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A list of the tallest mosques in the world. The height value gives the height of the tallest element of the mosque ( usually a minaret).

Name Country City Height Year of completion Remarks
Hassan II Mosque Morocco Casablanca 210 metres 1993
Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque Malaysia Shah Alam 142.3 metres 1988 106.7 metres high dome
Mosalla Iran Tehran 136 metres 2006
Al Fateh Grand Mosque Egypt Cairo 130.1 metres 1988
Putra Mosque Malaysia Putrajaya 116 metres 1999
Sheikh Zayed Mosque United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 115 metres 2008
Masjid Jakarta Islamic Center Indonesia Jakarta 114 metres 2002
Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim Venezuela Caracas 113 metres 1989
Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Saudi Arabia Medina 112 metres 1994
Al-Nour Mosque Egypt Cairo 111.9 metres
Çamlıca Republic Mosque Turkey Istanbul 107.1 metres 2016
The Grand Mosque United Arab Emirates Dubai 107 metres 2007
Al-Akbar Mosque Indonesia Surabaya 99 metres 2000
Sabancı Central Mosque Turkey Adana 99 metres 1998
Istiqlal Mosque Indonesia Jakarta 96.66 metres 1978
Wat Dhammamongkol Thailand Bangkog 95 metres 1985
Faisal Mosque Pakistan Islamabad 90 metres 1987
Great Mosque of Mecca Saudi-Arabia Mecca 89 metres 1570
Kocatepe Mosque Turkey Ankara 88 metres 1987
Abdülhamid Han Mosque Turkey Kahramanmaras 88 metres
Maltepe Merkez Mosque Turkey Istanbul 87 metres
Mosque of Muhammad Ali Egypt Cairo 84.1 metres 1848
Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan Egypt Cairo 84 metres 1364
Grand Mosque of Bandung Indonesia Bandung 81 metres 2003
Muğdat Mosque Turkey Mersin 81 metres 1998

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