Little Mermaid (comics)

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Little Mermaid
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceSuper Friends #9 (June 1977)
Created by(Ulla)
Nicholas Pascale (character)
E. Nelson Bridwell (script)
Ramona Fradon (art)
In-story information
Alter egoUlla Paske
SpeciesAtlantean/Merman Hybrid
Place of originAtlantis
Team affiliationsGlobal Guardians
Ultramarine Corps

Little Mermaid is the name of two DC Comics superheroes. They are named after, but not related to the character in "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen; the Little Mermaid first appeared in Super Friends #9 and was created by Nicholas Pascale, E. Nelson Bridwell, and Ramona Fradon.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Ulla Paske[edit]

Little Mermaid's first appearance was in the Super Friends series, she was created by longtime fan Nick Pascale who also designed her costume. Her secret identity 'Ulla Paske' as given to her by editor E. Neslon Bridwell in honor of her creator. Ulla is a teenage hero born to a merman from Tritionis who had legs and a woman from Posideonis who had a fish tail, in Atlantis. Little Mermaid had the ability to turn her legs into fish fins, and breathe underwater for up to thirty hours, she also had the ability to fly. She was a member of the Global Guardians, her first mission (in Super Friends #9) was to help Aquaman dismantle a bomb in Atlantis.[1] Later on, she helps Aquaman defeat Sinestro, she helps Superman find an ancient city that had sunk beneath the ocean. There, she assists in fighting supernatural creatures. Later, she helps Superman and other Guardians battle a large group of evil wizards on Easter Island.

Little Mermaid's first appearance in the canonical DC Universe, with the other members of the Global Guardians was in DC Comics Presents #46 (June 1982), she later took part in helping the Atlantean heroes in the Crisis on Infinite Earths cross-over.

Post Crisis, Little Mermaid and the Guardians appeared in the pages of Justice League International and Justice League Europe, she was one of many Global Guardians brainwashed by the Queen Bee of Bialya.[2]

Little Mermaid's final fate is not clear, she was apparently killed by Jack O'Lantern.[3] This was not intentional as Jack was shooting at members of the Justice League, she reappears claiming that the deceased Little Mermaid was her "evil twin."[4] Finally, a memorial to the fallen Global Guardians, including one dedicated to the memory of Little Mermaid, appears.[5]

Little Mermaid later appeared as a member of the Ultramarine Corps.

Powers and abilities[edit]

As an Atlantean hybrid, Little Mermaid can swim 100 MPH underwater, has super-strength, and has enhanced durability. Unlike the Atlanteans, Little Mermaid can turn her legs into a fish tail and even fly.


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