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This is a comprehensive list of lists of rivers, organized primarily by continent and country.

General lists[edit]

Rivers of Europe[edit]

The Iron Gates on the Danube

Rivers of Europe by country[edit]

Rivers of Africa[edit]

A dhow traversing the Nile near Aswan, Egypt

Rivers of Asia[edit]

The Mekong before sunset, Thailand

Central Asia[edit]

Eastern Asia[edit]

Southern Asia[edit]

South-Eastern Asia[edit]

Western Asia[edit]

Rivers of North America[edit]

Rivers of Canada[edit]

Rivers of the United States[edit]

Rivers of the United States by state[edit]

Rivers of Central America and the Caribbean[edit]

Rivers of South America[edit]

A satellite image of the mouth of the Amazon River

Rivers of Oceania[edit]

Rivers of Antarctica[edit]

Fictional rivers[edit]

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