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Northeast view of the Matterhorn with the sun highlighting the Furggen and Zmutt ridges, the profile that is mainly used in arts and advertising.[1]

The Matterhorn is an iconic landmark of Zermatt, Breuil-Cervinia and Valais and one of the natural symbols of Switzerland and Europe, its regular and pyramidal shape making it among the most recognisable mountains in the world.[2][3] Its steep faces and the fear it inspired in mountain climbers of the 19th century made it one of the last great Alpine peaks to be climbed. The first successful but deadly ascent had a large resonance in the media of the times, giving the Matterhorn the reputation of a dangerous and inaccessible mountain. The Matterhorn has then become a reference to artists, illustrators and designers.


Named after the Matterhorn[edit]

Nicknamed after the Matterhorn[edit]


The Matterhorn at Disneyland



Logos and advertising[edit]

Toblerone affiche (1920s)



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