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The Littlejohn of Invercharron Challenge Vase, also known as simply the Littlejohn Vase, is a trophy in University Shinty. The second most expensive sporting trophy in Scotland, [1] after the Scottish Cup, the Littlejohn Vase is competed for by University Shinty teams on an annual basis, in a one-day event traditionally held at a different university every year, although since 2007 it has been held at St Andrews.

The Vase[edit]

The vase is a facsimile in silver of the Warwick Vase discovered in 1770 and on display at the Burrell Collection, Glasgow. It is held in trust by the University of Aberdeen Library. Due to its great price a stand in quaich is given to the winning side as insurance costs mean the cup may not leave Aberdeen, it was bequeathed to Aberdeen University Shinty Club by Alexander Littlejohn in 1905.[1] The vase has been played for since 1905, the year of its bequeathment.[2]

The Album[edit]

Accompanying the trophy is an ornate album which depicts the history of the game of shinty as well as a record of Littlejohn's gift.


The vase has been a prize for at least 100 years; in 2009 the competition was postponed but eventually played.[2]

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