Ljubavi (Željko Joksimović song)

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Single by Željko Joksimović
from the album Ljubavi
Released October, 2009
Format digital download, radio airplay
Recorded 2009
Genre Pop-rock
Length 4:56
Label Minacord/City Records
Songwriter(s) Željko Joksimović, Momčilo Bajagić
Producer(s) Željko Joksimović
Željko Joksimović singles chronology
"Nije Do Mene"
"Žena Za Sva Vremena"

"Nije Do Mene"
"Žena Za Sva Vremena"

"Ljubavi"[1] (in Serbian: Љубави; English translation: My love) is the first single from the fifth studio album by Serbian singer-songwriter and music producer Željko Joksimović with the same name. The composer of the song is Željko Joksimović by himself, and the lyrics are written by Momčilo Bajagić - Bajaga. From its release, the song is well charting in most ex-Yugoslav charts.


In 2007 Joksimović released greatest hits compilation Platinum Collection. In this CD were included two new singles too - "Nije Do Mene" and "Devojka". From then he made a pause on his career for two years. After pausing he made his comeback with this single. In October, 2009 "Ljubavi" was aired in all the radio stations not just around Serbia, but Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Croatia too. The song was accepted with generally positive critics around these countries.


The song is written in C minor. Joksimović's vocal range extends from C3 to G#4

Music and lyrics[edit]

"Ljubavi" is a pop ballad sang in Serbian language. The music and the arrangement is made by Joksimović himself and the lyrics are written by the Serbian singer Bajaga who is a former member of the band Riblja Čorba.

Music video[edit]

The music video for the song was shot in the period October–November 2009. It features Joksimović singing alone at a train station, where he then gets on the train where he continues to sing. The video had a mini-concert promotion on 9 December 2009 in the Expo center in Belgrade.[2] He opened the concert with the song and corresponding video, saying that he started it with this song because it is full of emotion. Of the promotion guests, some were people from the Serbian music scene.

Release history[edit]

Country Date Language
Bosnia and Herzegovina October, 2009 Serbian