List of tallest buildings and structures in Ipswich

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The waterfront regeneration project during the peak of the building boom in 2011. The Cambria Regatta Quay building can be seen under-construction on the right. Regatta Quay Block A is under-construction in the middle. The Cranfield Mill is under-construction to the left.
Cranfield Mill is the tallest building in East Anglia
St Mary-Le-Tower is the 2nd tallest building in Ipswich
St Francis Court is the 3rd tallest building in the town

This list of tallest buildings in Ipswich ranks tall buildings and structures in the U.K. town of Ipswich, Suffolk by height. The tallest building in the town is the Cranfield Mill, which rises 71 metres (233 ft) and was topped out in 2009.


20th century[edit]

One of the first major 'building booms' was in the 1960s and 1970s known as the Greyfriars development, the project consisted of large plazas, office blocks and residential towers. The project was not received well and in the 1990s, most of the project was destroyed. Surviving buildings were revamped in the 1980s and 1990s, these included St Francis Court and St Clare House, the rest of the development was demolished to make way for the Willis Building.[1]

21st century[edit]

In recent years the town of Ipswich has experienced a building boom, especially on the outskirts such as Ravenswood and Kesgrave. Ipswich dock, known as the waterfront has seen huge investment in two separate projects as part of the waterfront regeneration project. The Cranfield Mill was a development of the tallest building in Ipswich but the interior was never finished due to financial difficulty, the other project was the Regatta Quay redevelopment which consisted of two large residential blocks. The Cambria Regatta Quay was completed but the Regatta Quay Block A was never completed as the bank funding the project went bankrupt, the building was left in a skeletal state. Recent investment however, has promised its completion for 2017.

During 2015 another small 'building boom' had started to happen, firstly with the redevelopment if Stoke Quay, the development consists of a large residential building called Stoke Quay Genesis that has 386 homes at a total cost of £36 million. The main contractor was ISG.[2]

Princes Street in the town centre will see the construction of two large office buildings, the old Fisons building is undergoing a £9 million redevelopemt into a newer office building. The construction has begun and is expected to be completed in 2016, being built by PDR construction Ltd.[3] The law firm, Birketts LLP is going to build a large HQ on the site of Riley’s Pool Hall, which is going to be demolished after their administration announcement, the developers of the plan are Churchmanor Estates.[4]

Tallest Buildings and Structures[edit]

  Building or structure was demolished
  Building or structure is under construction or on hold

An equal sign (=) following a rank indicates the same height between two or more buildings. Only structures taller than 30m are listed.

Rank Name Use Image Height
Floors Year Notes
1 Cranfield Mill[5] Residential Ipswich waterfront, the old and the new - - 1467986.jpg 71/233 23 2009 Despite being topped out in 2009, the interior of the building has remained empty ever since due to financial difficulties.
2 St Mary le Tower[6] Religious St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich 01.JPG 54/176 3 1862 The site of St. Mary-le-Tower has been occupied by a church since at least the compilation of the Domesday Book of 1086.
3 St Francis Court[7] Residential Tall flats in Ipswich - - 1468350.jpg 52/172 16 1962
4 Regatta Quay Block A[8] Residential Ipswich marina - - 1468007.jpg 52/171 16 2017 The building is still on hold after the financial difficulties in 2007. The building nicknamed the 'Wine-rack' is in the centre of the picture.
5 St Clare House[9] Office St Clare House.jpg 48/156 12 1982
6 The Civic Centre[10] Office / Government Former Council Offices - - 553812.jpg 44/141 14 1969-2009 The building was used by Ipswich Borough Council who relocated to Grafton House.
7= Orwell Bridge[11] Road Bridge Orwell-Bridge.jpg 43/140 N/A 1982
7= Suffolk House[12] Office GRE Building Ipswich.jpg 43/140 9 1969
9= Ipswich Hospital Maternity Block[13] Hospital Ipswich Hospital Maternity Block.jpg 41/135 9 1955 The Hospital was founded in 1909.
9= Guardian Royal Exchange building[14] Office The AXA building (geograph 2689453).jpg 41/135 8 1970 This building was built as an extension for Suffolk House and is currently owned by AXA.
11= St Vincent House[15] Office St Vincent House - - 800105.jpg 40/130 10 1967
11= Suffolk New College[16] Educational Suffolk College Campus - - 1305718.jpg 40/130 8 1959-2010 The main tower of the college being prepared for demolition in 2009, a new college building has since been built.
13= 10 Reavell Place[17] Residential Reavell Place.jpg 37/121 12 2010
13= The Cambria Regatta Quay[18] Residential The Cambria Regatta Quay Ipswich.jpg 37/121 12 2009 The building is the only completed building of the Regatta Quay development.
15 Cumberland Towers[19] Residential Cumberland Towers North East.jpg 35/115 12 1966
16 Neptune Marina[20] Residential Sunset, new buildings at Ipswich docks - - 1342860.jpg 34/112 11 2005 The Neptune Marina building is to the right of the photo.
17 St Lawrence Church[21] Religious Church Of St Lawrence Ipswich - - 1103821.jpg 30/90 N/A 1449 The 15th-century church has the oldest set of church bells in the world.

Timeline of Tallest Buildings[edit]

Rank Name Image Height
Floors Years tallest Notes
1 Cranfield Mill[5] Ipswich waterfront, the old and the new - - 1467986.jpg 71/233 23 2009–present
2 St Mary le Tower[6] St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich 01.JPG 54/176 3 1862-2009
3 St Lawrence Church[21] Church Of St Lawrence Ipswich - - 1103821.jpg 30/90 N/A 1449-1862


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