 FM On Air: 15 August 2007
Irvine Beat FM Irvine, North Ayrshire 107.2 FM On Air: 12 August 2013
IÚR FM Newry 101.4 FM On Air: 10 October 2007
Radio LaB Luton 97.1 FM On Air: 15 October 2010
Kane FM Guildford 103.7 FM On Air: 28 October 2011
KCC Live Knowsley 99.8FM On Air: 18 June 2009
Keith Community Radio Keith and Moray 107.7 FM - evening opt-out of MFR FM On Air: January 2013
Kemet Radio Nottingham 97.5 FM On Air: 25 January 2007
Koast Radio Ashington 106.6 FM On Air: December 2015
Kohinoor FM Leicester 97.3 FM On Air: 23 December 2008
KYFM Kirkcaldy 107.0 FM On Air: March 2014
Leisure FM Pattiswick 107.4 FM On Air: 6 June 2010
Lincoln City Radio Lincoln 103.6 FM On Air: 19 April 2010
Link FM Sheffield 96.7 FM On Air: February 2016
Lionheart Radio Alnwick 107.3 FM On Air: 30 March 2007
Maritime Radio Greenwich 101.4 FM On Air: 27 August 2017
Marlow FM Marlow 97.5 FM On Air: 11 May 2011
Mearns FM Stonehaven and South Aberdeenshire 105.7 FM (Stonehaven), 106.2 FM (Inverbervie), 107.3 FM (Laurencekirk) On Air: 6 June 2009
Meridian FM East Grinstead 107.0 FM On Air: 1 March 2010
MKFM Milton Keynes 106.3 FM On Air: 7 September 2015
Also on DAB in Herts, Beds and Bucks (10D)
Mon FM Anglesey 102.5 FM On Air: 12 July 2014
Moorlands Radio Staffordshire Moorlands 103.7 FM On Air: 7 November 2009
Radio Newark Newark 107.8 FM
Also on DAB+ Digital Radio in Lincolnshire
On Air: 2 May 2015
NE1fm Newcastle upon Tyne 102.5 FM On Air: 8 June 2007
New Style Radio Birmingham 98.7 FM On Air: 14 August 2002
Nevis Radio Fort William 96.6, 97.0, 102.3, 102.4 FM On Air: 1 August 1994

NOTE: On air from 1994 as a commercial station until switching to a community licence in 2013

Lisburn's 98FM Lisburn 98.8 FM On Air: 30 September 2011
NLive Radio Northampton 106.9 FM On Air: 30 September 2016 (formerly NNBC)
North Manchester FM North Manchester 106.6 FM On Air: 6 July 2009
Nova FM Newport, Shropshire 97.5 FM On Air: 1 August 2015
NuSound Radio Forest Gate, London 92.0 FM On Air: 19 March 2007
Oldham Community Radio Oldham 99.7 FM On Air: 17 March 2007
Panj Radio Coventry 1521 AM On Air: December 2016
Peace FM Moss Side, Manchester 90.1 FM On Air: 1 October 2009
Pendle Community Radio Nelson 103.1 FM On Air: 28 August 2007
Penistone FM Penistone 95.7 FM On Air: 6 June 2009
Coast FM (formerly Penwith Radio) Penzance 96.5, 97.2 FM On Air: 5 November 2016 (Coast FM), 30 August 2014 (Penwith Radio)
Phoenix FM Brentwood 98.0 FM On Air: 23 March 2007
Phoenix Radio Halifax 96.7 FM On Air: 10 December 2007
Phonic FM Exeter 106.8 FM On Air: 15 February 2008
Radio Cabin Herne Bay 94.6 FM On Air: 8 April 2017
Radio Plus Coventry 101.5 FM On Air: 20 December 2010
Pulse FM Barrhead 98.4 FM On Air: 28 July 2009
Pulse Somerset 104.4 FM On Air: 9 May 2013
Pure 107.8FM Stockport 107.8 FM On Air: 13 September 2007
QUAY-FM Alderney, Channel Islands 107.1 FM On Air: 12 February 2015
Raaj FM West Bromwich 91.3 FM On Air: 31 January 2009
Red Kite Radio Thame and Haddenham 107.2 FM On Air: 18 June 2017
Redroad FM South Rotherham 102.4 FM On Air: 27 March 2010
Reprezent South London 107.3 FM On Air: 18 March 2011
Resonance FM London 104.4 FM On Air: 1 May 2002
Radio Reverb Brighton 97.2 FM On Air: 26 March 2007
Revival FM Cumbernauld 100.8 FM On Air: 31 August 2006
Ribble FM Clitheroe 106.7 FM On Air: 25 July 2016
Rinse FM London 106.8 FM On Air: February 2011
RNIB Connect Glasgow 101.0 FM
Also Freeview 730
On Air: 30 March 2007
RWSfm 103.3 Bury St Edmunds 103.3 FM On Air: 13 August 2010
Saint FM Burnham-on-Crouch 94.7 FM On Air: 1 December 2007
Salford City Radio Salford 94.4 FM On Air: 30 September 2007
Salaam Radio Peterborough 106.2 FM On Air: 30 June 2016
Radio Sangam Huddersfield 107.9 FM On Air: 8 May 2016
Radio Scilly Isles of Scilly 107.9 FM On Air: 3 September 2007
Seahaven FM Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven 96.3 FM On Air: 9 January 2011
105.3 Seaside FM Holderness 105.3 FM On Air: 5 October 2007
106.9 SFM Sittingbourne 106.9 FM On Air: 26 July 2012
Sheffield Live! Sheffield 93.2 FM On Air: 29 October 2007
shmuFM Aberdeen 99.8 FM On Air: 1 October 2007
Siren FM Lincoln 107.3 FM On Air: 11 August 2007
Sine FM Doncaster 102.6 FM On Air: 26 September 2009
Skyline Community Radio Hedge End and Botley 102.5 FM On Air: 7 January 2006
Soundart Totnes 102.5 FM On Air: 17 December 2008
Somer Valley FM Midsomer Norton and Radstock 97.5 FM On Air: 12 January 2009
Source FM Falmouth 96.1 FM On Air: 28 Feb 2009
Spark FM Sunderland 107.0 FM On Air: 26 October 2009
Speysound Radio Badenoch and Strathspey 107.1 FM On Air: 4 December 2009
Spice FM Newcastle upon Tyne 98.8 FM On Air: 8 August 2008
Radio St Austell Bay St Austell 105.6 FM On Air: 28 January 2008
Stafford FM Stafford 107.3 FM On Air: 25 April 2015
Sunny Govan Radio Govan 103.5 FM On Air: 28 March 2007
Susy Radio Redhill and Reigate 103.4 FM On Air: 15 July 2012
Swindon 105.5 Swindon 105.5 FM On Air: 15 March 2008
Switch Radio Birmingham 107.5 FM On Air: 30 April 2010
Takeover Radio Leicester 103.2 FM On Air: 5 March 2002
Sutton-in-Ashfield 106.9 FM On Air: 1 March 2010
Tameside Radio Tameside 103.6 FM On Air: 30 September 2007
Radio Tamworth Tamworth 106.8 FM On Air: 31 October 2009 (formerly TCR FM)
TD1 Radio Galashiels 106.5 FM On Air: 30 March 2015
Tempo FM Wetherby 107.4 FM On Air: 11 September 2006
10Radio Wiveliscombe, Somerset 105.3 FM On Air: 2 March 2008
The Thread North East Cheshire 102.8 FM (formerly Canalside Community Radio) On Air: 4 December 2008
Radio Tircoed Tircoed, Swansea 106.5 FM On Air: 1 December 2008
3TFM Saltcoats 103.1 FM On Air: 18 April 2008
TMCR North East Doncaster 95.3 FM On Air: 14 December 2009
Tone FM Taunton 107.8 FM On Air: 29 February 2013
Tudno FM Llandudno 107.8 FM On Air: 12 July 2008
Uckfield FM Uckfield 105.0 FM On Air: 1 July 2010
Ujima Radio Bristol 98.0 FM On Air: 4 July 2008
Unity 101 Southampton 101.1 FM On Air: 12 December 2005
Unity FM Birmingham 93.5 FM On Air: 2 August 2006
Unity Radio Manchester 92.8 FM On Air: Summer 2010
Vectis Radio Newport Isle of Wight 104.6 FM On air Autumn 2017
Radio Verulam St Albans 92.6 FM On Air: 7 July 2007
Vibe 107.6 Watford 107.6 FM On Air: 8 August 2011
Vixen 101 Market Weighton 101.8 FM On Air: 20 November 2008
Voice FM Southampton 103.9 FM On Air: 1 September 2011
The Voice North Devon 106.1 (Barnstaple), 107.8 (Bideford and Ilfecombe) On Air: March 2014
Radio Warrington Warrington 1332 AM On Air: 20 July 2016
WCR Community Radio Warminster 106.5 FM On Air: 1 April 2012
WCR FM Wolverhampton 101.8 FM On Air: 30 March 2007
Westside FM Hanwell 89.6 FM On Air: 13 September 2007
106.9FM WHCR Kingston upon Hull 106.9 FM On Air: 26 March 2007
Radio Winchcombe Winchcombe 107.1FM On Air: 18 May 2012
Wirral Radio Wirral 92.1 FM On Air: 1 March 2008 (formerly 7 Waves Radio)
Also DAB in West Cheshire and North East Wales
Wycombe Sound High Wycombe 106.6 FM On Air: 31 October 2016
Wythenshawe FM Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester 97.2 FM On Air: 22 March 2002
Youthcomm Radio Worcester 106.7 FM On Air: 13 January 2008
Zack FM Forest Heath 105.3 FM On Air: 22 June 2009
Zetland FM Redcar 105.0 FM On Air: 31 August 2015

Former community radio stations[edit]

The followed stations have closed down and returned their licences to Ofcom

Name Licence area Analogue frequencies Notes
Chelmsford Calling Chelmsford 104.4 FM Closed Feb 2007
Sound Radio Hackney 1503 AM Closed June 2007
TGR Sound Bexleyheath 103.7 FM Closed 22 Jun 2008
Vibe FM Enniskillen 105.3 FM Closed October 2009
Forest of Dean Radio Cinderford 1521 AM, 1503 Newent Closed 31 Dec 2009
Link FM Harold Hill 92.2 FM Closed: 28 Jun 2010
Féile FM Belfast 103.2 FM Closed 25 March 2011
Boundary Sound Newark 102.6 FM Closed 23 June 2011
Voice Radio Caerphilly DAB 11C (Cardiff and Newport) Closed 20 July 2011
Wayland Radio Wayland, Norfolk 107.3 FM Closed 27 August 2011
Burngreave Community Radio Burngreave, Sheffield 103.1 FM Closed: September 2011
Radio Sandwell Sandwell, West Midlands 106.9 FM Closed: November 2011
XS (formerly Afan FM) Neath and Port Talbot 107.9 FM (Port Talbot),
97.4 (Neath)
Closed 13 December 2011
Cheshire FM Mid Cheshire 92.5 FM Closed 27 January 2012
Rossendale Radio Haslingden and Rawtenstall 104.7 FM Closed 5 March 2012
Diversity FM Lancaster 103.5 FM Closed 31 March 2012
The Park Lymington 97.9 FM Closed 8 June 2012
ON FM Hammersmith, London 101.4 FM Closed January 2013
OX105 FM Oxford 105.1 FM Closed 2 October 2013
Stroud FM Stroud 107.9 FM Closed 12 February 2014
BFBS Ballykinler Ballykinler 107.5 FM Closed 4 August 2014 (due to closure of the Abercorn Barracks)
The Superstation Orkney 105.4 FM Closed 16 November 2014
Indigo FM Kirkby Lonsdale 106.6 FM Closed December 2014
Shine FM Banbridge 102.4 FM Closed 28 August 2015
Radio Sunlight Medway 106.6 FM Closed 19 February 2016
98.8 Castle FM Leith and North Edinburgh 98.8 FM Closed February 2016
Voice of Africa Radio Stratford, London 94.0 FM Closed March 2016
Radio Teesdale Barnard Castle 105.5 FM, 102.1 (Romaldkirk) Closed July 2016
Ummah FM Reading 95.6 FM Closed July 2016
West Wolds Radio Pocklington 103.1 FM Closed 30 September 2016
The Hub Mid Cornwall 106.1 FM (Truro), 106.4 (St Mawes and Mevagissey) Closed 28 October 2016
Radio Jcom Leeds 1386 AM Closed November 2016
Tulip Radio Spalding, Lincolnshire 107.5 FM Closed 30 January 2017
Point FM Rhyl 103.1 FM Closed July 2017
IMAN FM North East Sheffield and South West Rotherham 103.1 Closed July 2017
Brecks FM Watton, Norfolk 106.9 FM Closed 3 December 2017

Small scale trial DAB multiplexes[edit]

Small scale multiplexes licensed by OFCOM for a trial period until the spring of 2018 into a "more affordable way for smaller stations to broadcast on DAB digital radio":

Licence area Multiplex operator Frequency On-air date Stations
Brighton Brighton and Hove Radio 9A 31 July 2015 DAB+: Angel Vintage, 1BTN, Cyber Hot Hits, Gaydio, Juice 107.2, MiSoul, Radio Caroline, Reasonance, Radio Reverb, Solar Radio, Totally Radio, Trickster and University Radio Falmer
Portsmouth Solent Wireless 7D 19 August 2015 Express FM, SAM FM and The Breeze
DAB+: Antenna Radio, Awaaz FM, BFBS Portsmouth, Radio Caroline, Chris Country, Flash, Gaydio, Jack 3, Mango Vibe, 60s, Sleepyhead Radio, Starpoint Soul, Timeless Radio, 100% Hits and Weather 24/7
Manchester Niocast Digital 10B 28 August 2015 DAB+: Antenna Radio, Asian Fever, Chris Country, Colourful Radio, Radio Dead, Delite Radio, Radio Diamond, Flame Christian, Gaydio, Heritage Radio, London Greek Radio, Likwid London, Love 80s, MAX, MCR Live, Mi-Soul, Non Stop 90s, Rainbow Radio, Revolution 962, Radio Sangam, Solar Radio, The Steve Penk Wind-Up Channel, Sunrise Radio (Yorkshire), Trafford Sound and Unity Radio
Bristol Celador Radio 9A 5 September 2015 Angel Vintage, BCfm 93.2, BFBS Beats, BFBS Ghurka Radio, BSR 103.4 FM, Hub Radio, Somer Valley FM, The Breeze and Ujima Radio
Norwich Future Radio 9A 9 September 2015 Radio Caroline, Future Radio, Future Plus, Radio Norwich, Jazz FM and Totally Radio.
DAB+: Angel Vintage, Cambridge 105, Solar Radio and Weather 24/7
Cambridge UKRD 7A 11 September 2015 Angel Vintage, Cambridge 105, Chris Country, Gaydio, Star Radio and This is Electric
North East Birmingham Switch Radio 9A 14 September 2015 Angel Vintage, Big City Radio, Gaydio, Like Radio, and London Greek Radio
DAB+: Ambur Radio, The Beat, Black Country Radio, Radio Caroline, Colourful Radio, Radio Central, Gorgeous FM, Sangam Radio, Solar Radio, Starpoint Soul, Switch Radio, Timeless Radio, Touch FM and Unity Radio
Aldershot BFBS Aldershot 8A 19 October 2015 Angel Vintage, BFBS Aldershot, BFBS Beats, BFBS Gurkha Radio, BFBS UK, The Breeze, Radio Caroline and Radio Woking.
DAB+: Antenna Radio and Weather 24/7
London U.DAB 9A 29 October 2015 LRB Digital, Rainbow Radio, Reprezent, Reasonance and Solar Radio
DAB+: Angel Vintage, Delite Radio, London Greek Radio, NuSound Radio, NTS Live, Rinse FM and Zone 1
Glasgow Brave Broadcasting 10B 3 December 2015 Gaydio, Radio Saltire, Radio Telstar, Sunrise Radio (Yorkshire), Timeless Radio and YOUR Radio
DAB+: Antenna Radio, Blast!, Radio Caroline, Radio Central, Colourful Radio, Cyber Hots Hits Radio Sangam and Starpoint Soul

RSL stations[edit]

Temporary Restricted Service Licence stations are licensed by Ofcom and broadcast for up to 28 days. RSLs are used for a number of purposes including coverage of events and festivals, trial broadcasts by groups aiming to launch a full-time service, student radio and training projects and religious festivals including the Sikh festival Vaisakhi, the Muslim month of Ramadan, Jehovah's Witness conventions and Christian events such as Easter and Christmas.

The following list is a small selection of regular RSL stations which have been set up to cover various festivals and events across the UK:

Name Licence area Typical air dates Analogue frequencies
Radio Airbourne Eastbourne August 87.7 FM - Live coverage of Eastbourne International Airshow
Air Festival Radio Bournemouth August 87.7 FM - Live coverage of Bournemouth Air Festival
Air Tattoo Live Fairford, Gloucestershire July 87.7 FM - Coverage of the Royal International Air Tattoo
Radio Badminton Badminton House May 87.9 FM - Live coverage of Badminton Horse Trials
BSB Radio Various race circuits Spring / Summer 87.7 FM - Coverage of British Superbikes Championship
Radio Cosford RAF Cosford June 87.9 FM - Live coverage of Cosford Air Show
Cowes Radio Cowes August 87.7 FM - Live coverage of Cowes Week
Download FM Donington Park June 87.7 FM - Coverage of the Download Festival
Lincolnshire Show Radio Lincolnshire Showground June 107.8 FM - Coverage of the Lincolnshire Show operated by Lincs FM
Open Golf Radio Varies July 87.7 FM - Coverage of the Open Golf Championship
Radio Ramadan Up to 29 local RSLs across the UK During period of Ramadan and Eid 87.7 FM
Radio Silverstone Silverstone Circuit July 87.7 FM - Live coverage of the British Formula One Grand Prix
Ulster Grand Prix Radio Crumlin, Co Antrim August 107.8 FM - Live coverage of the Ulster Grand Prix motorcycling event
Live @ Wimbledon Wimbledon June / July 87.7 FM - Live coverage of Wimbledon Tennis Championships with Centre Court commentary on 96.3 FM and Number One court commentary on 97.8 FM
Radio WOMAD Malmesbury July 87.7 FM - Live coverage of the WOMAD music festival
Worthy FM Glastonbury June 87.7 FM - Live coverage of the Glastonbury Festival
Summerfest Radio Haddenham, Buckinghamshire June - July 87.9 FM

Student and schools radio[edit]

Most universities plus a number of schools and colleges operate student radio stations with the vast majority only available online. The Student Radio Association represents around 65 student stations.

The following stations are available via an FM community licence or via LPAM and LPFM transmitters:

Name Licence area Frequencies
Bailrigg FM Lancaster University 87.7 FM - LPFM
BIRSt Bournemouth University See community radio listings for full details
Blast 1386AM Reading College 1386 AM - LPAM
BURST University of Bristol 1134 AM - LPAM
Cam FM University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University See community radio listings for full details
Crush Radio University of Hertfordshire 1278 AM - LPAM
CSR 97.4FM Canterbury See community radio listings for full details
Demon FM De Montfort University, Leicester See community radio listings for full details
Forge Radio University of Sheffield Online webcast
Fresh FM Petroc, Barnstaple FM 87.7 - LPFM
1386AM HCR Halesowen College 1386 AM - LPAM
THIS Radio Liverpool Hope University 1350 AM - LPAM
Hub Radio University of the West of England, Bristol 1449 AM - LPAM
Insanity Radio Royal Holloway, University of London See community radio listings for full details
Knutsford AM Knutsford High School 1350 AM - LPAM
Radio LaB University of Bedfordshire See community radio listings for full details
Livewire 1350 University of East Anglia 1350 AM - LPAM
The Mouth Cockermouth School 87.7 FM - LPFM
Queen's Radio Queen's University Belfast 1134 AM - LPAM
Ramair University of Bradford 1350 AM - LPAM
RaW University of Warwick 1251 AM - LPAM
Radio Roseland The Roseland Community College, Tregony 87.7 FM - LPFM
Scratch Radio Birmingham City University Online webcast
Siren FM University of Lincoln See community radio listings for full details
SOAS Radio School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Online webcast
Source FM Falmouth University See community radio listings for full details
Spark FM University of Sunderland See community radio listings for full details
Stag Radio University of Surrey 1350 AM - LPAM
Storm FM Bangor University 87.7 FM - LPFM (Ffriddoedd)
Surge University of Southampton 1287 AM - LPAM
University Radio Bath University of Bath 1449 AM - LPAM
University Radio Nottingham University of Nottingham 1350 AM - LPAM
University Radio York University of York 1350 AM - LPAM
UWS Radio University of the West of Scotland DAB Digital 11B (Ayr)
Xpression FM University of Exeter 87.7 FM - LPFM (Moberly)
87.7 FM - LPFM (Lafrowda)
Xtreme Radio Swansea University 1431 AM - LPAM

Hospital radio stations[edit]

Typically available within the grounds of a single hospital, these stations broadcast to bedside units and occasionally public areas of the hospital. Hospital radio is free of charge on bedside entertainment systems operated by Hospedia and Premier Bedside and an increasing number of stations are available online.

Around 200 stations are supported by the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA).

The following stations are available via LPAM or LPFM transmitters or as Ofcom licensed community stations:

Name Primary licence area Frequency
AHBS (Ashford Hospital Broadcasting Service) William Harvey Hospital, Ashford See community radio listings
Anker Radio George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton 1386 AM - LPAM
Apple FM Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton See community radio listings
Hospital Radio Basingstoke North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke 945 AM - LPAM
BHR 1287 Basildon University Hospital 1287 AM - LPAM
Bridge FM Hospital Radio Ashludie Hospital, Carsview Centre, Ninewells Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital, Dundee 87.7 FM and DAB Digital Radio (11B) (Mon-Fri 1200-1400, Sun-Thu 1800-0000)
Radio Brockley Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore 999 AM - LPAM
Radio Bronglais Bronglais General Hospital, Aberystwyth 87.8 FM - LPFM
Canterbury Hospital Radio Kent & Canterbury Hospital 945 AM - LPAM
Carillon Radio Loughborough Hospital, Coalville Hospital, Ashby de-la-Zouch Hospital, Melton Mowbray Hospital and Oakham Hospital 1386 AM - LPAM Loughborough and Coalville, 1431 AM - LPAM Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Oakham
CHBN Radio Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro; West Cornwall Hospital, Penzance; St Michael's Hospital, Hayle See community radio listings
Radio Cavell Royal Oldham Hospital 1350 AM - LPAM
Chichester Hospital Radio St Richard's Hospital, Chichester 1431 AM - LPAM
Radio Clatterbridge Clatterbridge Hospital, Wirral 1386 AM - LPAM
Hospital Radio Crawley Crawley Hospital 1287 AM - LPAM
Radio Glangwili West Wales General Hospital, Carmarthen 87.7 FM - LPFM
Hospital Radio Gwendolen Leicester General Hospital, Leicester 1287 AM - LPAM
HBS Radio Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Weston Park Hospital, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield 1431 AM - LPAM
Hemel Hospital Radio Hemel Hempstead General Hospital, Hemel Hempstead 1350 AM - LPAM
Inverness Hospital Radio Raigmore Hospital, Inverness See community radio listings
Kingstown Radio Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital, Hull 1350 AM - LPAM
Luton and Dunstable Hospital Radio Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Luton 1134 AM - LPAM
Mid Downs Hospital Radio The Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath 1350 AM - LPAM
NH Sound Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny 1287 AM - LPAM
Radio Nightingale Rotherham District General Hospital, Rotherham 945 and 1350 AM - LPAM
Hospital Radio Plymouth Derriford Hospital and Plymouth Royal Eye Infirmary 87.7 FM - LPFM
Radio Redhill East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, Surrey 1431 AM - LPAM
Rookwood Sound Rookwood Hospital, Cardiff and University Hospital Llandough 945 AM - LPAM (Rookwood Hospital)
Radio Royal (Falkirk) Falkirk & District Royal Infirmary and Stirling Royal Infirmary 1278 AM - LPAM (Falkirk)
Seaside Hospital Radio Worthing Hospital and Southlands Hospital, Shoreham-by-Sea 846AM - LPAM (Southlands Hospital)
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio Stoke Mandeville Hospital 1575 AM - LPAM
Radio City 1386 AM Singleton Hospital, Swansea 1386 AM - LPAM
Trust AM Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Doncaster, Bassetlaw District General Hospital, Worksop 1278 AM - LPAM (Bassetlaw)
Radio Tyneside Freeman Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead 1575 AM - LPAM
Victoria Radio Network Victoria Hospital, Forth Park Hospital and Victoria Hospice, Kirkcaldy 1287 AM - LPAM
Radio West Suffolk West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds See community radio listings
Withybush FM Withybush General Hospital, Haverfordwest 87.7 FM - LPFM
Hospital Radio Yare Northgate Hospital, Great Yarmouth 1350 AM - LPAM

Satellite radio stations[edit]

Stations which are broadcast to the UK via satellite:

Name Format EPG number Comments
BFBS Radio UK forces radio Sky 0211, Freesat 786
EWTN Radio Catholic religious station Sky 0147
Kanshi Radio Asian station Sky 0205
Khush Khabri Radio Asian Christian station Sky 0151 Formerly Asian Gold Radio
Liberty Radio Easy listening and talk Sky 0186
Newstalk Commercial speech station Sky 0210 FM 106-108 in Republic of Ireland
Rainbow Radio Ghanaian radio station Sky 0207 FM 87.5 in Accra, Ghana
RTÉ Radio 1 News, current affairs, sport and music Sky 0160, Freesat 750,
Virgin 917
FM 88.2—90.0 in the Republic of Ireland
RTÉ 2FM Pop music Sky 0164, Freesat 751 FM 90.0-92.0 in Republic of Ireland
RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta Irish-language programming Sky 0165, Freesat 753 FM 92.0-94.0 in Republic of Ireland
RTÉ Lyric FM Classical music Sky 0166, Freesat 752 FM 96.7-99.6 in Republic of Ireland
Solar Radio Soul, jazz and funk Sky 0129
Sukh Sagar Radio Gurbani station Sky 0150
StarBeats Radio Caribbean music Sky 0184
Trans World Radio Religious programming Sky 0138, Freesat 790
UCB Ireland Christian station aimed at Republic of Ireland Sky 0214
WRN Europe Programming from international broadcasters Sky 0122, Freesat 728,
Virgin 920

LPAM, LPFM, Online and other stations[edit]

Name Licence area Frequencies
BFBS Gurkha Radio LPAM in UK 1134 AM Bramcote, 1134 Sandhurst, 1134 Catterick, 1251 York
1278 Shorncliffe, 1278 Stafford, 1287 Maidstone, 1287 Brecon, 1287 Blandford
BFBS Radio 2 Online in UK
National Prison Radio Internal radio station for UK prisons Satellite
Radio Silverstone Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire 87.7 FM - LPFM (motor sport meetings only)
Radio Donington Donington Park, Castle Donington 87.7 FM - LPFM (motor sport meetings only)
Radio Brands Brands Hatch, Kent 87.7 FM - LPFM (motor sport meetings only)
Radio Knockhill Knockhill Racing Circuit, Dunfermline 87.7 FM - LPFM (motor sport meetings only)
Nitro FM Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire 96.2 FM - LPFM (motor sport meetings only)
Radio Thruxton Thruxton Circuit, Andover 1602 AM - LPAM (motor sport meetings only)
Albion Radio West Bromwich Albion FC, West Bromwich 106.9 FM - LPFM (home matchdays only)
Cheltenham Radio Cheltenham Racecourse 87.7 FM - LPFM (horse racing meetings only)
60 North FM Shetland Islands Tourist Radio 87.7 FM - six LPFM transmitters
Sout al Khaleej London 12A DAB (available on 100.8 FM in Doha, Qatar)
Acacia Radio Annesley Woodhouse 1287 AM - LPAM
Brill AM Brill 1449 AM - LPAM


To conserve space in the listings, the waveband has not been listed after each frequency, but they are easy to tell apart.

  • Whole numbers always refer to a kHz (AM) frequency - i.e. 999 = 999 kHz.
  • Decimal numbers always refer to a MHz (FM) frequency - i.e. 96.2 = 96.2 MHz.
  • A number and letter combination refers to a DAB channel - i.e. 12C = frequency block 12C on 227.360 MHz.

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External links[edit]

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