Listed buildings in Sheffield S35

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This is a list of listed buildings in the S35 district of Sheffield, in England. This includes the areas of Brightholmlee, Burncross, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Grenoside, High Green, Onesacre, Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe Side, Whitley and Worrall, plus part of Middlewood. It also includes an area of Barnsley around Green Moor, Thurgoland and Wortley.

For neighbouring areas, see listed buildings in S5, listed buildings in S6, listed buildings in S36, listed buildings in S61, listed buildings in S62, listed buildings in S74, and listed buildings in S75.

Building Grade Street Image Date built Notes
Barnes Hall II Bracken Hill Barnes Hall Burncross 2.jpg Early-19th century
Barnes Hall Dovecote II Bracken Hill 1740
Barnes Hall Farm Cartshed II Bracken Hill Cart Shed, Barnes Hall Farm.JPG c.1820
Barnes Hall Farm West and North Barns II Bracken Hill North and west barns, Barnes Hall Farm.jpg 16th-century
Burton House Farmhouse II Burton Lane Birtin House Farm, Oughtibridge.jpg 1685
Carlton House II Woodhead Road Late-18th century
Chapeltown Methodist Church II Lane End 1866 Designed by James Wilson
8 and 10 Church Street II Church Street Early-19th century
The Cottages II Cote Lane Early-18th century Adjoining Wortley Top Forge
Court House II Town End Road 17th-century
Cowley Manor II Cowley Lane Early-18th century
Cowley Manor Farm Barn II Cowley Lane 18th-century
Crucible Furnace Cellar II Top Side c.1797
Cundy Cross II Woodhead Road Cundy Cross - - 916717.jpg 16th-century At junction with Bank Lane
Ecclesfield Priory II* Priory Road Ecclesfield Priory.jpg c.1300
Ecclesfield Signal Box II Station Road Late-19th century
Fair Hurst Farmhouse Barn II Carr House Lane 17th-century
Filemakers' Manufactory II High Street Early-19th century
Forge Bridge II Forge Lane 1782 Built by Thomas Ramsden
Forge Croft Deer Paddock II Cote Lane Early-18th century
Fox House II Top Road Fox House, Worrall.jpg 17th-century
Freeman Hospital II Burncross Road 1837
Garden Cottage II Wortley Park Early-19th century
Glen Howe Packhorse Bridge II Glen Howe Park Packhorse Bridge in Glen Howe Park.jpg 1734
Greenhead House II Burncross House Early-18th century
Green Lane Farm Cartshed II Penistone Road 1825
Green Moor Stocks II Well Hill Road Green Moor Stocks - - 127946.jpg Unknown
Guide Pillar II Cockshutts Lane Bradfield Parish Marker Stone - 9 - Cockshutts Lane - Lumb Lane - - 901950.jpg 19th-century At junction with Long Lane
Guide Pillar II Kirk Edge Road Bradfield Parish Marker Stone - 8 - Kirk Edge Road - Burnt Hill Lane - - 901828.jpg 19th-century At junction with Burnt Hill Lane
Guide Pillar II Onesmoor Road Guide Post Brightholmlee Rd.JPG 19th-century At junction with Brightholmlee Road
Guide Pillar II Onesmoor Road Guide Post, Onesmoor & Lumb Lane.jpg 19th-century At junction with Lumb Lane
Guide Pillar II Thorn House Lane Bradfield Parish Marker Stone - 10 - Brightholmlee Lane - Thorn House Lane - - 901969.jpg 1860 At junction with Brightholmlee Lane
6 Halifax Road II Halifax Road 1840
High Lea Cottage and Farmhouse II Brightholmlee Lane High Lea farmhouse, Brightholmlee 14.jpg 17th-century
Holly Hall West Outbuilding II Holly Hall Lane 17th-century
Holy Trinity Church II Halifax Road 1870 Designed by G. E. Street
Housley Hall II Housley Hall Lane 15th-century
Hunshelf Hall II Hunshelf Hall Lane Hunshelf Hall, Green Moor Road, Green Moor, near Wortley - - 1751276.jpg 1746
Huthwaite Hall II* Huthwaite Lane Huthwaite Hall - - 896588.jpg 1748 Designed by John Carr
Huthwaite Hall Brew House and Garage II Huthwaite Lane Recent conversion of farm buildings at Huthwaite Hall - - 896614.jpg 17th-century
Huthwaite Hall North Farmbuilding II Huthwaite Lane Late-18th century
Huthwaite Hall South West Farmbuilding II Huthwaite Lane Late-18th century
Huthwaite Hall Stables II Huthwaite Lane Early-19th century Possibly designed by John Carr
Ivy Cottage II Well Hill Road Mid-18th century
Low Fold Farmhouse and Barn II Jackey Lane Low Fold Farm, Onesacre.jpg Late-18th century
Middlewood Hall II Mowson Lane Middlewood Hall, Near Oughtibridge - - 863869.jpg 1813
Middlewood Hall Coachhouse and Stables II Mowson Lane Early-19th century
Middlewood Hall Gatepiers II Middlewood Road North Gate Posts leading to Middlewood Hall, near Oughtibridge - - 716049.jpg Early-19th century
Middlewood Hall Railings, Steps and Wall II Mowson Lane Early-19th century
Milepost II Burncross Road 19th-century At junction with Burncross Drive
Milepost II Cowley Lane 19th-century Opposite number 182
Milepost II Halifax Road Mid-19th century At Mill Moor Plantation
Milepost II Hallwood Road 19th-century East of junction with Penistone Road
Milepost II Main Road 19th-century At junction with Langsett Road North
Milepost II Penistone Road Mid-19th century At junction with Woodhead Road
Milepost II Penistone Road Mid-19th century Near Town End Farm
Milepost II Sheffield Road Early-19th century South-west of junction with Kirby Lane
Milepost II Station Road Early-19th century South of junction with Commerce Road
Milepost II Middlewood Road North Milepost on the A6102 at Middlewood Road North - - 1072629.jpg 19th-century North of Stockarth Lane
Milepost II Penistone Road Early-19th century North of Wheel Lane
Milestone II Woodhead Road Late-18th century At junction with Bank Lane
Miners Welfare Hall II Grenoview Road Early-20th century
Old Hall Farmhouse II Brightholmlee Lane Old Hall Farmhouse, Brightholmlee (2).JPG 17th-century
The Old School II Loundside 1844
Old School Room II School Lane Old School Room, Grenoside - - 1012150.jpg Early-19th century
Old Thorn House Farm Barn II Thorn House Lane 17th-century
Old Vicarage II Howbrook Lane 1880
Onesacre Hall II* Green Lane Onesacre Hall.JPG c.1640
Onesacre Hall Barn II Green Lane Listed barn, Onesacre.jpg 17th-century
Oughtibridge Forge II Forge Lane Oughtibridge Forge.jpg 1792
Oughtibridge Hall II Oughtibridge Lane Oughtibridge Hall 3.jpg 14th-century
Oughtibridge Hall Cowhouse II Oughtibridge Lane 17th-century
Oughty Bridge railway station II Station Lane Oughty Bridge Station.jpg 1851
Pule Hill Hall and Cottage II Rag Lane 1671
Raynor House Barn II Raynor Lane 17th-century
Rocher Farmhouse II New Road 1667
Roper House II Roper House Lane 1742
Rural Cottage II Jackey Lane Rural Cottage, Onesacre.jpg Late-17th century
St John the Baptist, Chapeltown II Housley Park Lane Chapeltown - St John's Church.jpg 1859 Designed by Weightman and Hadfield
St Leonard, Wortley II Halifax Road Wortley, St Leonard.JPG Mediaeval
St Mary, Ecclesfield I Church Street Ecclesfield Church.jpg c.1200
St Saviour, High Green II Mortomley Lane 1872 Designed by James Brooks
Sharp Ford Bridge II Cote Lane c.1800
Sundial II Halifax Road Wortley, churchyard cross.JPG 1679 In St Leonard's churchyard
Swift Cottage and Garvins Cottage II Wortley Park Early-19th century
Swinnock Hall II Swinnock Lane Swinnock Hall, Brightholmlee.jpg 17th-century
Sylvesters Farmhouse II Whitley Lane Late-17th century
Thurgoland Bridge II Thurgoland Bank Mid-19th century
Thurgoland Wire Works II Old Mill Lane Mid-18th century
Toad Hall Hill Farmhouse II Thurgoland Hall Lane 17th-century
Top Forge Cottage II Cote Lane Late-18th century
Top Lodge II The Flats Mid-19th century
64 Towngate Road II Towngate Road 64 Towngate Road, Worrall.jpg 1687
66 Towngate Road II Towngate Road 66 Towngate Road, Worrall 2.jpg Late-17th century
Well Hill Farmhouse II Well Hill Road 17th-century
Well Houses II Well Houses Lane Well Houses near Wortley, South Yorkshire - - 113780.jpg Mid-17th century
Wharncliffe Lodge II Wharncliffe Chase Wharncliffe Lodge.jpg 18th-century
269 Wheel Lane II Wheel Lane Late-18th century
Whitley Farmhouse II Whitley Lane Mid-18th century
Whitley Hall Hotel II* Elliot Lane Whitley Hall, Sheffield.JPG 16th-century
Whitley Hall Stableblock II Whitley Carr Late-19th century
Wortley Arms II Halifax Road Mid-18th century
Wortley Hall II* Wortley Park Wortley Hall 02.jpg 1746 Designed by Giacomo Leoni and Matthew Brettingham
Wortley Hall Arbour II Wortley Park Mid-19th century
Wortley Hall Circular Pool II Wortley Park Where's me arm gone^ - - 1002990.jpg Early-19th century
Wortley Hall Ice House II Wortley Park Mid-19th century
Wortley Hall North East Avenue Gates II Wortley Park Early-19th century
Wortley Hall Retaining Wall II Wortley Park 19th-century
Wortley Hall Stable Block II Wortley Park Early-19th century
Wortley Hall South West Avenue Gates II Wortley Park Early-19th century
Wortley Hall Terrace Steps and Wall II Wortley Park Early-19th century
Wortley Top Forge I Cote Lane Wortley Top Forge - - 257518.jpg Mid-18th century