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This article is a list of professional world champions in Ten-pin bowling.

WTBA Men's Champions[edit]

The following is a list of WTBA World Champions, sanctioned by the World Tenpin Bowling Association.[1][2] It is also called the FIQ World Championship although FIQ gives autonomy to the WTBA to host the event. Other WTBA records can be found here.

Year Winner Nationality Runner-up Nationality

2017 Xander van Mazijk  Netherlands Wu Hao-Ming  Chinese Taipei
2016 Mark Saucedal  United States Lee Hartney  Australia
2015 Lee Hartney  Australia Chris Bosma  Australia
2014 Dan MacLelland  Canada Shaker al-Hassan  United Arab Emirates
2013 Bill O'Neill (2)  United States Bodo Konieczny  Germany
2010 Bill O'Neill (1)[3][4]  United States Bok-Eum Choi  South Korea
2008 Dan Tominson (1)  United Kingdom Kai Günther  Germany
2006 Connor Bradley (1)  United Kingdom Rhino Page  United States
2003 Ryan Ash (1)  United Kingdom Tim Mack  United States
1999 Gery Verbruggen (1)  Belgium Achim Grabowski  Germany
1995 Marc Doi (1)  Canada Bill Rowe  Canada
1991 Ying-Chieh Ma (1)  Chinese Taipei Roberto Silva  Mexico
1987 Patrick Rolland (1)  France Paeng Nepomuceno  Philippines
1983 Armando Marino (or T. Cariello  United States)* (1)  Colombia Eddie Garofalo  Puerto Rico
1979 Ollie Ongtawco (or G. Bugden  United Kingdom)* (1)  Philippines Rogelio Felice  Venezuela
1975 M. Stoudt (1)  United States
1971 E. Luther (1)  United States
1967 D. Pond (1)  United Kingdom
1963 L. Zikes (1)  United States
1960 T. Reynolds (1)  Mexico
1958 K. Asukas (1)  Finland
1955 N. Backstrom (1)  Sweden
1954 G. Algeskog (1)  Sweden

* Conflict between two official sources, although the WTBA home page is preferred.

IBSA Men's Champions[edit]

The following is a list of IBSA World Champions for visually impaired bowlers, sanctioned by the World Tenpin Bowling Association and International Blind Sports Association.

Year Winner Nationality Runner-up Nationality
2008 Sid Sapru [5] (1)  United States

This contains a list of World Cup winners.


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