Live Forever or Die Trying

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Live Forever or Die Trying
Humpers EP2.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 9, 1996
LabelEpitaph Records
Humpers chronology
Journey to the Center of Your Wallet
Live Forever or Die Trying
Plastique Valentine

Live Forever or Die Trying is the third full-length album by the punk rock band the Humpers. It is a re-recording of some of their older songs, as their first album on Epitaph records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Wake Up & Lose"
  2. "Soul Surgeon"
  3. "Sarcasmatron"
  4. "Fast, Fucked & Furious"
  5. "Beyond Belief"
  6. "Migraine Shack"
  7. "Don't Wanna Be Your Pal"
  8. "Loser's Club"
  9. "Space Station Love"
  10. "World of Hurt"
  11. "Protex Blue"
  12. "Drunk Tank"
  13. "13 Forever"
  14. "Apocalypse Girl"
  15. "You Drive Me Bats"
  16. "Rocket & the Retards"
  17. "Anarchy Juice"


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