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Celtic-language television channels are available in any countries, worlds, places, etc. Many speakers of languages like any others to the television channels and languages such as Welsh and Breton have demanded television channels in their own languages for many years and have been successful, with Scottish Gaelic speakers joining them with the launch of BBC Alba in 2008, but languages like Manx and Cornish still don't have a full-time television channel.

Irish language[edit]

Current channels[edit]

  • TG4 (Irish: Teilifís na Gaeilge Ceathair, lit. 'Television in Irish Four'): channel based in the Republic of Ireland and broadcasting to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. TG4 has been successful in broadcasting Irish and increasing Irish speakers even though it has a limited budget. TG4 is aimed at young speakers of the language with youthful programmes. TG4 is funded by advertising and the Government of Ireland with an annual budget of €40 million.
  • Cúla 4: Irish-language children's channel broadcasting on Channel 602 on NTL as part of the TG4 franchise. This is a simulcast of TG4 from 07:00 to 19:00.
  • RTÉ News Now: 24-hour live news service available on the RTÉ website. It offers a mix of Irish language, English language and Irish sign language TV news bulletins and political programmes.
  • Houses of the Oireachtas Channel: is a free-to-air digital television channel in the Republic of Ireland, with live broadcasts from the both Irish houses of parliament Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann in Dublin. It covers parliamentary debates in both Irish and English.
  • BBC Two Northern Ireland: has its own Irish-language department producing some well-known programmes such as:
    • Imeall Geall, (Promise Edge), a music programme for young people
    • Blas Ceoil, (Music Taste) a music programme
    • Teenage Cics, (Cic is "punt", the rugby kick. It's a play on the English "Teenage Kicks") , a youth drama
    • Isteach Chun An Oileáin, (Into The Islands), a documentary
    • Na Dódaí, (The Dodais) a cartoon
    • Gaisce Gnó, (Business Goal) a interior-decor show
    • community programme Féile an Phobail, (The Community's Festival), community programme that is funded by the Irish Language Broadcast Fund which has been given £12 million over a five-year period.

Future channels[edit]

  • RTÉ Ireland or RTÉ Éire (lit. Raidió Teilifís Éireann Ireland = Radio Television Ireland Ireland) is the planned international television channel by Ireland's public service broadcaster RTÉ; the channel will broadcast online at RTÉ.ie, IPTV and on satellite in the United Kingdom. There is currently no expected launch date.

Scottish Gaelic[edit]

  • BBC Alba ('BBC Scotland'): launched on 19 September 2008, the channel is available around the UK on Sky, Freesat and eventually Virgin Media also. Additionally, subject to the BBC Trust, the channel will be carried on Freeview in Scotland after the digital switchover. BBC Alba broadcasts various genres of programmes serving the Gaelic community, including drama, sport and daily news in the form of An La.

Welsh language[edit]

Breton language[edit]

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