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The East Region was a region that competed in the Little League World Series between 1957 and 2000, until it was split into the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions in 2001.

The East Region was inaugurated in 1957 when the LLWS first gave out Series berths to Regional winners;[1] the Region initially consisted of teams from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and two Canadian provinces (Ontario and Quebec). A year later, in 1958, the Canada Region was created and given its own automatic berth In the LLWS. Puerto Rico briefly competed in the East Region, from 1963 through 1967, before moving to the Latin American region. Delaware and Maryland moved to the East Region in 1968; Washington D.C., was given its own spot in the region in 1998.

Little League Baseball expanded the LLWS to sixteen teams for the 2001 Little League World Series; the East Region was split into the Mid-Atlantic Region (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.) and the New England Region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont).

Champions 1957-2000 in the East Region[edit]

The following table indicates the East Region champion and its LLWS performance in each year between 1957 and 2000.

Year Champion City LLWS Record
1957 North End LL Connecticut Bridgeport, Connecticut Third Place 1–1
1958 Darien LL Connecticut Darien, Connecticut Fourth Place 1–2
1959 Schenectady National LL New York (state) Schenectady, New York Third Place 2–1
1960 Levittown American LL Pennsylvania Levittown, Pennsylvania Champions 3–0
1961 Levittown American LL Pennsylvania Levittown, Pennsylvania Sixth Place 1–2
1962 Pitman LL New Jersey Pitman, New Jersey Third Place 2–1
1963 Stratford LL Connecticut Stratford, Connecticut Runner-Up 2–1
1964 Mid-Island LL New York (state) Staten Island, New York Champions 3–0
1965 Windsor Locks LL Connecticut Windsor Locks, Connecticut Champions 3–0
1966 West New York American LL New Jersey West New York, New Jersey Runner-Up 2–1
1967 Newtown-Edgemont LL Pennsylvania Newtown Square, Pennsylvania Third Place 2–1
1968 Hagerstown National LL Maryland Hagerstown, Maryland Sixth Place 1–2
1969 Newberry LL Pennsylvania Williamsport, Pennsylvania Seventh Place 1–2
1970 Wayne American LL New Jersey Wayne, New Jersey Champions 3–0
1971 Augusta East LL Maine Augusta, Maine Sixth Place 1–2
1972 New City LL New York (state) New City, New York Fifth Place 2–1
1973 Colonie LL New York (state) Colonie, New York Eighth Place 0–3
1974 Pop Smith LL Connecticut New Haven, Connecticut Sixth Place 1–2
1975 Lakewood LL New Jersey Lakewood, New Jersey Champions 2–0
1976 Forestville LL Connecticut Bristol, Connecticut Fifth Place 2–1
1977 Carman LL New York (state) Rotterdam, New York Third Place 2–1
1978 Rockville Centre American LL New York (state) Rockville Centre, New York Sixth Place 1–2
1979 Ridgewood National LL New Jersey Ridgewood, New Jersey Seventh Place 1–2
1980 Darlington American LL Rhode Island Pawtucket, Rhode Island Seventh Place 1–2
1981 Stamford Federal LL Connecticut Stamford, Connecticut Sixth Place 1–2
1982 Easton LL Maryland Easton, Maryland Eighth Place 0–3
1983 Stamford American LL Connecticut Stamford, Connecticut Fourth Place 1–2
1984 McCabe-Waters LL Connecticut Bristol, Connecticut Eighth Place 0–3
1985 South Shore LL New York (state) Staten Island, New York Seventh Place 1–2
1986 Brunswick LL Maryland Brunswick, Maryland Seventh Place 1–2
1987 Dover North LL New Hampshire Dover, New Hampshire Seventh Place (tie) 0–2
1988 Andover National LL Massachusetts Andover, Massachusetts Sixth Place 1–2
1989 Trumbull National LL Connecticut Trumbull, Connecticut Champions 3–0
1990 Shippensburg LL Pennsylvania Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Runner-Up 2–1
1991 South Shore American LL New York (state) Staten Island, New York Third Place 2–1
1992 Nottingham LL New Jersey Hamilton Square, New Jersey Third Place (tie) 2–2
1993 Bedford LL New Hampshire Bedford, New Hampshire Third Place (tie) 2–2
1994 Middleborough LL Massachusetts Middleborough, Massachusetts 5th Place 1–2
1995 Toms River East American LL New Jersey Toms River, New Jersey 5th Place 1–2
1996 Cranston Western LL Rhode Island Cranston, Rhode Island Runner-Up 2–3
1997 Railway Park LL Pennsylvania Pottsville, Pennsylvania 6th Place 1–2
1998 Toms River East American LL New Jersey Toms River, New Jersey Champions 5–0
1999 Toms River East American LL New Jersey Toms River, New Jersey Third Place (tie) 3–1
2000 Goffstown LL New Hampshire Goffstown, New Hampshire 8th Place 0–3

Results by State[edit]

Country East Region
Connecticut Connecticut 10 15–14 0.517
New Jersey New Jersey 9 21–9 0.700
New York (state) New York 8 13–11 0.542
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 6 10–8 0.556
Maryland Maryland 3 2–7 0.222
New Hampshire New Hampshire 3 2–7 0.222
Massachusetts Massachusetts 2 2–4 0.333
Rhode Island Rhode Island 2 3–5 0.375
Maine Maine 1 1–2 0.333
Total 44 69–67 0.507

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