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Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. Horseshoe Falls as viewed from Skylon Tower
Aerial view of the Iguazu Falls from a helicopter
Victoria Falls

Extant and submerged waterfalls[edit]

Waterfall Mean annual flow rate (m³/s) Tallest single drop (m) Width (m) River Countries
Boyoma Falls 17,000[1] (estm) 5[1] 1372[1] Lualaba Democratic Republic of the Congo
Guaíra Falls (submerged) 13,300[2] 40 Parana Paraguay and Brazil
Khone Phapheng Falls 11,610[1] 21 [1] 10783[1] Mekong Laos
Celilo Falls (submerged) 5415[1] 7[1] 3219[1] Columbia United States
Niagara Falls 2407[1] 51[1] 1203[1] Niagara Canada and the United States
Iguazú Falls 1746[1] 82[1] 2700[1] Iguazú Argentina and Brazil
Victoria 1088 [1] 108[1] 1708[1] Zambezi Zimbabwe and Zambia

Prehistoric waterfalls[edit]

Waterfall Maximum daily flow rate (m³/s) Tallest single drop (m) Width (m) River Countries
Dry Falls 1,906,000[3] 350 4828 Columbia United States
Bosphorus (Black Sea deluge hypothesis) 482,407[4] 80 Bosphorus Strait Turkey

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