Loka Lodge at Raduha

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Loka Lodge at Raduha
(Koča na Loki pod Raduho)
Loka Lodge at Raduha is located in Slovenia
Loka Lodge at Raduha
Loka Lodge at Raduha
Highest point
Elevation 1,534 m (5,033 ft)
Coordinates 46°24′33.48″N 14°45′32.9″E / 46.4093000°N 14.759139°E / 46.4093000; 14.759139Coordinates: 46°24′33.48″N 14°45′32.9″E / 46.4093000°N 14.759139°E / 46.4093000; 14.759139
Location Slovenia
Parent range Kamnik-Savinja Alps

The Loka Lodge at Raduha (Slovene: Koča na Loki pod Raduho; 1,534 meters or 5,033 feet) is a mountain hostel that stands on the Loka Plateau in northern Slovenia. It is open from the start of June to the end of August.

Starting points[edit]

  • 1h: from the Vodol Pasture
  • 3h: from the village of Luče
  • 1¼h: from the Radušnik Farm
  • 3¼h: from the village of Bistra

Neighbouring hills[edit]

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