Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Tadatoshi Fujimaki is a Japanese manga artist, best known as the creator of Kuroko's Basketball and Robot × LaserBeam, both serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Fujimaki enrolled in Sophia University, he chose to pursue a career in manga after finishing his studies. On Nikkei Entertainment's list of most successful manga artist's. Although he isn't a character of Kuroko no Basuke he ranked 15th in the first and 16th in the second character poll. On October 16, 2013, threatening letters were sent to Fujimaki and high schools and colleges affiliated with him; the letters carried the message "If you do not stop the parody manga, you will get hydrogen sulfide", accompanying unknown powder substances. After the arrival of many other threat letters, Fujimaki stated that he will continue the manga "no matter what". On December 16, 2013, the suspect was arrested. Not an acquaintance of Fujimaki, he told the police that he was "jealous of success." According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE, Fujimaki's favourite NBA team is the Los Angeles Clippers.

His all-time favourite player is Chris Paul. Fujimaki favours drawing a manga series about golf. According to him, Junpei Hyūga resembles him the most among all the characters in the series as both of them share several similar traits in personality. Tadatoshi Fujimaki at Anime News Network's encyclopedia Shonen Jump's Series of Manga Shorts About Creators as Rookies Continues with Yusei Matsui, Tadatoshi Fujimaki Japanese Comic Ranking, September 3-9 Japanese Comic Ranking, July 9-15 Robot × Laserbeam, ZIGA Manga Both End in Shōnen Jump Japanese Comic Ranking, May 7-13 Japanese Comic Ranking, February 26-March 4 Japanese Comic Ranking, December 4-10 Japanese Comic Ranking, July 10-16 Viz's Shonen Jump Adds Robot × Laserbeam, We Never Learn Manga Shonen Jump Magazine to Launch 6 New Series By Kuroko's Basketball, More Authors Other article: Tadatoshi Fujimaki Draws'Zen'ei no Archer' Fantasy 1-Shot Manga

Salomon Blosset de Loche

Brigadier-General Salomon de Blosset, Seigneur de Loche was a Huguenot army officer. Born in the Dauphiné to Paul de Blosset, Seigneur des Eissarts, from a family of Huguenots who had left their original home of the Nivernais during the French Wars of Religion. After the Revocation of the edict of Nantes in 1685 Loche at first fought in support of the Vaudois and at some point came into the service of William of Orange along with many other Huguenot officers, he was recorded as leading a regiment of 800 for the Duke of Savoy on 17 July 1692 and fought at the Battle of Marsaglia in Piedmont on 4 October 1693. He fought at Brandenburg and in Flanders; as William of Orange became King William III of England, he was granted land in Ireland and settled in Dublin where he is recorded as receiving 6 shillings per day in pension. He married firstly Catherine Oddos de Bonniot in France and a further time to a sister or sister in law of Captain Theophile de la Cour Des Brisay, he had four children by his first marriage: Colonel Paul de Blosset of Blosset's Regiment of Foot or Blosset's Foot, whose son Solomon Stephen Blosset was ancestor of George Grote and Henrietta, the wife of Henry Jerome de Salis.

Major Anthony de Blosset Captain Salomon or Solomon de Blosset or Blossett married Jeanne daughter of Hector Francois Chataigner de Cramahé from whom descended Colonel John Blossett, generations of actors beginning with Ethel Lavenu, her son Tyrone Power, Sr. and grandson Tyrone Power. Marie de Blosset m. Jacques Teissonière de la Rouvière, Captain of Foot