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This is a list of sound artists. Sound art is a diverse group of art practices that considers wide notions of sound, listening and hearing as its predominant focus. There is contention as to which artists are “sound artists” or if another category might be more accurate such as experimental music, electronic music, sound installation, circuit bending, sound sculpture, builder of experimental musical instruments, noise music, acoustic ecology, sound poetry, installation art, performance art or Fluxus.[1][2][3][4]

The category “sound art” is relatively new and it is difficult to justify excluding any artist who uses sound (as opposed to standard definitions of music) and listening as a significant element in their art from this field. Whether or not an artist has achieved sufficient renown is difficult as accolades are seldom in the area of sound art, but in other categories (visual art, music, design, etc.).

Published material on sound art is sparse. Scottish artist Susan Philipsz's 2010 British Turner Prize win for her piece 'Lowlands' was the first time a work of sound art won this prize and highlighted the genre's blurred boundaries with other, more visual artforms.


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