Long Hard Funky Dreams

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Long Hard Funky Dreams
Studio album by Mary Kiani
Released 27 January 1997
Genre Pop
Length 62:48
Label 1st Avenue Records
Mercury Records
Producer Lord 'N Elliot
Dr. Ju
Eddy Fingers
Steve DuBerry
One World
Mary Kiani chronology
Long Hard Funky Dreams
The Sydney Sessions
(2006)The Sydney Sessions2006

Long Hard Funky Dreams is the title of Scottish pop singer Mary Kiani's debut album and album track from it.

The album was released on January 27, 1997. It has long since been deleted, and the catalogue number was 534 512-2.

Track listing[edit]

Long Hard Funky Dreams
# Title Length
1. "When I Call Your Name" 4:18
2. "Till Death Do Us Disco" 5:30
3. "With or Without You"(Planet Album Mix) 5:16
4. "Long Hard Funky Dreams" 5:10
5. "If I See You Again" 4:30
6. "Let the Music Play" 3:56
7. "We Can Be One" 3:35
8. "100%" 3:39
9. "I Imagine" 3:54
10. "Blame It On The Night" 4:30
11. "I Knew" 3:32
12. "Beautiful Day" 4:10
13. "Memories" 5:38
14. "I Give It All To You" 4:14

A limited edition of the album was released with a second CD with mixes of the songs from the album, most of them previously available on the single releases' different formats. Some of these appear for the first time on CD. See below for track listing of the bonus CD.

Long Hard Funky Dreams Bonus CD
# Title Length
1. "When I Call Your Name" [Hardfloor Vocal Mix] 8:00
2. "Let the Music Play" [Perfecto Vocal Mix] 8:00
3. "I Imagine" [Mr. Spring Club Mix] 7:50
4. "100%" [Tall Paul Remix] 6:40
5. "Let the Music Play" [Union Jack Mix] 6:26
6. "I Give It All to You" [Umboza Mix] 8:20
7. "When I Call Your Name" [Motiv8 Special Club Mix] 6:32