List of wars involving Luxembourg

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This article is an incomplete list of wars and conflicts involving Luxembourg since its full independence from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1890.

Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents (excluding Luxembourg) Outcome
Allies Enemies
1914 1918 World War I Allies:

 British Empire
 Russian Empire (1914–17)
 United States (1917–18)
and others

Central Powers

 German Empire
 Ottoman Empire
 Kingdom of Bulgaria (1915–18)

German occupation of Luxembourg between 1914-1918
Allied victory
Treaty of Versailles
1940 1945 World War II Allies Axis powers German occupation of Luxembourg between 1940-1945
Allied victory
1950 1953 The Korean War  United Nations (UN Resolution 84)  North Korea

 Soviet Union

1998 1999 The Kosovo War UCK KLA.svg Kosovo Liberation Army


 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia NATO victory
2001 2014 War in Afghanistan  Afghanistan

 United States
ISAF-Logo.svg ISAF

Afghanistan Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Fall of Taliban régime

Taliban insurgency