List of twin towns and sister cities in New Zealand

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This is a list of twin towns and sister cities (see town twinning) in New Zealand.

North Island[edit]


United States –: Palm Desert, California, United States

Japan –: Nonoichi, Ishikawa, Japan

Australia –: Gisborne, Victoria, Australia


Canada –: Warkworth, Ontario, Canada (2003)[2][dead link]


Wellington has five sister city relationships[3]

  • Beijing, People's Republic of China[4]
  • Sakai, Japan[5]
  • Sydney, Australia[6]
  • Xiamen, People's Republic of China[7]
  • Canberra, Australia[8]

South Island[edit]


United StatesSeattle, Washington, United States[9]

Dunedin City[edit]

Country City
Scotland –Scotland, United Kingdom Edinburgh, Midlothian [10]


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