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There are seven statistical regions of Hungary created in 1999 by the Law 1999/XCII amending Law 1996/XXI. Regions are groupings of the 19 counties and the capital city.

Northern Hungary Southern Great Plain Northern Great Plain Central Transdanubia Central Hungary Western Transdanubia Southern Transdanubia
Regions of Hungary
Name of the region Regional centre Area
Northern Hungary Miskolc 13,428 1,205,000 96
Northern Great Plain Debrecen 17,749 1,500,000 88
Southern Great Plain Szeged 18,339 1,301,000 75
Central Hungary Budapest 6,919 2,959,000 408
Central Transdanubia Székesfehérvár 11,237 1,088,000 99
Western Transdanubia Győr 11,209 990,000 90
Southern Transdanubia Pécs 14,169 938,000 70


Hungary belongs into the following euroregions:

(Counties sometimes only roughly correspond to euroregions, so overlap is possible.)


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