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Because of the size and diversity of the population of Louisville, Kentucky, there are many schools in a number of different school systems, both public and private; this list of schools in Louisville, Kentucky, attempts to list the educational institutions in Louisville, as well as some post-secondary institutions in the surrounding metropolitan area.

Public schools[edit]

Private schools[edit]

Combined elementary and high schools[edit]

Elementary schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Colleges and universities[edit]

Public institutions ranked by highest degree offered[edit]

Private institutions offering four year (or more) degrees[edit]

Private institutions offering two year degrees[edit]

Weekend education[edit]

The Greater Louisville Regional Japanese Saturday School (グレータールイビル日本語補習校 Gurētā Ruibiru Nihongo Hoshūkō), a Japanese weekend supplementary school, is held in nearby New Albany, Indiana and is affiliated with the Japan Center of Indiana University Southeast.[1][2]

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