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Lopez-Fitzgerald family
Passions family
Created byJames E. Reilly
First appearanceJuly 5, 1999
Last appearanceAugust 7, 2008

The Lopez-Fitzgerald family is a fictional working class Mexican-Irish family in the fictional New England town of Harmony on NBC/DirecTV's daytime drama, Passions. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds earned the wrath of Crane patriarch Alistair Crane in the 1980s when Martin Fitzgerald ran off with Alistair's wife, Katherine, and the entire family has suffered ever since; the two families met due to the marriage of Ivy Winthrop and Julian Crane. Pilar had previously been a maid for Maine Governor Harrison Winthrop but moved with his daughter Ivy to Harmony to be her maid (and by extension the maid of the Cranes).

Family members[edit]

First generation[edit]

  • Martin Fitzgerald
    (Richard Steinmetz)
    The son of an Irish family who have lived in Harmony for centuries, Martin has been missing for many years in the series premiere, having disappeared when youngest child Paloma was just an infant. While his wife Pilar lights a candle for him daily, his son Luis believes that he is dead and that the Cranes are behind his disappearance. In 2004, it is revealed that he helped Katherine Crane escape her abusive husband Alistair and ran away to Mexico with her, where they underwent plastic surgery to disguise their appearances and lived as married couple Bob and Ellen Wheeler in Pilar's sister Maria's bed and breakfast. After returning to Harmony in 2004, Martin attempts to renew his relationship with Pilar, but his feelings for Katherine are too strong, and they reunite and drop off-screen in 2006.
  • Pilar Lopez
    (Eva Tamargo)
    Pilar was born in Mexico and moved to Harmony after marrying Martin Fitzgerald as a young woman. She became young Ivy Winthrop's personal maid and confidante, and eventually the Cranes' head housekeeper after Ivy married Julian. Pilar became her family's matriarch and rock after Martin disappeared shortly after Paloma's birth; her eldest son, Antonio, also disappeared when he was a young man. Both eventually return to Harmony, and while Pilar is at first determined to uphold her Catholic marriage vows, she eventually demands a divorce when she discovers him with Katherine. Primarily a supporting character, Pilar's primary storylines involve a life-threatening blood disorder in 2004, Martin and Katherine's return to Harmony also in 2004, and Juanita Vasquez's attempts to murder her family in 2007 and 2008.

Second generation[edit]

  • Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald
    (Christopher Douglas)
    Antonio is the oldest child of Martin and Pilar who went missing several years before the series premiere. In 2001, it is revealed that he has been living as a fisherman and occasional racecar driver under the assumed name of Brian O'Leary on the island of St. Lisa, where he rescues an amnesiac Sheridan Crane from the Atlantic, they return to Harmony in 2002 and are married the following year; Antonio is presumed deceased in an airplane explosion in June 2004, but his death is revealed to be one of Alistair's hoaxes shortly before the series finale.
    • Sheridan Crane
      (McKenzie Westmore)
      An amnesiac Sheridan falls in love with Antonio on the island of St. Lisa; when she regains her memory, her desires return to Antonio's brother Luis, but she eventually marries Antonio in 2003 when Antonio becomes gravely ill. Antonio is believed killed in 2004 after an airplane explosion, but is revealed to be alive in 2008, and he convinces Sheridan to give their marriage another try.
  • Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
    (Galen Gering)
    Luis is the second child and son of Martin and Pilar who was forced to abandon his dreams of college after both his father and older brother mysteriously disappear. Luis's star-crossed romance with Sheridan Crane falls apart permanently when Beth Wallace flees the country with their baby son, Marty; Luis eventually falls in love with Sheridan's niece, Fancy, whom he marries in July 2008 and is revealed to be expecting a child with in the series finale.
    • Sheridan Crane
      (McKenzie Westmore)
      Luis and Sheridan endure a passionate love-hate relationship for over a year until the two realize their true feelings for one another. However, Alistair disapproves of the relationship and repeatedly tears the lovers apart. Luis and Sheridan marry in a spiritual, non-legal ceremony in Mexico in 2004 while waiting for Antonio to be declared legally deceased, their second wedding in Hawaii in 2006 is also invalid, due the fact that Sheridan has just married Chris. Luis and Sheridan share one son, Marty.
    • Fancy Crane
      (Emily Harper)
      Luis meets Fancy while searching for his kidnapped son in Rome in 2006, and while helping one another heal from their broken relationships, they fall in love. Despite a series of obstacles provided by Fancy's family, namely grandfather Alistair, aunt Sheridan, and sister Pretty, they marry in 2008 and are expecting a baby in the series finale.
  • Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
    (Lindsay Hartley)
    Theresa is the dreaming and scheming daughter of Martin and Pilar whose lifelong desire has been to marry Ethan Winthrop. Despite winning him away from his fiancée, Gwen Hotchkiss, in 2000, Theresa's series of lies lead Ethan to end their engagement. With a few exceptions, Theresa spends the final six years of the program trying to win Ethan back from Gwen.
    • Alistair Ephraim Crane
      (Alan Oppenheimer/Bill Dempsey, 1999–2004; David Bailey, 2004–05; John Reilly, 2005–08)
      Theresa marries Alistair in 2005 in a desperate attempt to lure back ex-fiancé Ethan Winthrop and their infant daughter, Jane. Upon their marriage, Alistair adopts her young son, Little Ethan, and makes him the heir to his empire.
    • Jared Tolland Casey
      (James Stevenson)
      Having briefly resigned herself to the fact that she has lost Ethan, Theresa begins dating Jared, one of her new employees. Though her feelings for Ethan return, she is blackmailed into marrying Jared in 2007; he soon learns the truth and divorces her nearly four months later.
    • Ethan Winthrop
      (Travis Schuldt, 1999–2002; Eric Martsolf, 2002–08)
      Theresa has been in love owith Ethan since she was a young girl and eventually becomes engaged to him in 2000. However, due to her lies and Gwen and Rebecca Hotchkiss's machinations, Ethan leaves her. Theresa spends the next seven years fighting to win Ethan, and gives birth to their two children, Little Ethan and Jane, in the process, they are married in August 2007, but Alistair's return from the dead makes the marriage invalid; they are legally wed in the series finale.
  • Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
    (Jesse Metcalfe, 1999–2004; Adrian Bellani, 2006–07; Blair Redford, 2007–08)
    Miguel is the youngest son of Martin and Pilar who falls in love at first sight with newcomer Charity Standish, who turns out to be his childhood best friend Kay Bennett's cousin. Kay turns to black magic to win her best friend's love; as a result, Miguel impregnates Kay, devastating Charity. Miguel leaves town to search for Charity in 2004, but returns to Harmony two years later when he realizes that he has missed out on his daughter's life and falls in love with Kay.
    • Kathleen Elizabeth "Kay" Bennett
      (Taylor Anne Mountz, 1999–2000; Deanna Wright, 2000–03; Heidi Mueller, 2003–08)
      Miguel at first has eyes for only Charity and is stunned to find that he has fathered Kay's daughter, Maria. However, after attempts to find Charity prove to be futile, Miguel turns to Kay, and, after a triangle with Kay's husband Fox, they are married in July 2008.
  • Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
    (Silvana Arias, 2004–07; Hannia Guillen, 2007–08)
    Paloma is the youngest daughter of Martin and Pilar who was raised by her aunt Maria in Mexico after her father's disappearance left her family impoverished. She returns to Harmony in 2004 as a teenager angry at having been abandoned, she eventually falls for her friend Fancy's ex-boyfriend Noah, whom she marries in 2008.
    • Noah Bennett
      (Dylan Fergus)
      Paloma takes an interest in Noah at Kay and Fox's engagement party in November 2006 and eventually wins the heartbroken young man over. After a few trials and tribulations, they are married in July 2008 and discover that they are expecting a baby.

Third generation[edit]

  • Martin "Marty" Lopez-Fitzgerald
    (Derek Jones, 2003; Lillith Streett and Timothy Jeffs, 2003–04; Jack and James Wright, 2004–05; Sawyer and Griffin Miller, 2004; Shane and Mitchell Albin, 2005–06; Daniel Chalfa, 2007–08)
    Marty is the son of Luis and Sheridan and is born in September 2003. He is kidnapped by Beth as an infant and raised as her and Luis's son; when the truth is revealed, Alistair forces Beth to give up all of her parental rights over Marty to Sheridan and Luis and he is returned to his parents on Christmas 2007.
  • Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald "Little Ethan" Winthrop
    (Sarah and Thomas Buhl, 2002; Colby and Grayson Button, 2002–03; Nicholas Graziano, 2003–04; Colton Shires, 2004–08)
    Born in June 2002, Little Ethan is the eldest child of Ethan and Theresa. His father is originally believed to be Julian Crane, and during this time he is adopted legally by Alistair Crane (as Theresa's husband) in 2005; the final two years of Passions focus heavily on the secret of Little Ethan's paternity and Theresa's attempts to either disclose or hide this information from Ethan.
  • Jane Winthrop
    (Caleb and Jonah Gilpin, 2005; Kacey Malmsten, 2005–06; Camille and Kate Schwary, 2007–08)
    Jane is the daughter of Ethan and Theresa and is born severely prematurely in December 2004. Theresa lost custody of Jane when she is an infant.
  • Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald
    (Sloane Kiley, 2003; Hannah and Lauren Maddox, 2005; Mercedez and Isabella Soto, 2005; Layla and Logan Wheeler, 2005–07; Abby and Emma McCoy, 2007)
    Born in July 2003, Maria is the daughter of Kay and Miguel. Maria is born severely prematurely in July 2003. During Miguel's two-year absence from Harmony, Maria's primary paternal figure is Fox Crane.

Extended family[edit]

  • Brian Fitzgerald
    Brian is the father of Martin Fitzgerald. His grandson, Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald, is named in his honor.
  • Luke and Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald is Martin's many-times-removed grandfather who lived in Harmony during the Revolutionary War. His older brother, Luke Fitzgerald, was one of Luis's past lives and a minuteman who was deeply in love with Sarah Crane, a past life of Sheridan Crane. Sarah was deeply devastated when Luke died, and she never married.
  • Martin Fitzgerald's mother
    Martin's mother was a woman whose maiden name was O'Leary; while living on the island of St. Lisa, her grandson, Antonio, adopted her last name as his own.
  • Antonio Lopez
    Born in Mexico, Antonio married a woman named Maria, with whom he had eight children, including Florencia, Pilar, Francisco, and Maria. One of his grandsons, Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald, was named in his honor.
  • Florencia Lopez
    Florencia is the eldest daughter of Antonio and Maria Lopez and the elder sister of Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald. Little about her is known except for the fact that she is a nun.
  • Francisco Lopez
    (Emiliano Diez)
    Francisco is the only known son of Antonio and Maria Lopez. He is married to a woman named Cristina, and they live in Mexico together. Francisco and Cristina visited Harmony in 2001 for Luis and Theresa's failed double wedding to Sheridan and Ethan, respectively.
    • Cristina
      (Cristina Saralegui)
      Cristina has been married to Francisco for a number of years; she travels to Harmony alongside her husband to see his niece and nephew, Luis and Theresa, marry their respective loves in 2001.
  • Maria Lopez
    Maria, who is a Mexican national, was the wife of Antonio Lopez and the mother of their eight children, including Florencia, Pilar, Francisco, and Maria. Her great-granddaughter, Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald, was named in her honor.
  • Maria Lopez II
    (Marta DuBois)
    Maria was the daughter of Antonio and Maria Lopez and the younger sister of Pilar. When Pilar's husband, Martin, disappeared, Pilar was forced to send her infant daughter, Paloma, to live in Mexico with Maria for financial reasons. Maria raises Paloma alongside her own two sons until mid-2004. Maria runs an inn in Puerto Arena, Mexico, unaware her surgically altered brother-in-law, Martin, and his mistress, Katherine Crane, have been living there under the assumed names of Bob and Ellen Wheeler. Maria is murdered by Pilar's vengeful ex-friend, Juanita Vasquez, on December 6, 2007, and her two sons, the youngest of whom is only sixteen,[1] are also murdered later that month.

Family tree[edit]


  1. ^ On February 26, 2007, Pilar tells Gwen that Maria's youngest son was sixteen when Juanita murdered him.

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