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Parcoblatta lata

Parcoblatta lata, the broad wood cockroach, is a species of wood cockroach native to the United States. It is one of the largest species of wood cockroaches. Both genders of P. lata are large and robust for the genus. The male dorsal coloration of the species is a glossy light brown or reddish brown, while the female is a darker brown; the male's tegmina extend well beyond the abdomen, are wider than its pronotum. The female's short tegmina end around the second dorsal segment, are colored lighter than the rest of the body; the female is wider than the male, has a much larger, more rounded pronotum. The ootheca measures around 4 mm × 9 mm, with its seam curved, having a row of about 30 evenly spaced knobs; the distribution of the species is the Eastern United States, including Alabama, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. As with many cockroaches, the female Parcoblatta lata emits pheromones to find mates, a process termed calling.

It assumes a characteristic calling posture by alternately raising its body upward from the ground by bending its body longitudinally, lowering it downward by straightening its body. P. lata produces volatile, long-distance pheromones, attracting the males which can fly to the female's location. The 12 species of the genus Parcoblatta are theorized to produce species-specific blends of pheromones, although there may be other species-isolating mechanisms of attraction such as time or location. A main component of the pheromones of P. lata is an unusual lactone, -oxacyclotrideca-4,11-dien-2-one. Discovered in 2011 and dubbed Parcoblattalactone, it is found in other species of the genus Parcoblatta, a synthetic version has been created for use in assessing Parcoblatta populations. P. lata inhabit forests and grasslands. They are endemic to pine forests of the southeastern US, have been found in grassland and shrub communities in Kansas, have been found only in lowlying mesic hammocks in Florida.

The species has been reported indoors, at lights, under wooden signs on trees. In an observational study of the species, it was observed to eat cambium, flower petals, sap. A survey of insects caught by the pitcher plant Saracenia flava included male specimens of four species of Parcoblatta, including P. lata, leading to speculation that the winged adults may seek nectar as a source of energy for flying. It is a methanogenic species, a trait more common in the cockroach families Blaberidae and Blattinae than in the family Blatellidae; the species comprises more than half the biomass of the diet of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker

West New York School District

West New York School District is a public school district serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade in West New York, New Jersey, United States. The district is one of 31 former Abbott districts statewide, which are now referred to as "SDA Districts" based on the requirement for the state to cover all costs for school building and renovation projects in these districts under the supervision of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority; as of the 2011-12 school year, the district's nine schools had an enrollment of 7,805 students and 536.0 classroom teachers, for a student–teacher ratio of 14.56:1. The district is classified by the New Jersey Department of Education as being in District Factor Group "A", the lowest of eight groupings. District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts. From lowest socioeconomic status to highest, the categories are A, B, CD, DE, FG, GH, I and J. Schools in the district are: Early Childhood School for Pre-K Elementary schools Public School #1 Public School #2 Public School #3 Robert Menendez Elementary School Albio Sires Elementary School Harry L. Bain Elementary School Middle schoolWest New York Middle School for grades 7 and 8 High schoolMemorial High School Core members of the district's administration are: Clara Brito Herrera, Superintendent Dean Austin, Business Administrator / Board Secretary West New York School District West New York School District's 2015–16 School Report Card from the New Jersey Department of Education Data for the West New York School District, National Center for Education Statistics

German submarine U-401

German submarine U-401 was a Type VIIC U-boat of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine during World War II. She carried out one patrol, she damaged no ships. She was sunk in August 1941 by Allied warships. German Type VIIC submarines were preceded by the shorter Type VIIB submarines. U-401 had a displacement of 769 tonnes when at the 871 tonnes while submerged, she had a total length of 67.10 m, a pressure hull length of 50.50 m, a beam of 6.20 m, a height of 9.60 m, a draught of 4.74 m. The submarine was powered by two Germaniawerft F46 four-stroke, six-cylinder supercharged diesel engines producing a total of 2,800 to 3,200 metric horsepower for use while surfaced, two Brown, Boveri & Cie GG UB 720/8 double-acting electric motors producing a total of 750 metric horsepower for use while submerged, she had two 1.23 m propellers. The boat was capable of operating at depths of up to 230 metres; the submarine had a maximum submerged speed of 7.6 knots. When submerged, the boat could operate for 80 nautical miles at 4 knots.

U-401 was fitted with five 53.3 cm torpedo tubes, fourteen torpedoes, one 8.8 cm SK C/35 naval gun, 220 rounds, a 2 cm C/30 anti-aircraft gun. The boat had a complement of between sixty; the submarine was laid down on 8 April 1940 at the Danziger Werft at Danzig as yard number 102, launched on 16 December and commissioned on 10 April under the command of Kapitänleutnant Gero Zimmermann. She served with the 1st U-boat Flotilla from 10 April 1941 and stayed with that organization from 1 July until her loss; the boat's only patrol was preceded by the short journey from Königsberg to Trondheim. U-401 departed Trondheim on 9 September 1941. On 3 August she was sunk by depth charges dropped from the British destroyer HMS Wanderer, the Norwegian-crewed destroyer HMS St. Albans and the British corvette HMS Hydrangea. Forty-five men died in U-401. Helgason, Guðmundur. "The Type VIIC boat U-401". German U-boats of WWII - Retrieved 26 December 2014

Philip R Brown

Dr Philip R Brown is an international higher education leader and educator with extensive experience in providing independent advice to governments, school systems and other educational entities within the United States and the United Kingdom. Brown serves as Dean, Le Cordon Bleu Australia. Dr Brown has served as Chief Executive Officer & Academic Director, UC College at the University of Canberra, Australia and as Principal & Chief Executive Officer of Newbold College of Higher Education, Bracknell, UK. ]. Brown was recognised and presented as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2013 for his extensive experience in leading, as well as delivering and teaching in higher education. In 2009 he was recognised as a Fellow by the Australian College of Educators "for innovative leadership in establishing teaching as a profession through roles as author, teacher, assistant principal and president of a professional association." Brown now lives in children Tuscany and Jarvis. Born in Sydney to Reg and Mavis Brown, Brown is the eldest of two children.

He attended schools in Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria before studying Geography and Economics at Avondale College of Higher Education. He studied Commerce at the University of New South Wales and Educational Administration at the University of New South Wales. Brown completed a Doctor of Education in 1997 at La Sierra University in southern California, USA, researching administrative stress and job burnout in educational leaders across the United States. In 2010 he became one of the first higher education administrators in Australia to complete the Master of Tertiary Education Management program through the LH Martin Institute, located within the University of Melbourne. Brown serves as Dean, Le Cordon Bleu Australia. Brown has served as Chief Executive and Academic Director, UC College at the University of Canberra, ACT, Australia and as Principal and Chief Executive of Newbold College of Higher Education. UK – a member of the worldwide network of 115 Adventist colleges and universities – and an international learning community attracting students from over 60 countries to its Berkshire campus.

College development under his leadership included campus refurbishment, student life initiatives, a new certificate in health and wellness, admission to the Adventist Colleges Abroad consortium. Brown has served as Vice-President of Avondale College of Higher Education,Australia where he worked collaboratively to create and engage academic staff in strategies to enhance Avondale's reputation for providing quality learning and teaching. Prior to this he was Executive Principal of the international pathways college to the University of Western Sydney where he worked with staff, the University and the Board to plan the strategic relocation of the College's operations to create the first campus at an Australian university devoted to the first-year experience. Brown's extensive experience in senior management and leadership roles includes Director of Education for an international online learning company based in Chicago, USA. Brown has extensive education consulting experience within the public and private sectors and has project-managed high-stakes assessment and reporting projects for the Office of the Board of Studies, the peak K-12 curriculum and reporting authority in New South Wales, Australia.

Brown started his career as a secondary school economics and commerce teacher at Sydney Adventist College, Strathfield, NSW, Australia and The Scots College, Bellevue Hill, NSW, Australia before accepting a scholarship to pursue doctoral studies in the United States. Brown, P. Improving and growing yourself to improve and serve your organisation. Leadership Development Journal, 2012 pp47–49 Brown, P. There is no "I” in T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K"! Leadership Development Journal, 2012, pp86–89 Northcote, M. Seddon, J. & Brown, P.. Benchmark yourself: Self-reflecting about online teaching. In G. Williams, P. Statham, N. Brown & B. Cleland Changing Demands, Changing Directions, Proceedings from ASCILITE Hobart 2011. Brown, P. Dixon, T. & Macauley, M. Business Studies Year 12 HSC Course Leading Sydney. ISBN 1 876533 11 0 Brown, P. Dixon, T. & Driver, T. Australia in the Global Economy Leading Edge Education, Sydney. ISBN 1 876533 16 1 Brown, P. Dixon, T. & Macauley, M. A Student Guide to the New HSC Business Studies Exam Leading Edge Education, Sydney.

ISBN 1 876533 20 X Brown, P. Dixon, T. & Macauley, M. A Student Guide to the New HSC Economics Exam Leading Edge Education, Sydney. ISBN 1 876533 19 6 Brown, P. Dhall, M. & Dixon, T. Business Management and Change HSC Business Studies Topic 1 Leading Edge Education, Sydney. ISBN 1 876 533 23 4 Br

Gene Dodaro

Eugene Louis Dodaro is the Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U. S. Government Accountability Office. From October 1, 2000 until March 12, 2008, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the GAO and he held the equivalent second-in-command title before the late 2000 restructuring of the GAO, Principal Assistant Comptroller General, a title he had held since May 1999; this change of titles is a result of the organization-wide restructuring rather than a promotion or other event in his career. On February 15, 2008, when the seventh Comptroller General of the United States, David M. Walker, announced that he was departing from his office before the end of his 15-year term to work for The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, he appointed Dodaro to replace him. On March 13, 2008, Dodaro became the Acting Comptroller General and was nominated by President Obama, he was confirmed by the U. S. Senate for a term of fifteen years on December 22, 2010, he was sworn in eight days later. Dodaro is the son of Jim and Betty Dodaro and grew up in the Monessen—Belle Vernon region of Pennsylvania, attending Belle Vernon Area High School where he played basketball.

He attended Lycoming College in Pennsylvania and graduated in 1973 receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting. On May 4, 2014, Dodaro delivered the commencement speech for Lycoming College. Dodaro joined the GAO in 1973, his first executive posting was as an associate director for management issues in the General Government Division. In 1993 he was named Assistant Comptroller General for Information Management. In 1999 he became the GAO's second in command. In 1981 Dodaro received the GAO's Meritorious Service Award. In 1989 he received the Arthur S. Flemming Award for outstanding individual performance in government. In 2001 he became a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration and in 2003 was awarded the prestigious National Public Service Award conferred by that organization. Biography Appearances on C-SPAN