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The Longyan–Xiamen railway (simplified Chinese: 龙厦铁路; traditional Chinese: 龍廈鐵路; pinyin: lóngxià Tiělù) is a dual-track, electrified, high-speed rail line in Fujian Province, China. The line, also known as the Longxia railway, is named after its two terminal cities Longyan and Xiamen, and has a total length of 171 km (106 mi).[1] Construction began on December 25, 2006,[2] and the line opened for regular operation on June 29, 2012.[3] The line can accommodate trains traveling at speeds of up to 200 km/h (124 mph).


From Longyan, in southwestern Fujian, the Longxia railway runs to the southeast, crossing the Boping Mountains, and following the Western Stream to the Longhai railway station near Zhangzhou (at 24°27′00″N 117°41′30″E / 24.45000°N 117.69167°E / 24.45000; 117.69167), to the west of the new Zhangzhou railway station. From the Longhai station, the Longxia line runs parallel to the Yingtan–Xiamen railway to the Xinglin station on the Xiamen coast.[4] The Longyan to Longhai section of the line is 111 km (69 mi) in length.[1] The Longhai to Xinglin section, is 60 km (37 mi) in length, and was funded as part of the Xiamen–Shenzhen railway, with which the Longxia line will share track when that line opens.[1][4]

The Longyan–Xiamen railway is the first railway to enter Fujian's Nanjing County. The two stations within the county are "Nanjing" (which, however, is not particularly close to the county seat, Shancheng) and Longshan. They serve the county's eastern and northern part.

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